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B.S. Neganov and Ultralow Temperatures USOV Yu.A. (DLNP, JINR) SPIN2012, Dubna, 19.09.2012.

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1 B.S. Neganov and Ultralow Temperatures USOV Yu.A. (DLNP, JINR) SPIN2012, Dubna, 19.09.2012

2 27.04.1928-19.08.2012 Professor Boris NEGANOV passed away on 19 August 2012.

3 Education: Leningrad State University. From 1951 – Dubna. 1981 – Doctor of Science. In 1962 a new proposal for continuous Refrigeration with ….. Method of getting Low Temperaturies by Dilution of 3He in 4He proposed by H.London et al. Phys.Rev. 128 (1962) 1992 !!! T.O.Niinicoski, CERN – EP/83-127, September, 1983 : “ ……The first continuously operating Dilution Refrigerators were reported by H.E.Hall, P.J.Ford and K.Thomson, Cryogenic 6 (1966) 80 = app. 0.2 K and INDEPENDENTLY by B.S.Neganov, N.S.Borisov and M.Yu.Liburg = 0.05K !!! Zh.Exp. Teor. Fiz. 50 (1966) 1445. You can see here ….some historic fotos …..!!!

4 Since 1993 Neganov went away from FPT’s to physical problems connected with general relativity and quantum electrodynamics. Nevertheless, the team, which was organized by him, has continued the work. Some results up to present time are illustrated by the following slides.

5 B.S.Neganov during tuning of 1K Dynamic Polarized target ( app.1965).

6 The 1K Dynamic Polarized Targetat the beam-line of the Phasotron LNP.

7 (1966) A combine setup including a 1K dynamic polarized target and a dilution refrigerator where an ultra low temperature 5 mK was reached.

8 An ultra low part of the cryostat of the dilution refrigerator

9 The first Frozen Polarized Target (1975) during Tests Preparation N.S.Borisov, et al., JINR Preprints 13-10253, 10-10257, 1976.

10 The Low temperature unit of the first Frozen Polarized Target and Insert for loading Target Material.

11 B.S.Neganov during experiment “πp” at the LNP Phasotron (1975)

12 Setup for research with short-lived Isotopes (1977)

13 Second FPT before transportation to IHEP (Protvino) – 1978

14 Fig 22 7. Борисов Н.С., Бунятова Э.И., Володин А.Г., Либург М.Ю., Матафонов В.Н., Неганов Б.С., Неганов А.Б., Усов Ю.А. Протонная поляризованная “замороженная” мишень для вторичных пучков частиц высокой энергии. Препринт ОИЯИ, 1-80-93, Дубна, 1980.

15 Fig 20 45.N.A.Bazhanov....., Yu.A.Usov et al. “A movable polarized target for high energy spin physics experiments”, NIM A 372, (1996) 349-351. JINR Preprint E8-96-33, Dubna, 1996. This project was supported by INTAS grants in 1993 and 1995.

16 Fig 21 39.N.S.Borisov, V.N.Matafonov, A.B.Neganov, Yu.A.Plis, O.N.Shchevelev, Yu.A.Usov, I.Jansky, M.Rotter, B.Sedlak, I.Wilhelm, G.M.Gurevich, A.A.Lukhanin, J.Jelinek, A.Srnka, L.Skrbek. Target with a frozen nuclear polarization for experi- ments at low energies. NIM A 345, (1994) 421-428. In Proc. of the 11th Int. Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics, pp.545- 550, Bloomington, 1994.

17 Fig 24 Frozen Polarizet Target at MAMI C (Mainz).

18 Fig 23 Loading target material during Run at MAMI C

19 The map of JINR’s frozen polarized target activities DUBNA MAINZ PRAGUE GATCHINA PROTVINO IHEP PINP Institut für Kernphisik, Universität Mainz Charles University 2650 km 2230 km 270 km 910 km

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