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Daily self massage: The way to your wellbeing

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1 Daily self massage: The way to your wellbeing
Xuefei Wu M.D., Ph.D Xuefei clinic in helsinki, Finland

2 Basic requirement for Traditional Tuina/Massage manipulations
Permanent: the manipulation should last for a certain time(the structure of manipulations keeps unchanged within a certain period and has a steady dynamic form) Forceful: the manipulation must have a cetain force which should be strengthen or weakened according to the patient’s constitution, state of illness, age, etc. Evenness: the manipulation should be rhythmical, with the same frequqncy and pressing force all the time Softness: the manipulation should be light but not surperfical, heavy but not retained, not rough and hard, and the shift of the movements shoulf be natural and smooth Deepness and thoroughness: the manipulation must keep a certain direction of force in addition to the requirements above in order to produce a deep effect on the affected part of the patient’s and create curative effect

3 Pracrical manipulations for self massage
Kneading manipulation: kneading slowly and softly the therapeutic region to-and fro with fingers, the bottom of palm, major thenar eminance Rubbing manipulation: rhythmically rubbing the therapeutic part in a circular motion with the palm or palmar side of fingers close to the therapeutic region Scrubbing manipulation: scrubbing the therapeutic part to-and-fro along a straight line with palmar face, minor or major thenar eminance Pressing manipulation: pressing the therapeutic region continuously with finger-tip, palm-root or tip of elbow, from light to heavily, shallowly to deeply

4 Taiyang(Extra 1 ) Location: in the depression about 1 cun posterior to the midpoint between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer canthus Suitable for headache, migarine , dizziness, sweeling and pain of the sye Usage: pressing, kneading

5 Yingtang(Extra 2),also known as the upper elixir field in Qigong, on the Govener/Du channel, but not the acupoint of GC Location: midpoint of the line between the medial ends of the two eysbrows Suitable for headache,, nasal obstruction, rhinitis, dizziness, eye diseases, insominar, hypetension. Shenting(GC 24),the 24th acupoint of GC Location: 0.5 cun directly above the midpoint of the anterior hairline Same indications as Yingtang Usage: kneading, pressing, pushing or scrubbing from Yingtang to Shenting

6 Zanzhu(BL 2), 2nd acupoint of the meridian of bladder
located directly above the inner corner of the eye on the inside end of the eyebrow (you will feel a little notch in the bone there and it will be quite sore). Suitable for sinus congestion, red, watery eyes... Usage: kneading, pressing and scrubbing(to the end of eyebrow)

7 Ying xiang/welcome fragrance(LI 20), the 20th acupoint of the Large intestine meridian
located on either side of your nose, on the line where face and nose meet Suitable for any sinus diseases Usage: kneading, pressing and scrubbing from Yingxiang to Zanzhu

8 Hegu(LI 4), the 4th acupoint of the meridian of large intestine located in the middle of the web between your thumb and forefinger. one of most commonly used acupoint for all kinds of pain, such as headaches, toothache, stomachache, and cold symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, etc. Usage: kneading and pressing

9 Laogong (PC 8),the 8th acupoint of the meridian of pericardium
Location: between the second and third metacarpal bones,when the fist is clenched,the point is just under the tip of the middle finger Suitable for cardiac pain, palpitation,vomitting, mental depression, insomnia, oppressed feeling in the chest Usage:kneading, presing

10 LU 7(Lie Que), also known as sweet point for quitting smoking,the 7th acupoint of the meridian of lung located about 1.5 cun width above your wrist crease, just after the styloid process of the radius. Generally found by sliding your finger from the thumb side of your wrist crease over the radio-styloid process and press where sore. Use: cough, sore throat, cold symptoms(sneezing, running nose ), neck pain

11 Yanglao (SI 6),the 6th acupoint of the meridian of small intestine
Location: when the palm faces the chest, the point is in the bony cleft on the radial side of the styloid process of the ulna Suitable for pain in the shoulder, neck, elbow, arm and back. Usage:kneading, pressing

12 Neiguan(PC 6),the 6th acupoint of the meridian of pericardium
Location: 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist between the tendon of m.palmaris longus and m.flexor radialis Suitable for cardiac pain, palpitation, stomachache, vomitting, mental depression, insomnia, oppressed feeling in the chest, car/boat sick Usage:kneading, presing, scrubbing, pushing

13 Shenmen (H 7),the 7th acupoint of the meridian of heart
Location: at the end of the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression on the radial side of the tendon of m. flexor carpi ulnaris Suitable for cardiac pain, palpitation, amnesia, mental depression, insomnia, depressive psychosis, mania, epilepsy Usage:kneading, presing, scrubbing, pushing

14 Shanzhong(CC 17), also known as the middle elixir field in Qigong, the 17th acupoint of the channel of concept/Ren channel Location: on the anterior midline, and at the level with the fourth intercostal space/same level with breast’s tip Suitable for cough, dyspnea, chest pain, palpitation, vomit, full feeling in the chest Usage: pressing, kneading, tapping The important lymphoid organ/immune system, thymus gland under sternum

15 Zhongwan(CC 12),the 12th acupoint of the channel of concept/Ren channel
Location:at the middle between the umbilicus and xiphoid process (at the end of sternal bone) Suitable for gastric diseases, abdominal distention, diarrhea, vomit Usage: rubbing, scrubbing, pushing, pressing one of important acupoint for digestive sytem

16 Guanyuan (CC 4),also known as the lower elixir field in Qigong, the 4th acupoint of the channel of concept/Ren channel Location:3 cun below the umbilicus One the important point for reproductive system and problem in prostate Suitable for impotence, sexual hypofunction, enuresis, frequency of urination, menstrual cramps Usage: rubbing, scrubbing

17 Zusanli(ST 36),the 36th acupoint of the meridian of stomach located on the anterior lateral side of the leg,3 cun below Dubi(ST35) ,one finger breadth (middle finger) from the anterior crest of the tibia. one of the most important acupoint for wellbeing, tonifying Qi and/or Blood. Tonify spleen and stomach qi All issues involving the Stomach a/or the spleen. Enhanceing the function of immune system

18 Sanyinjiao (SP 6), the 6th acupoint of the meridian of spleen.
Location: 3 cun directly above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the posterior border of the medial aspect of the tibia Suitable for irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, importance, enuresis, diabetes, hypertension, insomnia Usage:kneading, pressing, pushing

19 KI 3 (Tai xi), the 3rd acupoint of the meridian of kidney Located at the medial border of the foot, posterior to the medial malleolus, in the depression between the tip of the medial malleolus and Achilles tendon Use: one of most important point for reinforcing Kidney qi(sexual function) Dry and sore throat, tinnitus, diabetes, irregular menstruation, lnsomnia, emission, impotence, lumbago.

20 Yongquan(KI 1), the 1st acupoint of the meridian of Kidney
Location:at the junction between anterior 1/3 and posterior 2/3 of the sole (the length of the toe is not included), in the depression when the foot is in plantar flexion Suitable for headache, dizziness, sore throat, tinnitus, tonifying kidney Qi Usage: kneading, pressing, scrubbing

21 Taichong (Liv 3), the 3rd acupoint of the meridian of liver
Location:on the dorsum of the foot, in the depression anterior to the junction of the first and second metatarsal Suitable for headache, dizziness, swelling and pain of the eye, pain and flaccidity if the lower extremities, epilepsy,diabetes, hypertension Usage: kneading, pressing,

22 Many thank for your attending and
wish you are healthy and happy always! for further information, you are welcome to visit and xuefei clinic at Toinen linja 3,Hakaniemi

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