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Renaissance Programme offer GOLD LEMON COMMUNICATIONS KFT. 1704 Budapest Pf. 126. Tel.: 06-1/290-0630 Fax.:06-1/297-4107 Mobile: 06-30/352-5330 E-mail:

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Presentation on theme: "Renaissance Programme offer GOLD LEMON COMMUNICATIONS KFT. 1704 Budapest Pf. 126. Tel.: 06-1/290-0630 Fax.:06-1/297-4107 Mobile: 06-30/352-5330 E-mail:"— Presentation transcript:

1 Renaissance Programme offer GOLD LEMON COMMUNICATIONS KFT. 1704 Budapest Pf. 126. Tel.: 06-1/290-0630 Fax.:06-1/297-4107 Mobile: 06-30/352-5330 E-mail: Website:

2 Please be informed that the prices which are in the presentation just kind of information, it hasn’t contain the VAT, the haulage and the office cost. For our concrete offer please contact with our office! For further information please see the first page, you can find our contact details!

3 Decoration Decoration suitable and period for the character of the event first of all from cloth and flower.

4 Castle-day Whole day entertainment with the Lord and Mistress of the Castle, jester, troubadours, showmen, period games, quiz and music programmes recalling the manorial life of old ages. Castle garden entertainments: catching pig, milking cow, carrying hay with fork, lash clapping, rolling wine barrel

5 Fashion show from the old ages Musical dress show to deploy our ancestors’ costumes with which you can fly back the world of the richly decorated costumes and wigs. The guests can wear the beautiful period costumes and if they wish the portrait painter records them.

6 Renaissance carnival Everybody can wear period dresses Costum borrowing: 1200 – 10 200 HUF

7 Evening of Renaissance musics With Renaissance bard and period instruments (harpsichord, lute, harp) Solo harp: 48 000 HUF/ hour Harp and piano, or harp duo: 101 000 HUF/ hour String-quartet: 96 000 HUF/ hour Renaissance concert: –Renaissance songs and compositions ringing in live performanced by singer in Hungarian, English, Deutch, Italian language. Professional musicians who have performed more counties. –Participants: 3 person –Depending on duration 75. 000 HUF - 110.000 HUF

8 Piano Night of Csilla Szentpéteri The artist is the exclusive performer of the popular melodies of classical music and the lighter tones. Exciting experience for the demanding music listeners. Lation trio (piano, guitar, percussion ): 340 000 HUF

9 Court theatre performance Knight comedy, pantomime, theatre associations’ court guestgames, medieval naughty tails

10 Farncois Villon Night The titled representative of the Renaissance literature’ poems with musical accompaniment are bold language, sometimes sweetly daft, sometimes naughty, but always serious mental message performanced by the famous Bordély Francois.

11 Magician Show The tricks happening in interactive way with the helps of the viewers in the show which contains humorous elements. It has possibility to order a traditional, interactive, spectacular theatre show, but the micromagic is also a popular programme. Interactive magician show: 96 000 HUF Micromagic: 72 000 HUF / 2 hours Musical magician show: 84 000 HUF/45 minutes

12 Renaissance dance Elegant, entertainment programme for ball public. The styles of the dances recell the Renaissance era. Renaissance dances (6 person, playback or live music): 156 000 – 625 000 HUF Mediaeval and Renaissance dances (according to the 13th and 14th centurycourt etiquette: branle, gavotte, gaillarde, pavane, allemande, anello, stb.), Number: 8-12 person, price: 25 – 30 000 HUF

13 Mediavel casino The guests can put themselves and their lucky to the test with mediaeval games, hoping valuable gifts. A taste of the games: Card roulette King Snack Dart-poker Crab Trou Madame2-4 hours: 212 000 HUF

14 Chocolate casino The guests can try their lucky next to a roulette table where the bet is chocolate goldmedallion. The krupie helps the transaction of the game.

15 Renaissance gastro-adventure Getting to know with the story, eras, foods and drinks of the Hungarian cuisine. Cooking show with period tools, stocks, after tasting from the delicious foods.

16 Catering Historical menus with old-style covers and decorations. Royal milf-loaf, bread scone, cheese tasting, distillery, wine house. A taste of the menu: Stuffy goose liver served cold Pheasant maet with quail egg Fresh salad Delicious cheeses of the goat, sheep and cow Plenteous dish of Renaissance ages Honi waters’ fish roasted on fire, served with dill

17 Serenade and skill excercise Horse show with skilled stunt men who already been in Hollywood, showing typical horse scenes, horse riding, promenade, falconry, wild bird show, hound show How the men conquer his heart of woman in the renaissance and the baroque age? Test your strength and abilities to win the heart of the choosing woman.

18 Weapons and fencer show Our fighters show the mediaeval specific elements of the fight manners, also the basic excercises and also the often life-saver tricky cuts. Battle scene: full number of clash, mixed with the formations of period policy (for example:shield wall and its break-throught, flock tactics) Minimum number: 16 person, price: 10 000 HUF / according to the number Archer formations different body position, archer contest Number: 6 -10 person, price: 10 000 HUF

19 Weapons and fencer show II. Mediaeval martial formations, policy formations (wedge pig, closed square, circle and so on) Minimum number: 14 person, price: 20 000 HUF Archer informations mixed with other weapons (waves, six-, eight armed archer, wall protection and so on) Minimum number: 12 person, price: 15 000 HUF Crossbowmen : fencing technic in 15th century gothic armor and jousts, using paveze and crossbow from Matthias-age Number: 6 person, price: 30 000 HUF Gladiator programme showing different weapon families Number: 15 - 20 person, price: 50 000 HUF

20 Entertainers Flag endorser: 180 000 HUF / 25 minutes procession Fair comedy: 160 000 HUF / 50 minutes „Migrant entertainers”: 130 000 HUF/ 40 minutes Giant circus: live music, stilt, giant puppet fair comedy): 130 000 HUF / 40 minutes Firetamer: 100 000 HUF/ 20 minutes

21 Historical treasure game collectoion The guests can try 6-game stage –20 000 HUF /3-4 Hours Comical games: Such comical collection from which every ages can search (barrel bung collecting, hole tray championship) –From 10 000 HUF

22 Children programmes Historic playhouse, handicraft occupations,ability games, skill playhouse, dance house,fencing school, archery education Whole day children programmes: bearings painting, archery, battle cross shoting, fancy work, armor- and weapon show, stiching pearls, dance teaching. Minimum number: 12 person price: 20 – 30 000 HUF

23 Nostalgia photography If you want to record the excellent occassion, this is the unique possibility The guests can act in period dresses on the label, antique pictures.

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