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1 Leptospirosis

2 Leptospirosis Leptospirosis is caused by infection with a type of Spirochaeta, Leptospira. It infects humans as well as other animals. Leptospirosis is among the world's most common diseases transmitted to people from animals. The infection is commonly transmitted to humans by allowing water that has been contaminated by animal urine to come in contact with unhealed breaks in the skin, the eyes, or with the mucous membranes.

3 Leptospirosis Symptoms Dry cough with bleeding Fever Headache
Incubation: 5~10 days Symptoms Dry cough with bleeding Fever Headache Muscle pain Abdominal pain Bone pain Enlarged lymph glands Enlarged spleen or liver

4 Leptospirosis Diagnosis:
Been Epidemic Area and contact with contaminated water or animals. Symptoms: Fever, Muscle pain, Enlarged lymph glands Lung and Kidney damage. Blood culture find Leptospira. On infection the microorganism can be found in blood for the first 7 to 10 days and then moving to the kidneys. After 7 to 10 days the microorganism can be found in fresh urine.

5 Leptospirosis Medications to treat leptospirosis include: Ampicillin
Ceftriaxone Doxycycline Penicillin Complicated or serious cases may need supportive care or treatment in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

6 Leptospirosis Prognosis: most early treatment case will successful.
Prevention Avoid areas of stagnant water, especially in tropical climates. If you are exposed to a high risk area, taking doxycycline or amoxicillin may decrease your risk of developing this disease. Human vaccines are available in a few countries, including Cuba and China.

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