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ENCOURAGING KIDS TO READ Creative ways to encourage students to read.

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1 ENCOURAGING KIDS TO READ Creative ways to encourage students to read

2 Free PowerPoint Templates Positive Reinforcement  Positive reinforcement from parents and teachers helps  Children need to know that adults in their lives care about reading

3 Free PowerPoint Templates Book Allowance  Provide an allowance for books  Encourages reading

4 Free PowerPoint Templates Magazines  Buy from a good magazine rack  Easily accessible  Affordable  Exercise some judgement on reading material

5 Free PowerPoint Templates Subscriptions  Subscriptions to a magazine are a good idea  Promotes the excitement of “ownership”

6 Free PowerPoint Templates Model Reading  Provide a good example  Children who see their parents reading, often become readers  Acceptance that reading is an everyday activity

7 Free PowerPoint Templates Read Aloud  Reading to children is one of the best ways to encourage an interest in reading  Delegate older kids to read to younger siblings  If nothing else, simply read newspaper articles aloud

8 Free PowerPoint Templates Special Book Place  Establish a special place in the child's room for his or her books  A feeling of ownership is important

9 Free PowerPoint Templates Library  Make regular family visits to the library  even if your child doesn't seem interested in taking out books

10 Free PowerPoint Templates Meet The Librarian  Introduce your child to the librarian  Most librarians will be only too happy to help your child find interesting material to read

11 Free PowerPoint Templates Recommend Books  Provide your expertise  Tell the child how difficult or easy the books are to read  let the child decide if he or she wants to read them

12 Free PowerPoint Templates Book Abandonment  Accept that a child may abandon a book halfway through. Hasn’t that happened to you?  Some books are not worth struggling with (for you)  Some advice suggests you abandon a book after 60 pages if it doesn’t grab you

13 Free PowerPoint Templates Advertise Your Purchases  Buy books for yourself and let your children know you do it

14 Free PowerPoint Templates Reading To You  If your child decides to read something to you, be patient and let him or her read to you.

15 Free PowerPoint Templates Amazon  Amazon is a great repository of books  Use customer reviews and ratings to find books your child likes  Affordable

16 Free PowerPoint Templates The Internet  The internet can be a great resource  Help your child find the information you need  Implement parental controls for their protection  Be discerning when filtering out inappropriate material

17 Free PowerPoint Templates Hobbies And Interests  Encourage kids to have hobbies and interests  Help to develop such interests by finding relevant reading material

18 Free PowerPoint Templates Praise  Praise the child for his or her reading, when appropriate:  Long books tackled  Hard books conquered

19 Free PowerPoint Templates Topics Of Interest  When a topic of interest develops for your family (like a vacation), bring home books on the topic  Share with the family

20 Free PowerPoint Templates Discussion  Discuss with your child any book he or she is reading for a class at school.  Read the book yourself.

21 Free PowerPoint Templates Opportunities  Spot opportunities for reading:  Ingredients on food  Instructions for assembling something  Cooking recipes  Rules for a new game

22 Free PowerPoint Templates Display Good Books  Display good books somewhere in your home  Let children know that books have an important place in the home  have a generous selection of a wide variety of books

23 Free PowerPoint Templates Ownership  Have your child put his name in his books  Ownership is important

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