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2 MYTHS Taking a borrowed BCP for a few days before sex is a reliable form of birth control You can’t get pregnant if you have unprotected sex before or after your period During sexual relations sperm enter the vagina only during ejaculation Breast feeding prevents ovulation You can not get pregnant the first time you have sex

3 Which Method Is Best For You?
How important is it not to become pregnant? How safe is the method? How easy, will I use it every time? How much will it cost, can I afford it? How will my partner feel? Will I feel embarrassed? How do I feel about touching my body? How often do I have sex? Do I need protection from STDs? Do I have more then one partner? Do I have religious or moral beliefs about birth control?

4 Coitus Interruptus/Withdrawal
Man withdraws before ejaculation Pre-ejaculation fluid contains sperm and may contain the HIV virus Free Requires will power High failure rate pregnancies per 1000 women

5 Condoms Prevent semen from entering the vagina Available since 1500’s
Latex condoms prevent STDs Most common form of birth control 99% effective if combined with spermicidal cream or jelly Never use Vaseline or petroleum jelly only a water based lubricant

6 Condoms Heat destroys the rubber, don’t store in car or wallet
Check expiration date May decrease sensation for the man and interfere with spontaneity

7 Condoms

8 Female Condoms Lubricated sheath with flexible rings on each side
Inserted into vagina like a diaphragm 26% failure rate Used by women when men will not wear condoms

9 Female Condoms

10 Foams, Creams, Jellies Destroys sperm, spermicidal
Placed deep in vagina near the cervix Inserted ½ hour before intercourse, after one hour it looses its effectiveness Cheap and easy to use No protection from STDs


12 Vaginal Douching Offers no protection from pregnancy or STD
Increases the risk of PID, cervical cancer

13 Oral Contraceptives Approx 10.4 million use the pill
Prevents ovulation Usually a combination of estrogen and progesterone Uterine wall does not develop adequately and cervical mucous thickens Packets of monthly supply Very effective

14 Oral Contraceptives Disadvantages Weight gain Nausea Swollen breasts
Headache Yeast infections Slight increase in blood clots Antibiotics reduce effectiveness Requires prescription from MD or NP Cost

15 Intrauterine Devices IUD
95-98% effective Very old form of birth control Interferes with implantation of egg Inserted by MD May cause bleeding, Cramping Backaches Perforation of uterus infections



18 Diaphragm Dome shaped cup of thin rubber stretched over a metal ring
Covers the cervix, blocks sperm from entering Used with spermicidal cream Requires fitting by medical professional Inserted no more then 2 hours before sex and should be left in 6 hours after sex so spermicide can kill sperm Must be refitted after childbirth




22 Cervical Cap Small rubber or plastic cup Fits over cervix
Used with spermicidal cream


24 Cervical Cap

25 Norplant Six flexible match stick sized capsules
Placed under the skin of upper arm Progesterone released in a steady dose for five years 99% effective Expensive May cause scarring Side effects possible Weight gain Acne Headache

26 Norplant

27 Depo-Provera Injection 3 months protection from pregnancy
99% effective Inhibits ovulation Side effects similar to Norplant May take several months to a year to regain fertility

28 Birth Control Patch 1 ¾ square inch patch applied to skin
Continuous delivery of hormones to prevent ovulation Patch applied the day after your period ends Replaced every week for three weeks Fourth week there is no patch 99% effective Similar side effects as the pill Monthly supply costs 30-35$ Initial medical exam is $

29 Vaginal Ring Soft flexible plastic ring you place inside the vagina
Contains hormones that are slowly released Prevents ovulation Placed for 3 weeks and removed the fourth week Similar side effects to birth control pills Costs is 30-35$ month

30 Natural Family Planning
Avoid sex during ovulation Temperature method Slight increase in temp before ovulation and slt decrease after ovulation Take basal body temp each morning before getting out of bed Calendar method Ovulation occurs days before next period Avoid sex during this period


32 Billings Method Cervical mucous evaluation Preovulation Ovulation
Mucous white slippery Ovulation Easy to form elastic band with secretions Looks like egg whites Post ovulation Secretions look cloudy and sticky Sex during pre and post ovulation period Natural family planning has high failure rate, pregnancies out of 1000 women/yr

33 Billings Method

34 Vasectomy Cut the vas deferens Takes about 30 min in MDs office
Should be considered permanent, very difficult to reverse the operation Need to use other form of birth control until the sperm count is zero

35 Vasectomy

36 Tubal Ligation Tie off the fallopian tubes
Prevent the egg from going to the uterus Out patient surgery Considered permanent

37 Tubal Ligation

38 Abortion Political issue
Should not be used as a method of birth control Almost ½ of American women will have at least one abortion by the age of 45 Each year 46 million women have abortions worldwide 60% occur in nations where it is legal 25% occur where it is banned 15% occur where it is allowed to save a woman’s life 19 million have an “unsafe” abortion and 600,000 die from complications Illegal abortions may end in the death of the woman or infertility due to scarring and infection

39 Abortion


41 Morning After Pill Prevents fertilized egg from implanting
First dose within 72 hours of sex followed by a second dose 12 hours later Usually offered in ED to rape victims Prevents 89% of unwanted pregnancies

42 RU 486/Mifepristone Abortion pill
Can be taken up to 49 day of pregnancy Causes the uterus to shed its lining Can be prescribed by any MD or NP

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