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-A very brief introduction to Husayni Madrasah -Developments to date -Background to the Summer Projects -This year’s topic with help and references(see.

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1 -A very brief introduction to Husayni Madrasah -Developments to date -Background to the Summer Projects -This year’s topic with help and references(see handout)

2 The Beginnings Began in 1977 Completely voluntary In 1991, there were 200 students on the register – and 35 teachers Using Nower Hill High School premises Even begun a magazine called Al-Muntazir

3 Situation at the moment 30 years on Generations have changed: volunteers have changed; children have moved on – some to be teachers Student number is slowly increasing – about 45 regular students

4 What now? House system well established Teacher database established Notes database created Now using both halls (main and annexe) Playgroup class adapted to child environment Student guide / handbook Assemblies Summer Project

5 Past Projects Various topics based on Islam: Imamat Women personalities in Islam Islam and the West Stories of the Prophets in the Qur’an Comparative religions Muslim Countries Worldwide

6 Rules and regulations Projects must be in English if written (Arabic calligraphy is permitted) There is NO set word limit Any form is allowed: -Poster- Model-Game -Booklet- Drawing -Magazine Do NOT write your name on the project All projects should be submitted on 19th September

7 What’s on offer? All children who produce a project receive a prize The winner in each group gets a special prize Under 6 years old 6 to 10 years old Over 10 years old Overall winner gets a prize

8 Marking A marking criteria is set out Independent judges look at and mark the projects Content35% of the marks Depth of research and quality of work presented Presentation20% of the marks Degree of skill in portraying piece of work (e.g. language, use of grammar and syntax, artistic ability etc.) It is useful to word process the project, if you are presenting a booklet, magazine or poster. Effort25% of the marks Time taken and work done to produce the entry. The judges will try to exclude any direct element of parental involvement. Originality20% of the marks A reflection of the depth of thought in selecting a piece to portray the subject.

9 This year’s Project Title is: “Islamic Art ” -vast areas to talk about -lots of possible types of projects -simple projects possible for young

10 Some useful ideas Younger children: Calligraphy Models: Islamic buildings (e.g Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan) Booklet detailing various types of Islamic Art – lots of pictures

11 Some useful ideas Older children: How Islamic Art has developed since the 7 th Century (from Umayyad Abbasid art onwards) The three empires: Ottoman, Mughal and Safavid Spain and Al-Andalus Islamic Art by non-Muslims Contemporary Islamic Art Push the boundaries – talk about Islamic Music and how this has changed over the years


13 Sources of information Library Books (some are available in Mosques and at home too!) The Arab Contribution to Islamic Art: From the Seventh to the Fifteenth Centuries (but this is a lot of detail) by Wijdan Ali Encyclopaedia These often give a lot of detail and may be useful for older children Internet (but beware of unreliable information): (MSN Encarta)

14 What next? We encourage the parents to help their children – but not to do the project for them! Collect a handout Please make sure you’ve registered (so we know who hasn’t come today) Go and see the teachers of your children Remember to ask them anything you want! Don’t forget to visit the Comments and Suggestions table and ensure you have filled in a questionnaire before you leave

15 Useful dates for your diary 27 th July (today): Project preparation Parents’ day 4 th July (next week): Activity Day (meet here as normal) 11 th July: Sports Day (meet at Headstone Manor Park) Please take a handout for more information about this 19 th September: Beginning of Winter Term Submission of Summer Projects!


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