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2 Plug in your speaker and continue with mouseclick

3 Caller: Hi, I got a new programm which I would like to install on my Personal computer. The program is called „Love“. What shall I do first ? A talk with your hotline … Hotline: On your hard disk there should be a section with the name „Heart“. Can you find it ?

4 Hotline: Just open the taskmanager and look under processes. Caller: Oh, that is the trick! I always tried to install it under the section „Head“. I will try that now... … oh crap, „Heart“ is rather full!

5 Caller: There are: Old_hurts.exe,,, denial.exe, That kind of processes are running. Especially hatred.exe …„whoa“, This one almost blocks all of the whole memory! Hotline: No problem. The program „Love" will get rid of most of them. Some of these however will stay in the background. old_hurts.exe and greed.exe will have to be deleted by yourself!

6 Caller: It took me years and years to collect all those components ! Do I really have to delete them? Hotline: Yes, this is inevitable. Go to „Startmenu“ and look under „Accessories / Forgiveness.“ You have to run this as often as is necessary until and old_hurts.exe are gone.

7 Caller: Well, ok. If it has to be. The program „Love“ has been recommended to me so often, I absolutely want to have it! …“Oh dear“, >> Error 490 – Program is not running for internal components.<< What does this mean? Hotline: This is a well known problem. The software is currently configured for interaction with „external hearts“, but it hasn‘t been executed on your own system yet. This is one of those complicated things. In simple words: „The program needs first to run smoothly on your own system before it can interact with others!“

8 Caller: Ummh, what do you mean, What do I need to do? Hotline: Can you find the folder „Selfacceptance“?

9 Caller: Yes, I got it! Hotline: Wonderful, mark following files and copy them to the folder „My heart“: Self_forgiveness.doc, Self_appreciation.doc and benevolence.txt Also please remove „self_condemnation“ from all folders!

10 Caller: Wow, „Love“ is being installed now! Hotline: Very good! There should come a message that „Love“ is running always as long as your folder „My heart“ stays open. Do you see that message?

11 Caller: Yes I see it. Is the installation now complete? Hotline: Yes, but consider also that you have currently installed the Single Version only. You have to connect to other hearts, otherwise your program is of no use.

12 Caller: Super! The subroutine „My heart“ is just loading a wonderful melody. It is running now „smile.mpeg“. warmth.exe, peace.exe and contentment.doc are also loaded in the memory! Hotline: Very well, „Love“ is installed and is running from now on!

13 Caller: Now you will probably need my account number? Hotline laughing: No, „Love“ is Freeware! Share the program with everybody You meet. I bet you will soon find many people who want to be connected to you.

14 Caller: Okey-dokey! I will surely do this. Thank you so much for your help!

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