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1 4 Series BOARD TOOLS & RESOURCES September 2010 Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center.

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1 1 23 @ 4 Series BOARD TOOLS & RESOURCES September 2010 Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center

2 2 Areas Covered Today…  Policies  Fund Raising  Communications  Bd Development & Governance  Hiring a CEO  Projects

3 3 Policies  Ethics & Accountability Conflict of Interest Statement Code of Ethics  Board & Board Members Agreements Job Descriptions  Finance and Investments The Nonprofit Policy Sampler by Barbara Lawrence & Outi Flynn 658.422L43N

4 4 Fundraising FEARLESS Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards by Dave Sternberg 361.70681 ST4F, 2008

5 5 Organization XYZ’s Donations in Year 2010 Example from Fearless Fundraising

6 6 Gift Chart

7 7 FR Aids:  Chart: Advantages & Disadvantages Chart:  Grid: Selecting Prospective Partners Grid:  Thermometer Chart for web page Thermometer Chart  Walk-a-thon Planner by DoJiggyDoJiggy  Event Master PlannerPlanner

8 8 Communications Tech-Savvy Communications Toolkit Tech Soup & NPower Seattle

9 9 Online tool that can help organizations make and assess strategic decisions.

10 10 Board Development  GridGrid  Application  Agreement  RecommitmentRecommitment  Calendar

11 11 Sample Grid NameRace/ Ethnicity GenderCityCurrent Age Areas of expertise Rosa Hispanic FFW25-35 Business Leader Community Volunteer Education Entrepreneur Fundraising Community Development Legal Investment / Finance Marketing

12 12 Nominating Process

13 13 Sample Application Name e-mailfaxphone Work (if applicable) Company & Address e-mailfaxphone Home Address Summarize your experience with and/or interest in our organization. financial management and control (budgeting, accounting) recruiting, hiring and evaluating personnel program planning and evaluation board development (recruitment, training, evaluation) fundraising strategic planning Little/or no experience some experi- ence very experi- enced What skills and knowledge are you willing to bring to our board? Please indicate your experience in the following areas.

14 14 Expectations… Purpose of this form. This form provides you with basic information about what ____ requires from its Board members. If you have doubts about your ability to commit the required time, attend scheduled meetings, or comply with these requirements, please advise the recruitment committee before they submit your name for consideration. Term of office: 2 years. Elected at Annual General Meeting. Directors may serve a maximum of 6 years. Directors may be appointed by the Board to fill vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting. Fund Raising All board members are expected to make an annual donation to the organization that is personally meaningful to the director. In addition, directors are expected to attend fundraising events, and participate in annual and special campaign. Nathan Garber & Associates Training and Consulting for the Nonprofit Sector

15 15 Agreement……  Outlines board member’s responsibilities to organization  Lists organization’s responsibilities to board member er/vz/rc_content.asp?contentid=27

16 16 Sample Operations Calendar  NOTE: Timing of activities relative to the fiscal year  boards/brdclndr.htm © Copyright Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC Regular Board ActivityApproximate Date Fiscal year begins January Conduct Board Self- EvaluationBoard Self- Evaluation March-April (do shortly before evaluating chief executive) Evaluate Chief Executive April-May (do shortly after completion of last fiscal year) Review and update board policies board policies April-June (do concurrent to board and chief evaluations) Conduct first board retreatboard retreat April

17 17 Templates  Meetings Meetings  Minutes  Records Nonprofit Meetings, Minutes & Records : How to Run Your Nonprofit Corporation So You Don’t Run Into Trouble by Anthony Mancuso 658.456M31N,2008

18 18 SAMPLE EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM  Employee name:__________________________  Employee title: ___________________________  Period covered: ___________________________  Date of evaluation:________________________  General comments on employee's performance:  Employee's goals for the coming year:  Reviewed by: __________ Signature: _____________ Lots of Samples…

19 19  Sample of Thank You LettersSample of Thank You Letters  Samples and TemplatesSamples and Templates Even more…

20 20 Document Retention Type of Document Minimum Best Practice Requirement Accounts receivable & payable ledgers & schedules 7 years Articles of Incorporation, charter, bylaws, minutes and other incorporation records Permanently Audit reports, Financial Statements (year end): general/private ledgers Permanently For Nonprofits by Management Help: Document-Retention-Destruction-Policy.pdf Document-Retention-Destruction-Policy.pdf Federal Records Retention: tion.htm tion.htm

21 21 Hiring a CEO Hiring the Chief Executive: A Practical Guide to the Search & Selection Process by Sheila Albert – 658.407AL1H, 2000  Initial Rating SheetRating Sheet  Sample Candidate Questions  Reference Checking  Tally Sheet Tally Sheet

22 22 Governance Check-Up YESNODON ’ T KNOW DOES NOT APPLY 1. Our mission/vision/purpose statement clearly communicates what we want to achieve 2. Our values and beliefs are clearly stated and reflected in all our programs and activities 3. We have a strategic plan that guides our Board, staff and volunteers. Nathan Garber & Associates Training and Consulting for the Nonprofit Sector

23 23 Mind  Time Management To-do lists  Information Skills Mind-Maps  Communication Skills Using the correct charts & graphs  Project Management Gantt Charts

24 24 Thank You! Check the PCNRC Resource Page for linksPage

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