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May 14, 2013.  IDEA Funds  Summer Reports  ESY  COSF  Discipline  Indicator 11  Table 4  2013 – 2014  Reminders  Training  Next Meeting.

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Presentation on theme: "May 14, 2013.  IDEA Funds  Summer Reports  ESY  COSF  Discipline  Indicator 11  Table 4  2013 – 2014  Reminders  Training  Next Meeting."— Presentation transcript:

1 May 14, 2013

2  IDEA Funds  Summer Reports  ESY  COSF  Discipline  Indicator 11  Table 4  2013 – 2014  Reminders  Training  Next Meeting

3  To date, we have not heard from the SCDE about our “April Amendments.”  Any 203 funds remaining on July 1, 2013 will be returned to the District and distributed to everyone next year.

4  The Reports:  Extended School Year (COSF)  Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF)  Table 5 (Discipline)  Indicator 11 (60-day timeline)  Table 4 (exiting)

5  Remember: ESY services are different from summer school, summer remedial classes, and summer enrichment programs. ESY services are individualized, special education services that allows for the child to receive a FAPE. The services provided during ESY are such to allow the child to make progress towards his annual goals.  A file entitled Standards for Extended School Year has been added to SharePoint (IDEA Resources).  It’s a good read and helps IEP teams make that tough decision.

6  ESY Report:  Fillable PDF that includes the following questions:  Student’s Name  ESY Services  Person Responsible for Service Delivery  We’ll send this out to everyone on Monday (5/20/2013).  This is due to the district no later that noon on June 4.

7  The federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) requires local school districts to report outcomes data for every child ages three through five who receives special education services. Early childhood outcomes data is collected when a child begins to receive special education services and again when the child exits from preschool special education services.  On Monday we’ll send out the COSF report to the schools who served any 5 year olds this year.  We’ll also follow-up with specific information that you will need in order to complete the COSF report.  Report Deadline: June 13, 2013 (noon)

8  Table 5 report – ALL NEW!!!  Table 5 is now pulled from PowerSchool which means, you’re going to need to work with your school’s PowerSchool person.  By Monday, Zenobia will send to each school (PowerSchool and Special Education people), a report that includes:  Incident type  Instructional Setting  Participant  Action Code

9  Special Education Coordinators will have to verify that the incident is entered correctly into PowerSchool and that (Field names are bolded):  ActionCode (this will not display on the IM Query Report if the Action is not associated with the Offender) = Action codes that may result in a removal  FedEthnicity = Hispanic/Latino “Yes = 1” or “No = 0”  Race = American Indian or Alaska Native (I), Asian (A), Black or African American(B), White (W), Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (P)  Gender = Female(F) or Male (M)  SC_Engl_Prof = English Proficiency Status ( “9” is English Proficient any other number or letter means the student is not English Proficient)  Code1 and/or Code2 and/or Code3 and/or Code4 = EFA Learning Disability  BehaviorCodeDescription = The Offense/Incident  DurationDayValue = Duration Time Calculated  This is something that you’ll need to work with your PowerSchool person on.  Any communication about Table 5 will be sent to both Special Education Coordinators and PowerSchool Administrators.

10  Due Dates:  Initial school-level pulls to school by Monday, May 20 th.  Corrections due (within PowerSchool) by noon, June 13.  Assurances signed by the school principal and special education coordinator are due by noon, June 20.

11  This report is extracted from Excent.  It should capture EVERY child who was initially evaluated under IDEA (kids for whom we received a consent for evaluation).  This ONLY INCLUDES initial eligibility NOT reevaluations (kids who already had an IEP).  In reviewing the Indicator 11 report in Excent this morning, it’s clear that we have some work to do in preparing this report.  Over the next week, Beckie will follow-up with you about which kids should be on your Indicator 11 report.  Your goal is to be able to run an Indicator 11 report that includes all the required names by May 31 st.

12  Run an Indicator 11 report from Excent (admin reports à s/f 616 SPP Indicator 11). Use the following dates:  From: 5/1/2012  To: 10/1/2013  Compare your list... are there kids missing from your Excent report that are on your “master list?” If so, either one of two things:  The school hasn’t added the actions to their placement history in Excent, or  The school hasn’t added the actions properly.  If this is the case, please see the added resource on SharePoint called Indicator 11 and Placement History.  Use the resource mentioned above to get to a point that when you pull your Indicator 11 report, EVERY CHILD who is on your master list is on the report.

13  We’ll use our next meeting (June 4 th ) to demonstrate how to “clean” and troubleshoot” errors within your report.  Dates/Deadlines:  May 21: Beckie provides copies of “her list”  May 31: run report that includes correct names  June 4: “cleaning the report” web-training  June 27 (or earlier): District provides school-level feedback  July 11: Error-Free Report

14  This report, extracted from Excent, captures every child with an IEP aged 14 and up who exited for any reason:  Dropped out  Died  No longer eligible (discontinued all sp ed services)  Revoked consent  Transferred  Graduated with HS diploma.  You’ll want to run your own Table 4 report and get it to the point where every child’s name who exited is being reported on the report.  Report dates: 7/1/2012 – 6/30/2013

15  Table 4 (exiting) requires one action in Placement History:  Action date: date of exit  State/District action type (exit)  Special education status (inactive)  Exit date (same date as above)  Exit reason (one of the reasons without an *)  Save  For seniors – see the seniors/closing records slides (below)  Big reminder – no child may be exited “dropped-out” during the last 10 days of the school year (per SCDE regulations)

16  See file on SharePoint: “SCPCSD Seniors who are exiting”  Reminders:  Every child who graduates with a high school diploma this year or exits out because of age, will need to have a Summary of Performance provided to him/her which also includes the progress reports from the FINAL IEP.  If you are not sure the child is graduating, please wait until all requirements are met before providing an SOP.  If a senior does not graduate with a high school diploma, he is afforded the right to return until the age of 21 (age 20 ON September 1, 2013 – allowed to return)  For cases like this, there MUST be an IEP in effect for the child for the first day of school.  Even if the kid says he’s not returning, we will have an IEP ready for him and we do not exit him from Excent.  DO NOT EXIT ANY KIDS who do not un-enroll with you or didn’t graduate. This is done in the Fall.


18  There will be a few policy/procedural changes for next school year.  The biggest change is that schools will need to “fill in the blank” regarding some of the school’s special education specific policy/procedures. We will review this during our “summer training.”  Schools are responsible for all aspects of Child Find. This means, the school will need to secure its own psychologist for evaluation planning and determination meetings.

19  New Schools and New Coordinators:  July 17, 2013 – 9:30am  Everyone (transfers and intervention teams)  August 1, 2013 – 9:30am  Everyone (compliance)  September 5, 2013 – 9:30am


21  Week of May 20th:  District provides Table 5 info  District provides COSF lists  District provides Indicator 11 lists  May 31 st :  Schools run a “name only” Indictor 11 report  Schools run a “name only” Table 4 report  June 4:  ESY report due (noon)  Indicator 11 and Table 4 web-training (everyone)  June 13 (noon):  COSF due  Table 5 due  June 27:  District provides Indictor 11 school-level feedback  District provides Table 4 school-level feedback  July 11:  Clean Indicator 11 report  Clean Table 4 report

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