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ЕГЭ exercises.

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1 ЕГЭ exercises

2 Word Formation 10th Form

3 Parts of speech 1. They have a rich ____ (VARY) of shoes in different colors and sizes. 2. My sister has got an _____ (EXCEPT) gift for languages. 3. Not even the snow will _____ (COURAGE) us from going out tonight. 4. I just couldn’t refuse when she gave me one of those _____ (RESIST) smiles. 5. The blouse you are wearing looks ____ (SUSPECT) like the one bought the other day. 6. More and more young people seem to be engaging in violence simply out of ____ (BORE)

4 Make the phrases below opposite
1. a logical argument – a (an) _____ argument 2. regular bus service – a (an) ____ bus service 3. to load a truck - to _____ a truck 4. to approve of new government – to ____ of new government 5. a comfortable chair – a (an) _____ chair. 6. a secure place – a (an) _____ place 7. an honest person – a (an) _____ person

5 Complete the gaps 1) Sue is addicted to shopping. She seems ____ (CAPABLE) of walking past a boutique without going in and buying another piece of clothing. 2) It was so hot that I decided to ____ (BUTTON) my jacket and loosen my tie. 3) We got lost because the area was completely ____ (FAMILIAR) to us. 4) The soldier who ____ (OBEY) the order was sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment. 5) An excellent paved pathway is an ____ (RESIST) temptation to anyone desiring a leisure walk or jogging.


7 Make conditional sentences using the situations
1. Tom hasn’t got any money, so he can’t give you a loan. 2. My girlfriend is absent-minded, that’s why she forgot about our date yesterday. 3. I was late for work because I missed the bus. 4. It might rain heavily tomorrow. If so, we probably won’t go for a walk. 5. Fiona doesn’t have a well-paid job now because she dropped out of studies.

8 Complete the sentences
1. The customer wanted to complain about the faulty product but he didn’t know who to turn to. (WOULD) 2. You won’t know how it works if you don’t read the manual carefully. (UNLESS) 3. Matthew wants to go on a package tour to Spain but he hasn’t got enough money. (WOULD) 4. I think the teacher won’t let me off this time because I have already missed many classes. (HADN’T) 5. You will get a high mark for your essay unless you make spelling mistakes. (LONG)

9 Complete the sentences using I wish or If only or in another way:
1) I regret that I told my parents about our engagement. 2) Dorothy asks such stupid questions! It’s really irritating! 3) I think you should collect the stuff and leave the room now. 4) I don’t want you to wait for me after school. 5) What would you do if you won the lottery. 6) What a pity I didn’t keep your company on your trip to Italy. 7) Sarah thinks it was a mistake not to go in for a beauty contest.

10 Grammatical tenses 1) I’m absolutely exhausted because I (paint) my room all day. 2) By the time we get home the children (go) to bed. 3) Mobile phones (become) cheaper and cheaper. 4) I (do) shopping yesterday, when I bumped into an old friend of mine. 5) I’m sure she’ll call us as soon as the ship (reach) its destination.

11 В презентации использованы упражнения из пособия Macmillan Exam Accelarator, Издательство Macmillan, 2011

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