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Balance of State Region Jason Rodriguez Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

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1 Balance of State Region Jason Rodriguez Georgia Department of Community Affairs

2  Balance of State, Chatham, Clarke, Cobb, Muscogee, Richmond, Tri-J  Separate efforts, different ways of counting  Balance of State region covers 152 counties (out of 159 total)  Homeless census in all counties = too costly!  Some estimation is necessary

3  Each Continuum of Care (CoC) must submit complete homeless counts for every county in their jurisdiction every two years.  This must be a point-in-time (one-night) count during the last week of January.  This year, we chose the point-in-time night to be Monday, January 28.

4  Before 2008  Estimations based on poverty rate, etc.  2008, 2009, 2011  Statistical model (KSU)  2013  We are sticking with the statistical approach

5  Statewide  19,876 total homeless on one night (down 6% )  57% were unsheltered (no change)  Balance of State  10,242 total homeless on one night (down 7%)  77% were unsheltered (down 2%)





10  Nov 2: County targeting decisions made  Nov 5: Funding decisions made  Nov 14: Count coordinator meeting in Macon  Dec 5: Conference call – updates, concerns  Jan 21-25: Train volunteers  Jan 29-Feb 4: Count  Feb 14: Surveys due back to KSU  Apr 20: KSU sends data to DCA

11  It is possible we’ll be able to count in 80 counties this year  Counties we may not provide funding for  Lincoln, McDuffie, Warren, Jefferson, Burke, Glynn, Jones, Carroll, Worth, Colquitt, Dougherty, Mitchell, Thomas, Miller, Decatur, Glynn  Overlapping county availability  If you have experience coordinating DCA’s Census in the past, you will be chosen over someone who is not experienced

12  We are expanding the census to a greater number of counties, but with less funds available per county.  Many things would help a homeless census be more thorough and accurate, but we have to focus on the resources that are absolutely necessary.  Contracts will be written up soon, and funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis.

13  Acceptable costs  Small incentives for survey respondents ($5 or less); flyers and other advertisements; meals, gas, and supplies for volunteers; travel and other reasonable compensation for staff; postage for mailing surveys  Try to find additional sources of funding for:  Appreciation luncheons/dinners, better or more incentives, special projects, miscellaneous  Keep all your receipts!

14  Please do not print or copy surveys on your own. They have to be professionally printed in a certain way.  Overestimate how many surveys you will need, and DCA will provide them.  This will save KSU tons of time and effort when scanning the surveys.

15  Invest in a little advertising  Make use of your connections (service clubs, churches, charities)  Pursue corporate sponsorships  Any successful strategies you would like to share?  What has worked in the past?  What hasn’t worked in the past?

16  Advertise in the newspaper, on the radio, etc.  Try to get local media outlets on board  Contact churches, colleges, school boards, police departments, DFACS, etc.  Don’t go it alone! Partner with other service providers.  Any suggestions?  What has worked?  What hasn’t worked?

17  After I inform you of county targeting decisions on Friday: Start establishing contacts immediately, and begin fundraising efforts as soon as possible.  Meeting at River Edge in Macon on November 14, 10:30 AM.  Updates, further discussion, questions, concerns, brainstorming

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