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VISION + Word = Efficient Creating Forms, Grading on Word, and Putting it All on VISION.

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1 VISION + Word = Efficient Creating Forms, Grading on Word, and Putting it All on VISION

2 Creating Forms with Fill in Fields Online - WORD  Example of Independent Reading Form – Part I, Part II, Part IIIPart IPart IIPart III  Example of WebQuestWebQuest  What are some electronic forms you could use for your class or for other jobs? For parents? For building use?

3 How To – Begin  Open a new file.  Customize toolbar, if necessary, to include DEVELOPER.  Click on DOCUMENT TEMPLATE.  Click RESTRICT EDITING.

4 How To – Create Your Form  You will see a pane on the right that looks like this:

5 How To – Restrict for Student Input  Check the box for “Allow only this type of editing in the document under EDITING RESTRICTIONS: Default is No changes (Read only)  Select FILLING IN FORMS from the drop down menu.

6 How To – Choose Which Fill In Fields You Want  Use this box on the tool bar to choose from text boxes, drop down boxes, check boxes, etc. to add content to the form.  Play around in here. (I have only used the fill in forms with text.)

7 How To - Protect  When you have finished your document, you will need to protect it so that students can only enter data/text in the fields you have defined.  Save your document under an identifiable name  Click Restrict Editing in the tool bar:

8 How To – Allow Student Input  Click on Editing Restrictions, #2 and from the drop down menu, choose Filling in Forms:  When you are finished with your document, choose #3 Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.  It will prompt you for a password. Choose a password you will remember!  Save to your Documents and then you can use it over and over on VISION.  Students will only be able to fill in the fields you have designated.  Want to make changes? EASY! Just unprotect using the password!

9 How To - Site for Further Instructions  or-print-in-word-HA010030746.aspx or-print-in-word-HA010030746.aspx

10 Upload Your Form to VISION  Create a place on VISION for your document – perhaps under a unit title.  Choose “Add a Resource”  Choose “Link to a File or Web Site” and choose your document per VISION instructions.  Need help with that? I can show you my BASIC knowledge or you can ask your TRT.

11 You Need a Place for Students to Turn in the Form  Choose “Add an Activity”  Upload a Single File  Students will fill out the form, save it to their documents using a name YOU specify, then upload it to VISION.

12 More Uploading to VISION  Student papers can be uploaded to VISION using the same thing as before except you do not have to create a form.  Instruct students on the protocol for saving papers (Last Name, Assignment or Block or….)  Simply, create a section on VISION labeled appropriately (Huck Finn Essays or Driving Awareness Power Points) and then choose “Add an Activity”, Upload a Single File:

13 Giving Feedback on Word  Click the REVIEW tab:  As you read the paper, add your comments using the NEW COMMENT feature.  When you are finished, save to a file (Student Papers Graded) and then email the paper back to the student. Enter the grade on VISION and CLARITY.

14 Benefits  No standing in line to make copies of a WORKSHEET or PROJECT  Time and Date stamp on Student Work  Quickly able to see who has and who hasn’t turned in work – Zs or 0s can quickly be entered into CLARITY for parent alerts  No lugging papers  No losing papers (or students telling you that you lost their paper)  Conservation of resources: paper, ink, and TIME!!!! ($$$$$)  No class time wasted on returning papers

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