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GI System: Esophagus & Stomach Laboratory Orientation.

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1 GI System: Esophagus & Stomach Laboratory Orientation

2 #126 H&E Mid-esophagus Muscularis Externa Skeletal muscle Mixed smooth and skeletal muscle Submucosal sero- mucous gland Muscularis mucosae Lamina propria

3 #126 Esophagus Also #153 Muscularis mucose Submucosal gland

4 Muscularis Externa of mid-esophagus (#126): Skeletal and smooth m. Muscularis Externa of lower esophagus (#155): Smooth muscle only


6 #155 : Cardiac Stomach Cardio-esophageal junction (arrow) Cardiac glands

7 #156: Fundic Stomach Rugae

8 Mucosa of the Fundic Stomach Lymphatic nodule Muscularis mucosae

9 #156, #157: Gastric glands Gastric pit lined by surface mucous cells Mucous neck cells Fundus or body

10 #157: Body of the gastric glands

11 #157: Base of the gastric glands Chief cells Parietal cells

12 #162 Pylolic Stomach Pylo-duodenal junction (arrow) Pyloric sphincter muscle Duodenum

13 Cardiac glands: coiled (mucous) glands pit:gland=1:1 Fundic (gastric) glands: straight glands pit:gland=1:5 Pyloric glands: coiled (mucous) glands pit:gland=2~3:1

14 GI System: Small and Large Intestine Laboratory Orientation

15 #29 Small Intestine Mesentery (ct + epithelium) Submucosa (connective tissue) Mucosa (epithelium + lamina propria) Muscularis Externa (smooth muscle) Lumen Muscularis mucosae

16 #29 – Intestinal Villi Intestinal villi

17 #29-Simple columnar epithelium with striated border (microvilli) and goblet cells Microvilli (striated border) Goblet cells Enterocytes ?

18 #162 Pylo-duodenal junction (arrow) Pyloric sphincter muscle

19 #161 Pylo-duodenal Junction and Pancreas Pyloric stomach Duodenum Pancreas Duodenum Pancreas Pyloric stomach

20 #161 Muscularis mucosae Lymphatic nodules Brunner’s gland

21 #161, 162 Duodenum Lumen Intestinal villus Muscularis mucosae crypts or i. glands Brunner’s glands pancreas

22 #29, 168 Jejunum or Ileum lumen submucosa Muscularis mucosae Crypts of Lieberkuhn

23 #29, Intestinal glands (crypts) Paneth cells Enteroendocrine cells Mitotic cell ? ? ?

24 #246 UCSF Enteroendocrine cell Paneth cell

25 #29, Myenteric (Auerbach’s) plexus Ganglion cells

26 #176: Colon (Mucosa of the colon) m.m No villi, Straight glands, lots of goblet cells

27 #176 – colon mucosa

28 #177-1, 177-3, 177-2 Recto-anal junction Hemorrhoidal veins Muscularis mucosae Type of epithelium changes Muscularis mucosae frays Dilated veins

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