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Spatial Intelligence Aaron ’ s attempt to present this particular intelligence.

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1 Spatial Intelligence Aaron ’ s attempt to present this particular intelligence

2 Spatial Intelligence a “ quick ” overview that hasn ’ t been covered The spatial brain is the part of your over all intelligence which deals with the visual information which is almost always a major part of all data the brain processes. Ability to form a mental model of the spatial world.

3 Huh? It ’ s a mental process which is associated with the brain ’ s attempts to interpret certain types of incoming information. This information is basically anything visual: –Pictures –Maps –Plans –Etc.

4 Spatial ability is probably and silently the most vital aspect of the humans mental capabilities. Without the ability to comprehend and interpret visual information something as apparently straightforward as remembering how to get to the front door of our house (from the living room!) would be beyond us.

5 Gardner ’ s account of spatial intelligence touches upon the ability to convey a sense of the “ whole ” of a subject.

6 Spatial Brain Scientists hypothesized they would find the human spatial working memory circuits (just in front of an area specialized for controlling eye movements). They knew from brain imaging studies that this circuitry had evolved into a higher more rearward location in the human frontal cortex.

7 Spatial Brain Pt. II A region in the lower left frontal cortex (area 47) showed sustained activation during pauses in working memory tasks, thus clearly differentiating itself from the spatial working memory area. The discovery ends a search that had puzzled neuroscientists for most of the past decade.

8 Gender differences? In two studies, participants moved about in a 3D video world that consisted of hallways perpendicular to each other. In both studies, men and women were asked to make either 2, 4, or 6 turns and then point toward the direction from which they began. Without training, males outperformed females and once training was introduced, both males and females performances improved.

9 What ’ s that gotta do with anything? Researchers determined that the more exposure an individual has had to video-game playing, the better they performed.

10 Examples of Spatial Exercise Which one of the five objects match the test object exactly?


12 Select the correct representation of the test object folded


14 Ways to improve and stimulate spatial intelligence Movies Board games “ Art ” Mindmapping & Flowcharts Etc.

15 Why did I choose this intelligence to cover? It ’ s fun to me. This stuff occupies me. I can mess around with this all day. It ’ s so broad, anyone can find an aspect of it to grow fond of. It interests me.

16 Action plan – Applying creativity Objective: –Create a simple side scroller video game for Mac/PC (with the help of mathematical- logical in addition to visual-spatial intelligence) –(In a semester, with just me, alone...) –HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

17 Completed techniques to reach objective Write up plot & synopsisSept. 19 Sketch/draw character(s) & item(s) & environment(s)Oct. 3 Put main character in game & fix controls, etc.Oct. 10 Have scroll through level “ seamlessly ” Oct. 17 Create sounds & incorporate music(s) Oct. 24

18 Incomplete techniques to reach objective Fix props for (corny) video, catch up, make videosNov. 7 “ Complete ” game with enemies (or portion of the game)Nov. 21 Have it for testing & in marketable packagingNov. 28

19 Overview of methodology


21 Wanna see it? Click richear.richear

22 Improvements Some of the MANY –Finish it, of course (intro, music, videos, packaging) –Fix bugs –Any other suggestions?

23 Celebration of Learning To show that I know how to make an origami pig & teach others, I would like to: –Do a photo essay –Develop an interactive computer presentation –Record Interviews –Produce a videotape segment –Teach it to someone else

24 Brief description Create a step-by-step interactive presentation to show how to easily make an origami pig for others. The interactive will also display photos, video, & interviews not only of the actual making of the pig, but also of the learners and their thoughts of the instruction ’ s worth.

25 The Pig Project Click richear.richear

26 Improvements Finish (with music, sounds, and closing interviews) Suggestions?

27 El Fin Any further questions or reflection?

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