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7/15/14 Terri Shkuda Research Informatics

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1 7/15/14 Terri Shkuda Research Informatics

2  Import data in Rows/Columns  When importing Longitudinal data, must include event name  For all multiple choice you need to import codes  If you have any Multiple Answers (checkboxes) questions, REDCap will record a “0” for each possible response until you edit the field later by checking the response (of which it will then convert to a “1.” Even if you import a data collection form where this question hasn’t been answered (or the form has not even been completed), it will still import 0s for each of the unchecked responses.  Variable names must match between REDCap and CSV file

3  Study ID must be first column  Cannot import calculated fields, also when you import data that is used in a calculated field, you will need to save the form containing the calculation in order for it to be saved to the database.  If a value already exists in a field and then you import a file that contains an empty cell for that field, the value will not be deleted. You can only delete responses by editing the form within REDCap.  Fields do not need to be in order.  Not all fields must be in import file.

4  Custom Record Label and Secondary ID can be displayed if enabled.  Columns are ordered first by Arm, then Event, then Form name.  Can visually see records on multiple arms  Enabling floating headers (only for the current page) Arm 1 Arm 2 Arm 3 Event

5 New Features  The Survey Queue ◦ REDCap provides a link to the Survey Queue instead of individual surveys. ◦ Using conditional logic, specific surveys will display for the participant based on a criteria.  New Reporting/Export Tool ◦ Customized access by users, DAGs and reports can be limited to viewing and/or exporting. ◦ Field choices to include ANDs and ORs ◦ Filter by Record or DAGs

6 New Features  PROMIS (Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System) CAT forms (Computer Adaptive Testing) ◦ A questionnaire that will result in a score to determine the patients’ state of wellbeing or suffering, ability or lack of ability to function. It is NIH funded. ◦ The questions offered adapts to the patient based on their prior responses. ◦ REDCap will return the score of the CAT form along with the data.

7 Improvements  Use of datediff in DQ module  Will allow tabbing to checkbox and not skipping over for data entry  Field comments can be edited and deleted and the editing/deleting can be enabled from the Optional Customization menu  New privileges added to Data Resolution: 1) open only, 2) open and respond  Field comments and Data Resolution comments will be logged.  Users with read only rights can add/edit/delete the Field Comments on the form  For Yes/No and True/False, the Add New Field will display the choices and their coding  Lock/E-sign status on Record Status Dashboard  Copying a Production project will all that user to have User Rights access.  Radio/Dropdown now are displayed in PDF as circles rather than squares (no longer confused with checkboxes)

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