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The MAGIC of MERLIN (The Making of a Knight)

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1 The MAGIC of MERLIN (The Making of a Knight)
A Web quest Designed by Debbie Fletcher & Patty Smith

2 Hear Ye!!  Hear Ye!! You are a young peasant child, living in the Middle Ages. You live in the land of Camelot, ruled by King Arthur who is served by the Knights of the Round Table. Along with the help of Merlin the Magician, you are training to become one of the king's knights. King Arthur insists his knights be guided by a code of behavior called chivalry. The code includes being brave, strong, loyal, noble, humble, courteous, and devoted to the church. Do you have what it takes to become a true knight?

3 Your Task You will be working with a fellow knight-in-training to learn more about medieval life.  As part of your preparation for knighthood, you will complete a project that helps future knights-in-training.  You will also demonstrate your knowledge of medieval life by designing and building a castle with a group of knights.  This is your opportunity to persuade King Arthur (your teacher) that you have successfully completed all duties and are worthy of knighthood.

4 The Process In order to complete the stages of knighthood more quickly, the tasks for each step have been divided between you and your partner-in-training.  Look for information using a variety of resources, including (but not limited to) websites, books, and people.  As you gather information, record your findings in your "Knighthood Training Manual".  You must share the information you have learned with your partner to ensure the successful completion of knighthood for both of you.

5 To keep track of how you are doing with your training, refer to this scoring guide.
Scoring guide Knight-in-Training - Tasks, Points to Ponder Training Manual Areas of Evaluation: answer all parts , respond correctly , share information , write and illustrate legibly Visiting the Castle Did I: tell when, where, and why castles were first built? explain and illustrate at least three parts of the castle used for protection? make an illustration of the castle and label at least five of its parts? explain the function of each castle part? Training as a Page Did I: explain the Fuedal System and tell how it works? name at least five people who work in the castle, what their jobs are, and the importance of their roles? Training as a Squire Did I: illustrate and label at least five items that a knight wears? explain the importance of each item? name at least three weapons used by a knight and tell how he trains with each one? Individual Project Areas of Evaluation Correctness of Information , thoroughness of presentation , clarity of presentation , neatness of finished product Becoming a Knight Did I: choose an appropriate task? follow directions? include enough information from my research? record/present accurate information? make my written or verbal explanations clear? use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation? make my work neat? Cooperative Project Areas of Evaluation Finished group castle , individual work within the group Creating a Castle Did I: use my time and materials wisely? follow directions? encourage others? fulfill my role as a group member? TOTAL 100 pts

6 Visiting the Castle Everyone in the land has been invited to the castle for a grand feast, celebrating the heroism of Sir Galahad, one of the most famous of King Arthur's knights.  He is believed to have found the Holy Grail.  Follow Merlin as he takes you on a tour of the castle.

7 Task for Knight-in-Training #1 Find out when and where the first castles were built and the purpose of these castles.  Record your findings in your training manual.  Explain and illustrate the parts of the castle which help make it a fortress for protection. Task for Knight-in-Training #2 Find out parts of the castle and what they were used for.  Make an illustration and label the parts, explaining the function of each one.

8 Castles All About Castles Castle Defenses Drawbridges Dungeons
Gatehouses Halls Keeps Kitchens Medieval Castles Portcullis Privy Walls Wells Once you share your information with your partner, you will begin your training for knighthood as a page.

9 Training as a Page Up until this time, you have been living with your family, learning to ride a pony and care for horses.  As a page, beginning at the age of seven, you are part of a nobleman's household where you learn to hunt, play chess, and practice chivalry.  You will serve meals to those living in the castle.  Who are these people you serve and who are the people you work with each day? 

10 Task for Knight-in-Training #1 Explain what the "Feudal System" is and how it works.
Task for Knight-in-Training #2 Tell who else works in the castle and what kinds of jobs they do.  Explain the importance of their roles in the running of the castle. Feudalism Jobs & Trades Life in a castle People of the castle Congratulations on completion of your training as a page!! After you and your partner have both shared and recorded your information, you are ready to begin your training as a squire.

11 Training as a Squire At the age of 14, you will be given a sword to use in training for battle and the joust. Along with this training, you will perform important tasks, such as pouring the wine and carving the meat.  You will also act as a personal servant to a knight, cleaning and assisting the knight with his armor. 

12 Defend Yourself, Good Knight #1 Defend Yourself, Good Knight #2
Task for Knight-in-Training #1 Find out what you will wear as a knight.  You should illustrate and label what you will wear.  Explain why it is important. Create and decorate your own family crest helmet. Task for Knight-in-Training #2 Find out the weapons you will use.  How do you train with them? Create and decorate your own family crest life-sized shield. Medieval Knights Medieval Weapons Defend Yourself, Good Knight #1 Defend Yourself, Good Knight #2 Congratulations!  Having completed your training as a squire by sharing the information you learned with your partner!!! You only have a few more training tasks to complete.

13 Becoming a Knight You are now ready for the ultimate challenge of proving your worthiness in becoming a knight. It is time to share with future knights one of the areas of training that you have just gone through - the castle, the people in and around the castle (including the feudal system,) or the world of the knight (including armor, weapons, or activities.)  You may present this information in one of the following ways:  poster with flow chart or diagrams, a book, a slide-show/PowerPoint, or a mural.

14 Conclusion When you feel you have successfully completed your manual, turn it in to King Arthur. The king will determine at this point if you will be granted the privilege of beginning work on your castle. Once this is completed, you will be given your order of knighthood at King Arthur's grand feast in honor of new knights. Congratulations and let the feast begin!

15 Adapted from: Fletcher, D., and Smith, P. The Magic of Merlin. Retrieved October 11, 2007, from The Making of a Knight Web site: Clip art from free clip art sites on the internet

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