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FOUNDERGUARD TM Not Just for fat ponies! Dr Carl Eden BVM&S MRCVS.

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1 FOUNDERGUARD TM Not Just for fat ponies! Dr Carl Eden BVM&S MRCVS

2 Laminitis only affects fat ponies! / WRONG / Laminitis is extremely common in all horses especially those on high energy diets such as performance horses. / This module is aimed at increasing awareness of low grade or subclinical laminitis.

3 What causes laminitis? / DIET RELATED CAUSES n Grain induced (starches) 90% of cases n Grass induced (fructans) / Retention of the afterbirth / Trauma on hard ground / Caused by other disease n cushings, toxaemia 10% of cases

4 But how? / How does something occurring in the gut cause sore feet. / Not completely understood luckily for us majority of cases of laminitis are feed related and preventable.

5 Preventable? / 1. Through dietary control / 2. In cases where dietary control is difficult with the use of FOUNDERGUARD TM

6 Founderguard TM works in the hindgut. Stomach Small Intestines Caecum (Part of the hindgut) Small Colon (part of the hindgut) Rectum Large Colon (part of the hindgut) Oesophagus

7 Without Founderguard ®

8 With Founderguard ®

9 Preventing fermentation in the hindgut, prevents feed related laminitis.


11 Compare the laminae to the Harbour Bridge.

12 Laminitis occurs when:- / 1.The Laminae become inflamed. / 2.The attachment between the coffin bone and hoof wall fails in part or its entirety.

13 Founder occurs when:- / The attachment between the coffin bone and the hoof wall fails AND the weight of the horse drives the bone down into the hoof capsule.

14 Founder occurs when:-

15 Who always goes to bed with his shoes on? / Answer: A horse

16 Recognising laminitis / Which of the following horses have laminitis?

17 Recognising laminitis This one does!

18 Recognising laminitis So does this one!

19 Recognising laminitis And this one has it in his back feet!

20 Recognising laminitis This one has sub clinical or low grade laminitis.

21 Recognising laminitis This one may have sub clinical / low grade laminitis.

22 Recognising laminitis And this one has had bouts of laminitis

23 Recognising laminitis This horse has a sore right foot. This could be for many reasons including laminitis.

24 Recognising laminitis


26 Low grade or subclinical laminitis / Research in USA showed that up to 50% of horses in training may suffer from low-grade laminitis / In one study 19 of 41 sound TB racehorses had X-ray signs of low grade laminitis / Although “sound” these horses had reduced athletic performance

27 Recognising laminitis Many horses with manure like this have low grade / sub-clinical laminitis.

28 Recognising laminitis Many sound horses have x-rays like this

29 Using your pH meter / Take a sample of manure from within the dung pile. n Saw dust, bedding or dirt can affect the result so ensure you get an uncontaminated sample from within the pile. / Mix equal volumes of dung with water / Test using your pH meter. / Clean your pH meter in running water.

30 Results / pH values less than 6.5 are too acidic and warrant use of Founderguard TM.

31 Look deeper and you will find...

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