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Cold Sores By: Brooke O. e120e8d9501686f40a51477471da69.jpg.

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1 Cold Sores By: Brooke O. e120e8d9501686f40a51477471da69.jpg

2  Small fluid-filled blisters  Nose, mouth, or lips  Last a few days  Not protected by body defenses  Often reoccur

3 Causes…  Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 and 2  HSV 1 only infects body above waist line  Causes majority cases of cold sores  HSV 2 only infects body below waist line  Genital herpes  Cold sores appear when HSV particles are reactivated (from “sleep mode”)  Kissing  Contagious

4 Symptoms…  Fever  Pain when swallowing  Headache  Inflamed gums  Sore mouth  Sometimes you can’t see the sore at first  Unpleasant tingling

5 Treatment…  Early as possible!!!  Antiviral medications  Decrease duration of healing process  Reduce pain  Reduce size

6 Topical Denavir  FDA approved  Cream  Applied every two hours for four days  Reduced symptoms and time of healing

7 Acyclovir  FDA approved  Cream  Taken five times a day  Lessens pain  Shortens duration of healing process

8 Prevention!  Avoid direct contact with sores  Wash hands after contact with mouth  Don’t pick!  Virus can spread to other parts of the body  Genitals and fingers

9 Primary Herpetic Stomatitis  Most common  99% of cases are subclinical  Symptoms were not apparent


11 DID YOU KNOW…?  30% to 60% of children ten and under are infected with HSV1  Family and Friends sharing tooth brushes and kissing  “Asymptomatic Shedding”  Even when the sore isn’t present it can copy itself!  HSV 1 enters the body…it NEVER leaves!  Cold sores can reactivate from…  Sunlight  Stress  Menstruation

12 (Great overview of cold sores) (Good info on causes and symptoms of cold sores. Also a few good facts about Primary Herpetic Stomatitis) (Good tips on prevention!) (I got my Did You Know? Facts from this website) (Good information on different treatments) Related links

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