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Personality Entrepreneur Sales Page Boot Camp Saturday December 3 rd Session By Amy Harrison Copyright 2011.

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1 Personality Entrepreneur Sales Page Boot Camp Saturday December 3 rd Session By Amy Harrison Copyright 2011

2 Welcome! Saturday 3rd Dec 9-12pm PST – The Personality Entrepreneur and The Sales Page – Before You Start – Getting The Tone Right – Headline Clinic Sunday 4 th Dec 9-12pm PST – Sales Page Structure – Sales page analysis Tuesday 24 th May 12-1pm PST – Benefits HotSeat! – Q and A session

3 A Little House Keeping Webinars are recorded Each day will have 3 sessions with a 10 min pit stop in between. Log off and on for each session for recording Q and A session at the end of each of the 3 sessions

4 The Personality Entrepreneur and the Sales Page More Personality Entrepreneurs Emerging Marketing is becoming more personal Competition is fierce (but you have an advantage) When you might use a sales page Changes in trust Opportunities for Personality Entrepreneurs

5 Why is Writing Sales copy Different For Personality Entrepreneurs? Product is YOU Often writing your own copy Have a current customer dialogue Don’t know how to turn into “sales mode”

6 Overcoming the fear of selling yourself Discomfort is from focusing on the sale instead of the “Happy Purchase Equation” Happy Purchase = money in exchange for something of equal or greater value. Remind yourself of your passion for helping people AND – How you help your customer – What problem you solve – What negative emotions you erase – What positive emotions you give them

7 What Copywriting Techniques Work Better? Conversational Spy-like sales copy Current dialogue with your customer

8 Examples of copy in different personalities

9 Bold And this is where I help. But I have to warn you, this isn’t soft, fluffy promises. This isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” tell-you-what-you-want-to- hear coaching. This is transformational, deeply caring and overall “Big- S**t” coaching. It’s why people like you hire me.

10 Confident (not arrogant) Looking back I'm amazed at how sharing my passion has completely changed my life: I've helped thousands of people around the world benefit from a raw food diet; travelled the world and been featured in national publications as a "raw food expert." I wowed 6 million viewers on national TV with my raw food pizza (and you'll love it too!) I've self-published the popular "Raw Food Made Simple" book which sells worldwide and I've just recently signed a book deal. Phew!

11 Firm But Fair The Home Truths You Need To Hear (That Most Entrepreneur Wannabes Ignore) If you know me, you’ll know that because I care (and probably as a mom of 4 and a former high-school teacher) I have a tough-love, straight talking style, so I’ve got to tell you this: Your personality or situation isn’t holding you back The tools are there The people are there There’s a need for what you do So what is stopping you? Well, like many online business owners, you’ve probably realized that things have changed wildly since the “Gold Rush” era of the internet. -

12 Before You Start The Meat (Or The juice) Of Your Offer Assuming you know your product well and that it answers a problem Also assuming you know your audience – use the sections in HTGYSPD if you need to work on this a little more

13 Breaking Down The Benefits 1.What do they want 2.What’s important to them 3.What’s their problem? 4.What’s your unique angle?

14 Step 1: What do they “really” want? Should WantJust Want To spend years writing and honing their craft A New York Times Best Seller The pleasure of mastering a new languageTo chat to attractive people on their holiday to Spain To get to grips with their finances on a daily basis To pay off the credit card and stop the collectors calling A website that reflects their business ethos and attracts people they can help More sales and enquiries Remember, you might love the “should want” more than the “just want”

15 Step 2: What “Themes” Are Important To Your Target Market? Working Mums – Security – Protecting / providing for the family – Work / life balance – Spending time with children Business owners – Pride – Ambition – Fear of competition – Getting work in Musicians – Creativity – Fun – Passion – Standing out – Getting attention

16 Writing About Their Problem What are the symptoms? Symptoms help them “diagnose” the cause of the problem (which is something they might not know. Problem = career stress Symptoms = Dreading Monday Morning, snapping at children, mistakes at work, no trim to relax, drinking more coffee, drinking more alcohol

17 Q and A Session then coffee break for 10-15mins!

18 Product and FeatureResultOther ResultBenefit Lip gloss Red gooey stuff in a tube with a stick Glossy LipsYou get noticed More confident Feels attractive Loves to match make up with clothes Drill Metal bit that gets turned very fast Hole in the wallCan make those funky shelves your spouse loves House looks nicer – feels more comfortable Spouse stops nagging – less stress The Difference With Features, Results And Benefits

19 Additional Benefits For Personality Entrepreneurs Access Accountability Assistance

20 How To Brainstorm Benefits 1.Look at your features 2.Look at the results (transformation. Problem solved) 3.Relate the results to what is important to your customer 4.Focus on how they are going to FEEL

21 What’s Your Number 1 Benefit? Example: 4 week marketing course for new business owners – 4 weeks to being booked solid – 30 days to making a profit – zero to clients in 1 month

22 From This Point, List The Secondary Selling Points Getting clients in 4 weeks – Building credibility through increased exposure – Learning frugal marketing tips – ideal for new business owners – Virtual course – can be done in own time – Access and accountability – won’t just sit in a drawer and not be used – Member’s area – getting support from other business owners

23 How To Find A Unique Angle For Your Product What is popular? What is topical? What hasn’t been done before? What’s the story? What’s new? Is there a twist?

24 Handling Objections Step: List Them Don’t know if it’s good value or not Not enough time Don’t like the format Don’t understand the technology Don’t think it’s economical Worried the guarantee isn’t real

25 Most Objections Are Just Unanswered Questions For You To Answer Am I getting good value? Can I fit it into my already busy schedule? Is there a way to do it in another format? Am I going to be able to figure out the technology? Is it going to end up costing me more money? Will I lose my money if it doesn’t work?

26 Q and A Session then coffee break for 10-15mins!

27 How Much Detail To You Need To Include In Your Sales Page What’s the point? Leads or Sales? How familiar is your audience? What do they need to know to act? List everything to start

28 Brief Rule On Length and Detail In Your Sales Page… Medium – LongLong ShortMedium Expensive Product Cheap Product Hot CrowdCold Crowd

29 How To Get The Tone Right One person In your own voice Casual phrases you can use Capturing the sound of your voice Dropping corporate speak Breaking some rules Softening it a little Being excited without being over the top Swearing?

30 Headline Clinic Avoid wordplay and puns The 4 Us – Urgency – Ultra-Specific – Useful – Unique Headlines needs to let people know they’re in the right place for the solution they’re seeking Strong headlines dig into the desires and fears of audiences Include the “new” angle / story that you’re telling Basic elements: identifies audience, highlights problem, implies solution

31 Pulling them into your headline Curiosity Highlighting their “knowledge gap” Including meaning Including fascination (or a twist)

32 Headline Examples This August, A New Wave Of Raw Food Teaching Superstars Will Emerge After Learning How To Turn Their Passion Into Profit From Products And Classes That Sell. Will You Be One Of Them?

33 How Other Work At Home Mom’s Are Saving $1000s Each Year In Taxes

34 Restaurant Owners, Get More People In The Door Without Spending A Penny On Advertising

35 Now There Is An Affordable Way To Write A Persuasive Sales Page Without Headaches, Heartaches Or Hype

36 Q and A Session Then Finish

37 What’s Next? Sunday Exercises To Be Uploaded tomorrow Recordings Available Soon See You Tomorrow!

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