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Plot Diagram: The Chocolate Touch

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1 Plot Diagram: The Chocolate Touch
Josh Chandlee

2 Characters 1 John Midas- Main Character who has a bad habit of eating candy and is especially addicted to chocolate. After buying a piece of chocolate with a rare coin from a candy store and eating it, everything he touches turns into chocolate. Mr. and Mrs. Midas- John’s parents who are both worried about John’s obsession of chocolate therefore they take him to a doctor and find out he has a chocolate disease.

3 Characters 2 Miss Plimsole- She is the teacher at John’s school that is always watching John eat chocolate all the time. Susan Buttercup- John’s best friend. They like to spend a lot of time together. Storekeeper- The Storekeeper is the whole reason the chocolate touch happens. He is the one who gives him the magic chocolate ball.

4 Setting Time - John’s childhood, during his school years.
Place - John’s house, John’s school, The Chocolate Shop.

5 Conflict John is obsessed with chocolate and can not stop eating it.

6 Rising Action 1 John is very unhealthy because of all the chocolate he ate. Therefore the doctor puts him on a medicine called “Tonic” to make up for all the fruits and vegetables he hasn’t eaten.

7 Rising Action 2 One day John is walking down the street and he finds a rare coin. Then he goes to a Chocolate Shop and uses the coin to buy a magic piece of Chocolate.

8 Rising Action 3 John wakes up the next morning to brush his teeth and the toothpaste tastes like chocolate. Then John goes to eat his Breakfast and it tastes like Chocolate.

9 Rising Action 4 When John goes to school and his friend Susan gives him her silver dollar it turns to Chocolate. Then when John goes to instrument rehearsal his instrument turns to Chocolate.

10 Rising Action 5 John is invited to Susan’s birthday party.
He ruins it because when they are playing apples in the bucket John takes the apple it turns the water chocolate and gets all over Susan.

11 Climax When John takes his Dad to the Chocolate Shop it isn’t there anymore. John’s dad thinks they should go see DR. Cranium. Then when John gets home and gives his Mom a hug she turns to chocolate.

12 Falling Action 1 He returns to the chocolate shop and this time the Storekeeper is there. The Storekeeper had all the things that turned to chocolate restored and hanging from the wall.

13 Falling Action 2 The Storekeeper said that only a greedy person would give up all their collections for chocolate. Then the Storekeeper asked if John would rather have chocolate or his Mom, and he said his Mom.

14 Falling Action 3 John gets all his stuff back.
But he is most excited that his Mom is back to life.

15 Resolution John’s life goes back to normal.
John no longer has his Chocolate Touch.

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