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1 Nutritional Weight Loss Programme Author Heather Nicholson 2.

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3 Nutritional Weight Loss Programme Author Heather Nicholson 2

4 Aims and Objectives Aims: To lose weight on a permanent basis. To not feel bloated or have abdominal distension. Drop a dress size. To improve quality of health overall. Objectives: Identify particular combinations of foods to avoid and foods and spices to have plenty of. Maintain normal blood sugar, improve absorption of nutrients. Increase vitality and look healthy again. 3

5 Body Shockers What diets have you all tried before, slimming world, weight watchers, Atkins, grape diet, media confusion? Did you lose weight, did it stay off ? Calorie counting, carbohydrates confusion and points when looking for foods, red and green days, replacing meals with shakes.These are not the correct ways to live!!!!! 4

6 This will work You will eat three meals a day. Two snacks. Two litres of water Watching your portion sizes. 80% stick to rules. 20% relax rules for birthdays ands occasions. 5

7 Foods and Drinks to be avoided Cane sugar Artificial sweeteners Dairy Products Salt Alcohol Chocolate Wheat Heated Damaged Fats Coffee Tea Hot chocolate Fizzy Drinks Low calorie Drinks Malted drinks Fluoridated water Chlorinated water 6

8 Why should the foods and drinks be avoided on slide six? They all put and extra burden on the liver, gallbladder and the kidneys. They create dehydration of cells and bloating is a symptom of dehydration. Some of them create acidity and mucous production. Some have an accumulative effect in the body. They interfere with absorption of nutrients. 7

9 This week This week is a kick start to get your body ready for permanent sensible changes. Social activity and occasions you can be 80% purist and 20% relax on the rules. If its a birthday have one piece of cake only. One glass of champagne. One glass of red wine not the bottle. Even better a lovely glass of lemon refresher or iced ginger presse. 8

10 Quick Quiz 1.What organs do wheat, dairy produce, and sugar put extra burden on? 2.What problems do tea, heated damaged fats, alcohol, salt (sodium chloride) create in the cells? 3. What effect do artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, chlorinated water have in the body tissues.? 9

11 Quick quiz answers. 1.The liver and the kidneys. 2.Dehydration of the cells. 3.They have an accumulative effect on body cells. 10

12 Snacks and drinks. Snacks. Nuts,seeds, berries Raw vegetables, carrots, celery. Un-sulphured prunes, apricots,cranberries,che rries,dates,figs. Drinks: Linseed Tea, roibosch tea, green tea, lemon and ginger tea, liquorice root tea. Herb teas. Rice and nut milks. Vegetable juices, beetroot and celery, carrot. Filtered water,2 litres. 11

13 Foods and drinks you can have plenty of. Organic vegetables Organic chicken, turkey, lamb. Game, seafood, fish. Organic offal. Eggs. Tofu, pulses and beans. Quinoa,millet,oats. Nuts. Sprouted seeds, beans Two litres filtered water. Rice,soya,nut milks. Chillies, cinnamon, cayenne, cardamom. Roibosch,Caro,Wakeup. Vegetable juices carrot,beetroot,celery. Lemon and ginger tea, green tea, Linseed tea. 12

14 Breakfast Menu Ideas Oat or quinoa porridge. With rice milk, nut milk, or soya milk.(optional) Ground almonds for protein, ground sunflower, sesame, linseed. Scrambled or poached eggs.(optional) Raw egg yolk with 2 teaspoons of linseed oil added. Hummus, tofu, sardines,wild salmon, on oatcakes or rice cakes. 13

15 Breakfast ideas. Stewed fruits, apples, pears, plums, add equal amounts of nuts and seeds if wished, half a teaspoon cinnamon to reduce sugar cravings. Smoothies made with ice or fruit ice, soya milk, rice milk, nut milks, half a teaspoon cinnamon, kelp or other seaweeds for iodine. Bananas for serotonin, add ten almonds or seeds for protein. 14

16 Lunch Menu Ideas. Organic chicken,turkey, lamb or game with large amounts of raw or cooked vegetables. Wild arctic salmon,oily fish (not smoked) prawns with large amounts of very varied green salad. Soups with soya cream or coconut milk, spices. Hummus, tofu, sprouted beans and seeds, pulses, lentils,spices and herbs, olive oil or linseed and garlic dressing. Baked potatoes, yams, sweet corn, beans, hummus, vegetarian pates. 15

17 Snacks. Soya yogurt with seeds and fruit. Endemame beans. Hummus with raw vegetables. Tahini. Go low bars Boiled eggs. Seeds. 16

18 Keep in your bag or car. Bottle of water. Almonds for B vitamins and Zinc, helps depression, Sad. Small bar of organic dark cocoa mass chocolate. Oat cakes(wheat free)Avocadoes. Apples ( pectin),banana( dopamine),nuts and seeds( unsalted).Apricots( unsulphured organic) Brazils shell on for selenium, 17

19 Dinner menu Ideas. Home made mixed vegetable soups. Root vegetable in the winter. Legumes and seeds in the summer. Quinoa or Brown rice with vegetables only but plenty of them. Hummus on oatcakes or rice cakes. Mashed cauliflower with olive oil. 18

20 Dinner ideas. Organic vegetable pasta. Delugo spaghetti made from chickpeas. Chicken or turkey, lamb with roasted vegetables,onions,pepper,leeks,celery,carrots,pea s,organic soya beans, seaweeds,tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, spinach. Roast sweet potatoes, yams with spices for speeding up metabolism. 19

21 Hints to aid good digestion and absorption Chew food thoroughly. Relax when eating. Eat every two to three hours. Eat when hungry. Often when you feel hungry you are really thirsty. Eat to live not live to eat.80% purist 20% relax 20

22 Preparing your new you foods. Never microwave. Steam Boil in water Juice Soups. Stews. Stirfry Raw. 21

23 Contra-indications from this weeks changes. Hunger, your body has to adjust to eating less. Thirst, you think your hungry when you are thirsty sometimes. Feeling Faint., your blood sugar can drop, sit down head between legs, fight the symptom, strawberries if cramping. Sad, serotonin levels drop. Not depressed,2 squares 80% dark chocolate or 4 strawberries. 22

24 Contra-indications. Caffiene withdrawal: headaches, irritability, tearfulness, anger, unsuppressed emotions rise to the surface. Halitosis,bad breath,: chew lemon or parsley, mint. Constipation: Readjustment of liver and gall, nerves, anxiety, fear. Linseed tea or seeds with meals should improve. 23

25 When you get home Family, can they help you or can you help them. Work together if possible. Tell them if you need their collaboration. They cannot read your mind. Try courgette bolognaise, sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. Be adventurous. Variety is the spice of life. Get the kids involved, making chicken /prawn kebabs, scrambled egg, smoothies,ice lollies. 24

26 At Home Who has goody sweet drawer Hands up who sneaks from this drawer Don’t use sweets as treats or rewards. Don’t buy sweet biscuits and cheese. WE make excuses and sabotage ourselves. What is your excuse.How can you change? It’s up to you.! 25

27 Rewards. Each half a stone target you achieve buy a new top, target a new outfit. Small targets, exercise quota reached, new scented candle, trip to cinema, massage, manicure. Get help from friends or buddy system. Keep in contact with your boot camp colleagues. 26

28 27

29 Individual learning plan. Individual Learning Plan. Name:Date: Age: Gender: Individual needs and requirements: Presenting symptoms: use scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. 28

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