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Chapter 1 – Anwers and discussions

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1 Chapter 1 – Anwers and discussions
RUMBLE FISH Chapter 1 – Anwers and discussions

2 HOMEWORK Who is the narrator (who tells the story)? RUSTY JAMES
When and where does the action take place? ON THE BEACH, IN THE PRESENT, 6 YEARS AFTER THE EVENTS IN THE PAST Who are the characters in this chapter? RUSTY JAMES AND STEVEN HAYS What do we know about Rusty James so far? BAD MEMORY, DOES NOT REMEMBER THINGS, NOT HAPPY TO SEE STEVEN, BUMS AROUND, HAS A GIRLFRIEND, HAS BEEN IN A REFORMATORY FOR 5 YEARS, NOT GOOD AT MATH, HAS A FRIEND, ALEX, LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE What do we know about Steven so far? IN COLLEGE, WANTS TO BE A TEACHER FOR HIGH SCHOOL, ON VACATION, HAS A GIRLFRIEND, SURPRISED TO SEE RUSTY JAMES, INVITES HIM TO SUPPER, HASN’T CHANGED MUCH, LOOKS LIKE A KID WITH A MOUSTACHE (looks younger than his age = probably a good life). What does Rusty James say on the 1st page to show that he has some problems? BAD MEMORY Is Rusty James happy to see Steven? Why/why not? NO, HE DOES NOT WANT TO REMEMBER THINGS FROM HIS PAST Why does Steven say “Rusty James, you gave me a real scare when I first saw you.”? BECAUSE RUSTY JAMES HAS CHANGED AND NOW HE LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE


4 - Territorial fighting fish (males) - Pet store: they have to be kept alone in separate containers - Very aggressive: fight their own reflection in a mirror - Fight to the death of the opponent - Beautiful shape and colors - In natural habitat (rivers): less aggressive; the fish losing the fight has to leave the territory

5 Discussions: Rusty-James: ‘Nothing. Bum around…’
Steve: ‘I’m going to teach when I get out. High school, probably…’ Rusty-James: ‘Math ain’t never been my strong point.’ Rusty-James: ‘Steve hadn’t changed much. He looked about the same, …’ Rusty-James: ‘Five years…They put me in solitary once….’ Steve: ‘you leave other guys’ chicks alone?’ Steve: ‘You know who I thought you were for a second?’ Rusty-James: ‘Yeah,’ I said, and remembered everything.’

6 PRESENT Chapter 1 Chapter 12 PAST Chapter 11 Chapter 2 Chapter 10 Chapter 3 Chapter 9 Chapter 4 Chapter 8 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

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