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CTS130 Spreadsheet Lesson 14 Using Worksheet Templates.

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1 CTS130 Spreadsheet Lesson 14 Using Worksheet Templates

2 Templates A template is a model workbook. You use it as the basis for a new workbook. A template helps you eliminate repetitive work. Excel has a few sample custom templates

3 Creating a Workbook Based on an Excel Template To open the Templates dialog box, go to FILE Menu > New option. The “New Workbook” shows in the task pane. Click “On my computer” to open the Templates dialog box. Click the Spreadsheet Solutions option. There will be 5 sample workbook templates showing.

4 Loan Amortization template

5 Expense Statement template

6 Balance Sheet Template

7 Sales Invoice template

8 Time Card template

9 You can open an Excel template and save it as a new template using a different name. This allows you to use the existing template as the basis for creating your own template. You can store your templates anywhere, but it is advisable to keep them together in one location. On most computers, the folder for your templates is: C: \ Documents and Settings \ UserName \ Application Data \ Microsoft Templates A template is saved with the.xlt extension. In the “Save as type” area, you need to make sure you are saving it as a template type.

10 Most templates have some type of cell protection. Cell protection locks the contents of cells so that you cannot edit them. If you do want to edit them, you need to turn off the Protection feature. TOOLS Menu > Protection > Unprotect Sheet You can then edit the Template properties by going to the FILE Menu > Properties option. Click the Summary tab and change the author, company, etc.

11 Using the Template Gallery Microsoft maintains a Template Gallery that is a collection of templates for Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. You can preview templates, edit them in Excel, and save them to your computer. Then you can add your own design elements or ideas.

12 Samples

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