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ABC of the BOA This slide for the logo. This one to make the event fun.

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2 ABC of the BOA This slide for the logo.

3 This one to make the event fun.

4 3 OUR PHILOSOPHY  Consumer centrism  Authenticity  Efficiency & consistency  Durable & holistic approachCONSUMERS 1. UNDER- STANDING 2. STRATEGY 3. ACTIVATION 4. EFFICIENCY And this one to present myself.

5 ABC of the BOA A black box.

6 ABC of the BOA Ready to burst. 

7 ABC of the BOA Or is it a present?

8 How to seduce internauts (human beings, actually) and optimize ad impact?

9 By confronting right messages with right targets, avoiding ad cluterring

10 Remember the bad old times (of ad 1.0)…

11 Would be sooo sad to repeat history.

12 Attitude towards advertising(1)

13 The effect of using “customer insights” Source: Research Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Netherlands “Behavioral targeting”, 2010 Customer insights More transactions Brand loyalty Relevant offer Damage to brand image Intrusive offer BrandVisitor

14 Behavioural Online Ad Opportunities –Efficiency & Effectiveness –Mid term planning Issues : –Local –Technical –Legal

15 What? The collection of data from a computer regarding Web viewing behaviours over time for the purpose of using such data to predict consumer preferences or interests to deliver online advertising to that particular computer or based such Web viewing patterns

16 Re-targeting on a global level = less waste of € Copyright 2010 Aegis Media Belgium | isobar All rights reserved … and surfs on specific (previously taggued) pages Step 1 Step 2 This tag will drop a cookie to the surfer Smartdata Adserver Later surfers visit a website ? Adserver needs to deliver an ad now Solution 1 : surfer has a cookie  Deliver the Ad 1 Solution 2 : surfer hasn’t a cookie  Deliver the Ad 2 The surfer visits your website Adserver checks if the surfer’s computer has already a cookie or not DATA

17 16 Proprietary & Confidential Standard Retargeting IgnitionOne Smart Retargeting Understanding True Interest Car modelIbiza SCIbizaIbiza ST Visit?Yes Possible Interest?123 Car modelIbiza SCIbizaIbiza ST Visit? Yes Avg. Time10 secs30 secs4 mins 5 secs Recencylast monthlast weekyesterday Frequencyrarely often Brochure Request never recent True Interest3 ?? Seat Ibiza SCSeat IbizaSeat Ibiza ST

18 17 Proprietary & Confidential Example Ignition One Smart Retargeting: If a visitor of Seat NL has a high buying propensity....and is found within the IgnitionOne Network that has over more than 85% reach in Europe IgnitionOne will serve a banner that matches exact with the visitors primary interest IgnitionOne campaign increased the CTR of the banners from 0,28% to 0,97% SMART RETARGETING

19 Find users and specific audiences Find researchers and intent buyers Target in-market buyers and conquest the competition Convert known consumers and move highly attractive new customers in order to feed the top of the sales funnel! Find users who have been to a homepage or product page or have abandoned action pages & drive them to conversion Profile Targeting Behavioral Targeting (Broad reach) Behavioral Targeting (Narrow reach) Re-Messaging Display Performance Awareness Consideration ConversionsAwareness Consideration Conversions Custom Database Targeting & Custom Modeling Add a Display Performance campaign to convert upper funnel advertisers with a strong call to action Performance 18 Where does Behavioural Targeting fit?

20 Web Pages-Type Visit Average Week Contextual targeting is a necessity

21 Where are the opportunities? The fact is that online, interest-based advertising is the only form of advertising that puts the control 100% in the hands of the consumer (..) the targeting in question fundamentally depends on a cookie placed on the consumer's computer -- and therefore fully under his or her control at all times. Jay Habeggeris the CEO of OwnerIQ

22 Where are the opportunities? Efficiency & effectiveness of course –Higher productivity + lower cost –More impact on sales or participation Mid term planning –Data holding –Less pushy 1-shot actions Client data collection –e-CRM possibilities –Update & relevant data (Behavioural)

23 Where are the issues? TECHNICAL Networks/ Ad Serving (consistency & fluency) Family usage Cookies deleting Source data changes

24 Where Access The Internet- Regularly(2)

25 Where are the issues? LOCAL As usual

26 Where are the issues? LOCAL Change resistance Lack of offers structure & consistency Low degree of know-how (agencies & advertisers)

27 Where are the issues? LEGAL There is an increasing drumbeat from government agencies and politicians about the need to regulate online cookie- targeted advertising. The implication is that the market has failed, so the government needs to protect the consumer. Jay Habeggeris the CEO of OwnerIQ

28 Where are the issues? LEGAL Sheppard Mullin Efficiency vs Privacy: is Online Behavioural Ad capable of self-regulation? The Dilemma : in what began as an innovative way to improve advertising efficiency, online behavioral advertising has spawned “Big Brother”-type fear among watch-dog groups worried about consumer privacy how to balance the privacy concerns surrounding the collection of personal information with the need to subsidize the availability of online content through effective and cost-efficient advertising

29 Self regulation better than regulation

30 BAO is about ad message engagement Customization of ad contact lowers the cluttering Media Sales Houses to adapt their offers Deliver info to business and consumers Activate transparency via an opt-in mode

31 Thank you. Honesty pays

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