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English Listening 全民英檢. Week 1 Introduction to the class Book: 全民英檢中級 聽力測驗 Class participation Quiz : 10 % Class participation : 10% Mid-term exam: 40.

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Presentation on theme: "English Listening 全民英檢. Week 1 Introduction to the class Book: 全民英檢中級 聽力測驗 Class participation Quiz : 10 % Class participation : 10% Mid-term exam: 40."— Presentation transcript:

1 English Listening 全民英檢

2 Week 1 Introduction to the class Book: 全民英檢中級 聽力測驗 Class participation Quiz : 10 % Class participation : 10% Mid-term exam: 40 % Final Exam : 40 %

3 Week 2 Unit 7 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) Hey! This bread is stale! A.Really? I only bought it yesterday. B.The price is NT$60. C.I’ll make you a sandwich. D.You can have some pocket money. Dinner’s one me. It’s my treat. A.Go to the restroom to clean your shirt. B.Thanks, that’s very generous. C.Usually very well, thanks. D.Fish, peas, carrots and potatoes.

4 Week 3 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: Why are you shouting at me? Have I done something to upset you? W: No, I’m sorry. I just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Q: What does the man mean? ( B) The woman has made him angry. He is in a bad moon. His bed is uncomfortable. He lost his way.

5 Week 3 M: I’ve heard that the new English teacher is really strict. W: Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I had her class last semester. She’s not too bad. Q: What does the woman mean? (C) The English teacher is not good. There is not English class this semester. The teacher is nicer than the man think. The man should choose another subject.

6 Week 4 Unit 8 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) Why hasn’t jack arrived yet? A.There could be traffic. B.He’s a very nice man. C.It came this morning. D.I don’t agree at all. Have you ever eaten French food? A.Yes, once. It was delicious. B.I only speak English and German. C.Good idea. I’m really hungry. D.No, it’s in Europe.

7 Week 5 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: John, can you do me a favor later? W: Sure. What is it? M: Can you help me carry my new TV up the stairs to my apartment. W: Yeah, no problem. But I have to work until 9 this evening. Q: What does John mean? ( B) He can’t help the woman. He can help her after 9 pm. He already has a TV. He will use the elevator.

8 Week 5 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: Hi, you look nice. W: Thanks. It’s a new dress. M: It’s wonderful. Are you going out? W: Yes, I have a date with Mary’s brother. M: Oh! He’s an intelligent man. He’s a professor, right? W: Yeah, A date with an intelligent man will make a nice change. Q: What does the woman mean? ( C) He often dates intelligent men. She doesn’t have many dates. The men she dates are not usually so intelligent. The professor is as intelligent as her last boyfriend.

9 Week 6 Quiz and review

10 Week 7 Unit 9 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) Harry’s not a very reliable worker. A.Perhaps you should get someone else. B.Usually around 5pm. C.He can lie as much as he wants. D.That sounds really great. Mr. Smith has worked here for a long time, hasn’t he? A.He usually takes about an hour. B.He’d the tallest in the office. C.More than 10 years, I think. D.Probably at 5 o’clock.

11 Week 8 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: I’ve had a really bad day at work. W: Me, too. My whole week has been terrible. M: My boss was in such a bad mood. W: My boss always is! I really think we need to get sway. M: Yeah! Let’s get some brochures tomorrow. Q: What does the man mean? ( B) They should leave their jobs. They should go on vacation. They should change their career. They should be more positive.

12 Week 8 M: How is your sister, Mike? W: Not so good. She injured her arm quite badly when she slipped. M: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll visit her tomorrow and try to cheer her up. W: Thanks. That would be nice. Q: How did Mike’s sister hurt herself? ( D) In a car accident. Playing sports. Doing housework. Falling over.

13 Week 9 Mid-term Exam

14 Week 10 Unit 10 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) I’m sorry. I can’t come to your party. I am busy. A.Well done! B.Congratulations. C.That’s too bad. D.Happy birthday. Did you forget to food the cat again? A.Her name is Queen. B.Oh, sorry. I’ll do it now. C.Don’t worry. We’ll clean later. D.I had chicken and rice.

15 Week 11 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Chen, please? W: I am sorry, but I think you have the wrong number. M: Oh, is this 3467-5647. W: No, it isn’t. M: Oh, sorry. W: That’s Ok. Bye. Q: What is the woman doing? ( A) Trying to contact Mr. Chen. Answering the telephone. Checking the telephone works. Asking for directions.

16 Week 11 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) M: I think this tastes a little sweet. W: Really? It tastes a little salty to me. M: Oh, what do you think of the meat? W: Not bad. M: I think it’s a little overcooked. Q: What are the man and the woman doing? ( C) Planning a party. Watching a movie. Discussing their food. Organizing a meeting.

17 Week 12 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) 1.What are you doing tomorrow morning? a. I went to a restaurant. b. I haven’t decided yet. c. I will do it soon. d I can’t go tomorrow. 2. Did you enjoy the party last night? a.It starts at 7pm. b.I’ll give you a lift. c.No, It was great. d.Yes, it was great.

18 Week 13 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) w: Hi, John. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for ages. M: Sorry, but I didn’t hear my alarm clock. W: Why don’t you buy a new one with a louder bell? There ‘s a department store near here. M: That’s a good idea. I start my new job next week and I don’t want this to happen again. Q: Why is John late? a. He had to work. b. He was shopping. c. He overslept again. d. He forgot the appointment.

19 Week 13 w: HI, Sue. Where are you going? M: Oh, I’m off to the post office. I need to mail this parcel to my brother in Canada. W: But it’s raining hard outside. M: That’s OK. I’ll take an umbrella. W: Look, let me give you a lift. It’s on my way to work. M: Well if it’s no trouble. W: Not at all. Q: What does the man offer to do? a. Mail a parcel fro the woman. b. Bring the woman an umbrella. c. Do some work for the woman. d. Drive the woman to the post office.

20 Week 14 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) 1.A table for two please? a. Are you buying chairs, too? b. Certainly. Follow me. c. Sure, here’s your order. d. What’s for dinner? 2. Did you have a good weekend? a.Yeah, I’m going to visit my friends. b.I always watch TV. c.No, I had to work overtime. d.He’s coming on Saturday.

21 Week 15 簡短對話 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) W: Hi, Jane. How are you? I heard you bought a small cat yesterday. M: Yeah, it’s a girl cat and she loves to play. W: But what about your two dogs and three fish? Do they all get along? M: Well, it will take some time. The cat’s a bit scared of the dogs at the moment. W: Well, good luck to you! If you get any more pets, you could open a pet shop! M: Now, that would be something! Q: Where is this conversation take place? a. On a lake. b. In a meeting. c. In a pet shop. d. In a police station.

22 Week 15 W: So, who should we invite? M: Erm, well. Your brother and his wife and some of our friends. W: Okay. And what about the food? M: We could ask everyone to bring something and I’ll make a few sandwiches. W: Good idea. We’ll get some soda and juice, too. M: Yeah, I know. We’ll decorate the room with balloons and ribbons. W: Right, so what time should we tell people to com? M: Eight o’clock is good. Q: What are the man and the woman doing? a. Planning a party a party. b. organizing a trip. c. Going hiking. d. Discussing friends.

23 Week 16 看圖辨義 15 題 問答 15 題 ( 汲取部份 ) 1.Why hasn’t Jack arrived yet? a. There could be traffic. b. He’s a very nice man. c. It came this morning. d. I don’t agree at all. 2. Is it Kate’s birthday on Saturday? a.Congratulations. How old are you? b.I’m going shopping with my mom. c.Yes, I’m just planning a party for her. d.No, she’ll be in Tainan this weekend.

24 Week 17 Quiz and review

25 Week 18 Final Exam

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