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Infant feeding Joy Hewitson GPST3 (also mother of 2 with one pending)

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1 Infant feeding Joy Hewitson GPST3 (also mother of 2 with one pending)

2 Choice  Breast  Bottle  Combo

3 Bottle (formula)  Why is this some women’s choice?

4  Baby’s mouth too small, nipple too big  Baby’s mouth too large, nipple too small  Socially more acceptable  It’s what mum’s mum did  Poor suck (esp premature)  Maternal anxiety – baby not getting enough milk  Maternal medication/infection  Wanting to involve Dad/other family members  Tried breast feeding, became exhausted  Formula milk is fortified and specially designed for my baby

5 Breast  Why do some women choose breast feeding?

6  Breast is best  Cheap, portable, always the right temperature  Breast milk gives baby exactly what he needs  Pressure  Guilt

7 Combo  Why do some women choose to mix and match?

8  Lifestyle choice, work patterns  All the above reasons!

9 How to bottle feed….  Sterilise the bottles (with teats, retaining rings, caps and lids): Wash in hot soapy water, leave to drip/drain dry then put in steriliser. This can be chlorinated water bath, steam steriliser which is plugged in or microwaved.  Wash and dry your hands.  Use cooled boiled water to make up a bottle, leave it 20-30 minutes after the kettle boils. Follow the instructions on the tin of formula.  Put the water in the bottle first (there will be measuring marks on the bottle). Then add the correct amount of scoops of formula powder. Add the teat, retaining ring and cap using tongs to avoid contaminating the feed.  Shake or swirl the bottle to dissolve the powder and the feed is ready to give.  Test the temperature by pouring a little out of the teat onto the inside of your wrist to check its not too hot.

10 How to breast feed  Unhook nursing bra  Latch baby on

11 Bottle feeding problems  Not feeding enough  Feeding too much  Colic  Constipation

12  From newborn, baby needs from 20ml/kg up to 150ml/kg by the end of the first week of life.  Eg. 4kg baby requires 600mls/24 hours. This equates to 4 feeds at 150mls or 5 feeds at 120mls.  1 ounce is approximately 30mls, mother’s often use ounces to describe the amount baby is drinking.

13 Breast feeding problems  Getting established  Sore breasts  Sore nipples  Thrush  Colic  Jaundice

14 Combo problems  Gradual reduction in demand and therefore supply of breast milk.  Inevitability of full formula feeding.  Colic  Try expressing breast milk when baby is receiving formula.

15 Resources     leaflets on breast/formula  (nhs choices)

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