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Three general Membranes!

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1 Three general Membranes!

2 Our goals Describe the 3 membrane types
And subtypes Know what tissue each is made of Determine where each would be found Describe each of their general functions

3 Membranes They cover and line parts of the body
Made of more than one layer of at least 2 type tissue What is made of more than one tissue??

4 Serous Membranes Line organs and walls in ventral cavities (what cavities reside there?) Moist! Make sliding along each other possible! 2 layers 1.) simple squamous epithelium 2.) thin Areolar CT

5 Serous Membrane Functions
Enrich fluid from capillaries with some cell adhesion molecules Fluid between membrane allows for slight movement



8 2 types of serous membranes
Visceral serosa – lines organ Parietal serosa – lines cavity wall

9 Organs (abdominal pelvic)
Heart Parietal pericardium Visceral pericardium Serosa Lungs Parietal Pleura Visceral Pleura Organs (abdominal pelvic) Parietal peritoneum Visceral peritoneum

10 Mucous Membranes Lines cavities “open” to exterior Wet and moist!
Secretes mucous and other products Don’t forget it is great for absorbtion Layers: simple Squamous or columnar Loose CT Smooth muscle (maybe)


12 Cutaneous Membranes Dense Irregular CT
Only “dry” membrane Skin! 2 Layers Keratinized Stratified Squamous Cells! Dense Irregular CT

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