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Chapters 6, 7, 8 Main Events and Reading Between the Lines

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1 Chapters 6, 7, 8 Main Events and Reading Between the Lines
Lord of the Flies Chapters 6, 7, 8 Main Events and Reading Between the Lines

2 Chapter 6- Beast From Air
Main Events That night after the failed meeting the boys sleep restlessly and fearfully. Even Sameneric fall asleep while watching the fire. None of the boys see the air battle overhead, or the dead parachutist who falls to the island. Sameneric wake up to tend the fire and are terrified when they actually see the “beast” for the first time. The twins wake everyone and tell how they were attacked by the beast. Now truly terrified the boys organize a search of the island leaving Piggy and Littluns at the camp. During their search, the boys find Castle Rock. Ralph is the first to explore and feels confident on his own without the hunters. All the boys climb the hill and Jack and Ralph begin to bond again. The boys want to build a fort, but Ralph reminds them of priorities: the signal fire and finding the beast


4 ChAPTER 6: Beast from the Air
Reading Between the Lines As fear grows, Ralph’s hold on power lessens. The balance is tipping away from civilization into savagery. The presence of the beast is used to justify an increasing breakdown in their social order. The “beast” itself is slowly developing a religious significance. The parachutist reminds us that the world itself is facing a battle between civilization and savagery. War happens when our desire for violence and power are stronger than the desire for order and peace. Irony: Even the outside world that taught the boys their moral code is now falling prey to the potential beast within.

5 Chapter 7: Shadows and tall trees
Main Events As the boys travel to the mountain to see the beast Ralph has a moment of hopelessness looking out at the ocean. Simon makes him feel better by telling him he would get home. Spotting a pig they go on a hunt. It’s Ralph’s first hunt and he is exhilarated and caught up in the emotion. The boys take out their frustration in a mock-hunt on Robert, at first playing and then nearly killing him. Jack suggests they use a Littlun as a pig next time, and the boys laugh. Ralph reminds them it was only a game. Simon goes back to the beach to tell Piggy the boys will be away all night. Jack climbs the mountain in the dark and returns saying he saw the beast. Ralph and Roger then go up and see the beast for themselves. Terrified they race back to the beach.

6 Chapter 7: Shadows and tall trees
Reading Between the Lines The hunting game reminds us of our strong instincts for savagery. Ralph now understands the Hunters’ love for the hunt. What is Golding saying with this change of heart? No matter how strong the instinct toward civilization there is another, perhaps stronger, instinct for savagery. The reaction to Jack’s suggestion to use a Littlun in their hunting game is a disturbing sign. Would they actually do it? Jack is now ruling through violence and power while Ralph is confused about his participation in the hunt and the game. Ralph was forced to agree to look for the beast at night even though he knew it was unwise. He was manipulated by Jack and by fear. Had they gone in the day as Ralph wanted, what would have happened?

7 Chapter 8: gift for the darkness
Back at the beach all is chaos. Piggy is completely confused. Jack blows the conch and calls Ralph a coward. When the boys won’t make him the new leader he leaves. Ralph doesn’t know what to do. Simon wants to go back to look at the beast, but no one will go. Piggy suggests they make a new signal fire on the beach. Meanwhile Jack and his hunters kill a pig and leave the head on a stake as an offering for the beast. Jack and the hunters raid Ralph’s camp and steal some fire. Jack invites them all to his camp for meat. Many go. Before Jack’s raid, Simon had gone to his secret place where he found the pig head. Mesmerized by the sight, the head “speaks” to him as the “Lord of the Flies”. The head tells Simon that he lies within all humans and promises to have “fun” with Simon who collapses.


9 Chapter 8: gift for the darkness
Reading Between the Lines The presence of a “real” beast erases the remaining power that civilization had on the boys. Jack rises to power on a wave of fear and rules a cult-like dictatorship. The beast is now a central symbol in the new society, a religious figure used by Jack to maintain control. What are the reactions of Ralph and Piggy? Piggy (science, logic) is disgusted. Ralph (democracy, order) is depressed, struggling to reconcile what he saw with what he believes. What about Simon?

10 Simon The scene with Simon has been analyzed and discussed. It is very famous and critics argue over what he represents (Jesus-figure, Freudian type) Simon knows the “beast” is actually inside each of them and realizing how strong the savage instinct is, he faints. Simon is Golding’s odd duck; He hasn’t been taught to be good, he just is. He doesn’t become savage in nature like the other boys; Instead he finds peace and insight. Simon complicates Golding’s main theme: You can be taught to be good (and be artificial) or you can be a savage (and be true and natural). Simon is both good and natural. Maybe there’s hope?

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