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Aaliya. David. S Emily Inigo Jana Margot.

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1 Aaliya


3 David. S

4 Emily

5 Inigo


7 Jana

8 Margot

9 Theodora

10 Hamdi


12 Matias

13 This morning it looked like a seed. Now it looks like a bean stalk, no a tyrannosaurus's mouth. Wow there are 2 stalks and 4 leaves now. The same as last time, maybe a little bigger.

14 There is a tiny leaf in the middle now. It’s big. There are 2 stalks with 10 leaves. 3 are tiny. Mummy smell my plant it smells like a tomato. The new leaves are a different shape.

15 Nancy It looks a little bit bendy. It's bigger because we watered it It’s growing in to a tomato. It’s 4 cm.

16 DAY 1: There were little seeds. There were three. I put them in a hole in the soil and then we covered it with soil like a blanket Day 3: We put the pot on the window sill to get some hot sun. My plant hasn’t grown yet. Day 6: We moved house and my plant came with me to our new house. We put it near a big glass door in the kitchen to get hot. It still hasn’t grown, maybe tomorrow. Day 9: My tomato is still not growing. Maybe cause there is no sun today Day 12: t’s not growing again. Look I drew a picture of a snail for my plant. Isabelle

17 Aaron

18 Here is my plant on day 3. It is coming out. My plant on day 3: Picture 1

19 My sister and I are admiring my plant on day 6. I think my plant is looks fantastic. My plant on day 6: Picture 2

20 Am so happy to see my plant this morning. My plant is growing very fast. My plant on day 9: Picture 3

21 I couldn’t wait to touch my plant today. ‘It is amazing’ My sister likes my plant too. My plant on day 12: Picture 4

22 My plant on day 15: Picture 5 I can’t believe how fast my plant is growing. It has grown taller.

23 This is my plant I like my plant and I hope it will keep growing

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