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MY DEAR FRIENDS!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 MY DEAR FRIENDS!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 When I had seen this picture, I desired to...

4 It is so romantic, isn’t it? What should I do!!!!???? So I gave an advertisement to newspaper!!!!!!!!! I’m looking for a man in age between 20 – 50 years old. Without bad habits, he could have children, with wild interests...

5 Of course I received a lot of answers!!!!!!! But now I’ve got huge problem, who is the best for me!!! HELP!!!!!

6 Man No. 1 1. Aristocrat (such a big nose!!!) 2. 55 years old (a bit to old??!!) 3. Five wifes – all died- without children. 4. Property – he is reach probably – his wifes were reach!!!

7 Man No. 2 1.60 years old – firmly to old!!! But very reach!!! He looks as a skinflint!!! 2.He must be sickly – look at colour of his face (he will die quickly!!!) 3.Single

8 Man No. 3 1. Single, 23 years old – without money, but he is strong and diligent!!! 2. Soft as a lamb – colleagues call him: „ fool from country”, and he is smiling (he could be henpecked husband) 3. He writes poems - white!!!

9 Man No. 4 1. Single, 20 years old – without money and without teeth, but he likes to fight for women favours!!! 2. He sings well!!!

10 Man No. 5 1. Divorced – he was hit by his wife. 2. He is a hackney carriage driver at Old Town!!! 3. He likes horses and sodomy (what does it mean?)

11 Man No. 6 1. Pilot (WOW!!!) – he hasn’t time to spend money!!! 2. He spends in plane 20 hours per day (a lot of time for myself) in strong G-force. 3. Everyone tells that he has the most intelligent appearance in his family!!!

12 Man No. 7 1. Widower – 52 years old. Old, but he has very interesting job – he is a coroner. 2. He likes necrophilia – and once again word, which I don’t understand!!! 3. He likes Wagner and occultistic book.

13 Unfortunately some of them send only a photo.

14 I choose a wedding dress, but I’ve got problem, who should I choose!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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