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Gastric Secretion Johnson Chap. 34-35 Jack L. Leonard 2004.

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1 Gastric Secretion Johnson Chap Jack L. Leonard 2004

2 Johnson Chap The Stomach Esophagus Fundus Corpus Pyloric antrum Pyloric canal Pylorus Duodenum Gastric pit isthmus neck base Parietal cells Surface mucous cells Mucous neck cells Argentaffincell Chief cells

3 Johnson Chap The Pavlov Pouch Experiment

4 Johnson Chap hours Acid Output (mmol/15min) jejunum Heidenhain pouch Double-walled muscosal septum Vagally innervated pyloric pouch A. B. Incision Closure Pouch sham feeding

5 Johnson Chap Acid Output (mEq T.A./7.5 min) Time (min) Histamine Stimulation of Acid Secretion

6 Johnson Chap Basal folds Basement lamina lamina Golgi TubulovescularMembrane Intracellularcanaliculus Mitochondria Basal folds Unstimulated Intracellularcanaliculus Mitochondria Intracellularcanaliculus TubulovescularMembrane Basement lamina lamina Stimulated Changes in Parietal Cell Morphology with Stimulation

7 Johnson Chap Ion Transport in the Parietal Cell

8 Johnson Chap Presumed Effects of Stimuli on the Parietal Cell Vesicles ATP ADP+ PO 4 K+K+K+K+ H+H+H+H+ K+K+K+K+ K+K+K+K+ Cl - P H/K J Cl JKJKJKJK

9 Johnson Chap Stimulation Presumed Effects of Histamine on the Parietal Cell

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