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Istituto Comprensivo “Emanuele Gianturco” STIGLIANO (Matera) Italy Primary school of GORGOGLIONE A.S. 2008 / 2010.

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1 Istituto Comprensivo “Emanuele Gianturco” STIGLIANO (Matera) Italy Primary school of GORGOGLIONE A.S. 2008 / 2010

2 AGENDA Project’s team Our village The Italian Educational System What does the school do for the environment? What does the school do for the environment? The village The environment

3 Mr. Sebastiano Villani, School Headmaster Mrs. Soldo Luciana, Math and Science languages’ teacher and and project’s responsible Miss D’Alessandro Nicolina, Religion languages’ teacher Miss Tarsia Mariagrazia, foreign languages’ teacher

4 OUR VILLAGE! It’s called Gorgoglione and it’s a very small village. It is situated on a mountain 840 metres high and 50 minutes fom the sea. There are 1100 people in our village.It dates back to the Middle Ages. It was the shelter for those populations looking for a place up in the hills where to protect themselves against malaria and against the incursions on behalf of the invadors. The name of the village derives from “Gurgulio” because of the gurgling waters of the nearby torrent Vallone.

5 OUR COUNTRY! Italy is our country. It’s very strange because it’s shaped like a boot. There are 20 regions in Italy. Rome is it’s capital.

6 HERE IS OUR REGION: BASILICATA OR LUCANIA Gorgoglione is situated in the heart of Basilicata, near Matera. Matera is the second town of Basilicata and the first is Potenza. Our village is situated in the South of Italy and our region’s name is Basilicata or sometimes called Lucania. It’s main source of economy comes from agriculture and the people are very hospitable and friendly. GORGOGLIONE

7 Education in Italy is state-controlled and all schools, both public and private, are subject to comply with the curricula and teaching methods laid down by the Ministry of Public Education (Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione). Education is compulsory and free of charge for all: KINDERGARDEN: Pupils between age of 3 and 6 PRIMARY SCHOOL: Pupils between age of 6 and11 SECONDARY SCHOOL Pupils between age of 11 and14 HIGH SCHOOL : Students between age of 14 and19 (known as licei with either classical, linguistic, artistic or scientific specialisation’s or move to study at an istituto which prepares students for elementary school teaching as well as technical, commercial and industrial careers). UNIVERSITY: On completion of their chosen course students undertake a state composed exam which gives them a diploma di maturità and hence the right to attend university.



10 It an environment association that it has launched at school a competition for the collection for three days with the families’ aid. This is a way to promote the collection.

11 There is clear air in Gorgoglione, in fact there isn’t smog!!!

12 There are a lot of spring waters, so people use this water to irrigate the fields because they are rich lands.

13 Gorgoglione hasn’t got a dump, but there is the wastes disposal to Pisticci, a place near Gorgoglione; so people make the waste separation.

14 In the territory of Gorgoglione there is wind energy with the presence of five blades, unfortunately this causes noise to the residents of the area. After a visit, pupils have drown a blade with Paint programme. Rotor ( Rotore ) Engine ( Navicella) Tower ( Torre ) Foundation ( Fondamenta ) 60 metres

15 In our school there is the “Robolab” project. The pupils have built a little model to see how wind energy operates. Look at the blade that spins fast even if the pupil is spinning slowly the handle.


17 Hope you enjoyed our presentation. We’re really happy to be partners with you in this project and we’re looking forward to learning about each other and becoming good friends.

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