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Philanthropy a.k.a. fundraising, development, advancement Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.

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1 Philanthropy a.k.a. fundraising, development, advancement Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving

2 You knew what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better. Maya Angelou

3 Experts in the room?  Raise your hand if you have participated in a fundraising ask.  Raise your hand if you are or have been a fundraising professional (marketing, admissions?)  Raise your hand if you have personally asked for a gift in either a volunteer or professional capacity.  Raise your hand if you have a fundraising horror story.

4 At the risk of offending...

5 There is a very easy technical formula: The Right Person asks the Right Prospect for the Right Amount in the Right Way at the Right Time for the Right Cause with the Right Follow-up

6 Why is fundraising perceived as challenging? An art and a science It requires relationship building skills and technical expertise It is about the power of storytelling and number crunching smarts It is about the pitch and the research

7 There are resources galore on the technical elements… Legal realities IRS regulations Planning essentials Research Social Media Fundraising Vocabulary Staffing

8 However, the technical landscape changes radically and quickly…

9 And it is complicated…. IFA: Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (managing underwater funds) SARBANES-OXLEY trickledown impact on donor relations and stewardship Tax Code changes IRS: the 990 New Planned Giving Strategies /Opportunities Blended professional roles in advancement/marketing The changing fundraising pyramid: 90/10 as the new 80/20

10 And, yes, emerging trends require close monitoring…  Intergenerational transfer of wealth  Technology: Social media, segmented asks  International philanthropy  Women’s philanthropy  Entrepreneurial donors are your new nightmare  Increased demand for talented professionals  Increase in restricted gifts  Annual fund needs a modernized argument

11 However, there is very good news: The critical constants are skills you can master and retain forever.

12 People will always give to people  Relationship building  Communication skills  Communication strategy  The dance of the ask  The art of recognition  Creative stewardship

13 What else won’t change?

14 The Head of School is the Chief Advancement Officer 1/4? 1/3?

15 Ten Maxims that Still Matter Philanthropy at Independent Schools, NAIS  Leadership gifts are essential to the success of every fundraising campaign  People give to people  The best prospects are almost always previous donors  Major donors usually make their largest gifts to organizations they serve as trustees  Donors respond to exciting plans and ideas more generously than to timetables or deadlines  Fund raising formulas and strategies must be appropriate for your school culture  Set your sights high when you solicit a major gift  Always bring a personalized written version of the specific gift request  Every major gift solicitation is, by definition, a success  You can never say “thank you” too often

16 You Will Always Have to Know the Basic Vocab (no excuse).. Annual Fund – An annual campaign for annual gifts (generally expended in the year received) that strives to raise unrestricted gifts. Unrestricted money is utilized to benefit student financial aid, technological improvements, excellent faculty and many other college needs. — Goals stem from the strategic plan, but the ultimate goal is to further the culture of philanthropy even as individual sights are raised. Serves as foundation and platform for all major giving efforts. Comprehensive Capital Campaign - An organized, intensive fundraising effort on the part of an institution or organization to secure extraordinary gifts and pledges, for capital and annual fund, for a specific purpose during a specified period of time.

17 with credit to  Annuity  Beneficiary  Bequest  Charitable Gift Annuity  Deferred Gift  Designated Gift  Endowment  Endowment Distribution Policy  Gift in Kind  Matching gift  Pledge  Unrestricted gift  Planned Gift

18 The right director of advancement will always be critical, not just nice  Creativity  Flexibility  Superb communicator  Eager to learn  Able to lead, but a team player, too  Deep commitment to the school  A passion for the details  Roll their sleeves up type  Works hard…and long…

19 Partnering with a consultant really does make sense.  Match is everything; consider the contact person and the project  Find someone who understands and knows how to assess the value of hard data.  Select someone who has walked the walk; you need a professional fundraiser  Use a professional to assess your fundraising operation and climate  The best consultants have the best to offer in the planning phases of a campaign—don’t wait too late.  The best/most effective consultants will put every effort into helping you discern what you really need

20 Know your role in the partnership Head of School Set clear development priorities— share vision Establish reasonable, stretch goals Supply sufficient resources for a successful fundraising team Provide ample one on one time to partner with the director Invite the director to board meetings Ensure the director is in the inner circle Permit director to make presentations to faculty Let director manage her own time Director of Advancement Prepare head fully, orally and in writing, for donor meetings and key fundraising events Provide timely drafts of gift acknowledgments and stewardship letters for head’s signature Share all constituency rumors or concerns Manage budget and staff competently Use head’s fundraising time wisely Operate with the highest of personal and professional standards


22 The starting point will always be the same. Know everything possible about the institution, its goals, its vision, its programs. Make certain you are completely committed to the worthiness of the ask, project, etc. Learn everything you can about the prospects before you call on them. (Research, research, research)

23 IdentifyCultivateAskRecognizeSteward Fundraising will always be a process not an event.

24 We have to talk about the ask. Really, we do.

25 The ask is an art… Empathy: You need to truly listen Energy: The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire (sparks!) Enthusiasm: unbridled, contagious Integrity: never tamper with the truth

26 Questions you should have answers to before an ask…don’t skip this step  How did you happen to go to Miss Nancy’s Fancy School? How was the experience for you?  How are Jim Bob junior and little Mary Pat doing at Ojai Country Day?  How do you feel about the strategic plan we mailed to the school community last month?  What has you excited/concerned about Happy Valley Community School?

27 Before the ask…  Rehearse with a partner—say the amount out loud  Write out all the reasons you may get a no  Practice responses to the resistance  If possible, go in pairs  Signal when the ask may occur  Focus on open ended questions

28 No one ever “listened” themselves out of a gift. (Jerold Panas) A general rule: Talk about 25% of the time during a fundraising presentation

29 Dreams typically open wallets… before needs do.  No one wants to save the sinking Titanic; they want to know you have a bona fide plan to sail through choppy waters.  Donors like bold, heroic, visionary programs that make a difference.  No one wants to hear that they owe you for an experience they had years previously.  The reality that tuition doesn’t cover the full cost is a tired, unexciting, overused tale.  Tell a compelling story about your reality that fits this mold.

30 The setting matters—remember, this is art  Where is the ask going to occur? Why?  Who is along on the ask? Why?  Who makes the ask? Why?  You need a plan, a script and a timeline.

31 And then be prepared to fly by the seat of your pants.

32 11 minutes to present your case Research indicates that this is the about the length of time you have before you will be tuned out:  Be straightforward  Be compelling  Be inspiring  Create a sense of urgency  In 11 minutes. Or 11 minute segments.

33 The number one reason why most people say they did not give a gift…. They were not asked.

34 I would like you to consider a gift of….

35 What do you do after you make the ask? Nothing. Nada. Be comfortable with the silence. Don’t fill it, no matter how tempting. Be Quiet. Just sit there. Don’t talk. Wait.

36 The Four Magic Questions Is it the institution? Is it the project? Is it the amount I asked for? Is it the timing?

37 Get them to say yes…to something.  Another visit  A gift to the annual fund  A visit to campus  Contacting a classmate, prospective parent  Volunteer for an upcoming assignment  An article in an upcoming newsletter

38 The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated William James You can probably never be grateful enough often enough...


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