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Classification of Body Membranes

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1 Classification of Body Membranes

2 Epithelial Membranes 1. Cutaneous Membrane 2. Mucous Membranes
3. Serous Membranes

3 1. Cutaneous Membrane Skin!
Stratified squamous epithelium with keratin Has an underlying dermis Differs from the other types of epithelial membranes: It is DRY!

4 Cutaneous Membrane

5 2. Mucous Membranes Lines all body cavities OPEN to the outside world
Either stratified squamous or simple columnar Moist/Wet Absorption Secretion

6 Mucous Membranes

7 3. Serous Membranes Line body cavities CLOSED to the outside world
Single layer of simple squamous epithelium Serous membranes occur in pairs Visceral Parietal Both membranes secrete “serous fluid” so that organs can move without friction

8 Parietal vs. Visceral

9 Pleura & Pericardium

10 Peritoneum

11 Connective Tissue Membranes
NO epithelium; just connective tissue Synovial membranes Line the capsules that surround joints Provide a smooth surface Secrete “synovial fluid,” which lubricates

12 Synovial Membranes

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