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US Constitution 2/10-2/14. 2/10 II. Continued 3. A majority need to be there to vote on a bill/do business Quorum: # that’s required to be present 4.

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1 US Constitution 2/10-2/14

2 2/10 II. Continued 3. A majority need to be there to vote on a bill/do business Quorum: # that’s required to be present 4. Members may be expelled- not permanent though 2/3rds vote needed 5. Journal: meeting minutes (what’s said/discussed) Called the Congressional Record Released to the public If congress wants something to be in the journal, it has to be a 1/5 vote

3 #6-7 Payment and Privileges 6. Adjourn- to leave Can only adjourn for 3 days without permission Has to meet in congress and cannot meet any other place Salary: $174,000 Social Security- Congress members don’t get They get their full salary for the rest of their life- A LOT OF MONEY Great insurance Franking – Free postage

4 Section 6 Privileges 8. Free from arrest Going to/leaving from/at congress Only for minor crimes You CAN AT ANY TIME BE ARRESTED FOR.. Treason (going against your country) Felony (Murder, robbery, drugs, major crimes) Breach of peace (breaking the peace- ex. Senator is giving a speech to get people excited to riot) Cannot be sued for anything said in congress Does not protect them outside the capital building though

5 Section 6 Restrictions 9. Can only hold one GOVERNMENT job Can’t be a senator and representative both Can have business jobs/non-govt. jobs on the side though 10. Any time you will raise taxes (revenue bill) will first start in the house

6 #11 How a bill becomes a law Congressmen writes bill Places it in hopper and it is numbered Bill goes to a House committee which pigeonholds (putting away/hiding/loosing it), rejects, or accepts the bill Bill now goes to Senate committee- same as above Senate votes- majority needed Bill goes to President’s desk for signature. He may veto it

7 Bill becomes a law If president veto's bill, 2/3 vote in each house is needed to make it a law Pocket Veto- Becomes a law without a president’s signature 10 Days the president has to sign it If congress (any house) adjourns= wins and the bill is dead (Kill the Bill) Stay in session= congress looses Can’t talk for more than 2 hours- HOUSE SENATE- Filibuster- holding a bill hostage Closure- 1 pm and 60 votes Nuclear Option – only for votes on people the president has appointed- has to be approved by senate Not 60 votes- it’s a majority vote for this option

8 Filibuster Review 1888-1968 (After Civil War to Civil Rights Movement) Southern States- 4,600 lynching's No way to stop it because KKK had members who were police officers/gov./etc. House passed 200 bills to ban lynching’s BUT Southern Senators filibustered Therefore law never passed The evil of filibustering 2005 the senate apologized finally Some voted not to apologize!

9 15. Lobbyist When you come into capital, there’s a huge “lobby” between the two houses. They hang out in that area. They are there at the capital to influence members of congress on how to vote Example: NRA- National Riffle Associate- donates money to reelection because they want their rights for guns Sometimes will bribe (give money) to congress members unfortunately.

10 Examples of Powers of Congress to go with handout 1. Gov’t can tax! FYI each kid is worth 2,000 off taxes 2. Savings Bonds- sold during WWII, debt ceiling- we borrow money from China currently 3. Commerce is trade. Congress can pass laws to say we cannot purchase any exotic bird, we won’t trade with Iran until they get rid of their nuclear programs, etc. Can also regulate trade between states: ex. Television rules, light bulbs 4. Immigration- rules for how to become a citizen. Bankruptcy – If you file for it (you can’t pay bills), there are laws to protect you: ex. Give you time to pay back bills

11 Handout continued 5. Money making- ex. Congress said states could produce a quarter, changing what the 100 bill looks like. Measurements- we use the English system (inches, miles, pounds) 6. Counterfeiting- congress will punish those who make fake money 7. Post Office- ex. if there’s no delivery on Saturday, decision would be made by congress 8. Patent- for inventions so no one else claims it and makes money off it Copyrights- for plagiarism 9. Congress creates (lower) federal courts

12 Handout notes continued 10. Example: handle crimes on American ships 11. War: Congress hasn’t declared war since WWII 12. Congress has to create an army and passes bills to fund the army 13. Same thing for the navy 14. Gov’t/Congress controls navy and army 15. Militia is called the National Guard- every state has one

13 Handout continued 16. They arm and discipline Militia 17. Created the District of Colombia- make sure its safe and secure. D.C. is not a state so they have full power over it. 18. Page 76- Elastic Clause- modernizing powers, things that didn’t exist when constitution was created- example TV, air force, light bulbs

14 Powers Denied Writ of Habeas Corpus Piece of paper/document that tells you what you did wrong- tells you why you are being arrested. Given within 24 hrs. from a judge Only time it can be denied is during war/and invasion (ex. Civil War) Example: 1942- Order 9066 Roosevelt ordered it. All Japanese Americans will all be arrested and not get a writ of habeas corpus. They will be put in prison camps. 80’s congress voted to give each survivor (60,000) 20,000 dollars

15 Powers Denied Continued Miranda Rule When the officer puts handcuffs on you- its what he tells you- your rights when you are arrested Page 77- 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8: Write down a sentence description of each one. What power is denied? 18. Congress will never pass a bill of attainder Throw people in jail without a trial Ex post fact law Can’t punish for something that isn’t a law. Law has to be in effect.

16 Powers Denied Continued 19. Can’t put a tax on state to state Can’t be favoritism/preference on one ship for example and not another 20. Appropriation is Congress voting/passing the law to take money out/allow money to be spent Earmarks- method by which members of congress add pet projects to a federal bill. Sometimes called pork spending (fattening a bill ) Example: 350,000 dollars giving to Chicago so we have 950 hanging baskets

17 Powers Denied 21. Cannot accept a title of nobility in the US. No gifts can be given from any foreign states- fear of bribery Can accept gifts on behalf of the entire US The gift must be approved and appraised (how much is it worth) first at National Archives. If it’s over $180 you can’t keep it. You can borrow it, but not your permanent property. Example: Nixon’s wife gets a ton of rubies and necklaces. She was allowed to borrow them while first wife.

18 III. Sect. 10 Powers Denied to States 1. Cannot make their own money 2. Can’t make their own deals with a country. Has to get permission from Congress to import and export 3. A state cannot go to war. Only Congress declares war. A state can go to war only if they are being attacked.

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