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Taking a Coaching Approach to Your Success Sonya Shellard DMU January 2013.

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1 Taking a Coaching Approach to Your Success Sonya Shellard DMU January 2013

2 What is coaching? How does it work? Our experience?

3 Key Coaching Principles: Start with the end in mind/know what you want Face the current reality – for better or worse Generate some options – what could you do? Commit to ACTION – What will you do?

4 A coaching model (Sir John Whitmore): Goal Reality Options Will

5 Stage One – Establish your goal Self-reflection and then discuss in pairs: What do you want? – be as specific as possible What will be all the benefits of achieving your goal? When do you want to achieve this? What do you want to avoid?

6 Stage Two – Face the Current Reality What is currently happening? What have you tried so far? What has worked, what hasn’t worked and why? What support do you need and where can you get it?

7 What obstacles are in your way?

8 InformationSkillsBelief WellbeingOther PeopleMotivation TimeMoneyFear Think of a specific problem or challenge you are facing Look at each of the nine areas and give a score of 1 – 10 in each of the area (1 being an area of weakness and 10 being an area of strength) Look at the areas of strength and how you can utilise these What areas do you need to build on? What resources do you need to do this?

9 The psychology bit…

10 + One defining moment Repetition Osmosis High Emotion + = HYPNOSIS How are beliefs formed that shape our ‘reality’?

11 RAS Seeks out evidence Distort Delete Reality There is NO reality Beliefs are stored in our unconscious minds The real power of our unconscious minds…

12 Are your beliefs helpful or hindering? Post it notes exercise – to uncover your beliefs about the job market, you, interviews etc..

13 Stage Four – Will The 10 coaching questions that guide you to action…

14 1.Think of something you would like to move forward or achieve & write it down. 2.What will be the benefit to you of achieving this? 3.What have you already tried and why hasn’t that got you there yet? 4.What do you need to help you with this? 5.If I were in your shoes, what advice would you give to me? 6.Write down all the possible ways to move this forward. 7.Star the most promising ideas. 8.What are you going to do first and when? 9.What could get in the way & how will you overcome that? 10.What is your commitment level to your chosen action (on a scale of 1-10)

15 Over to you…

16 Sonya Shellard 07968 933039

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