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a)Because Phil’s family couldn’t afford his education, he had to look for a job after he graduated from high school. On the other hand, I ______________________________.

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2 a)Because Phil’s family couldn’t afford his education, he had to look for a job after he graduated from high school. On the other hand, I ______________________________ like others. b)Kodiak decided to ______________________________ and see the great pyramids in Egypt when Easter comes. c)Karen had thought being a TV presenter was not challenging 1, but when she got into the job and met some difficulties she ______________________________. d)Most winners of TV talent shows only enjoy ______________________________ before they disappear on the screen for good 2. e)Celebrities seem to have ______________________________, but you will never know what it takes to be one of them unless you were in their shoes. 1.Difficult in an interesting or enjoyable way 1A GLAMOROUS 2FEEL 3SET OFF 4APPLY TO 5A SHORT LIVED JOBFAME OVERWHELMED ON A TRIP A COLLEGE 1 2 3 4 5 A GLAMOROUS JOB APPLIED TO A COLLEGE SET OFF ON A TRIP FELT OVERWHELMED A SHORT LIVED FAME A GLAMOROUS JOB 2.Forever FEEL OVERWHELMED SET OFF ON A TRIP APPLY COLLEGE A SHORT LIVED FAME

3 a)Sheila has talent, and fortunately 1 a great ______________________________ with this TV show. She shouldn’t miss this. She should just go for it. b)Because Neil didn’t manage to sing some parts of the song in tune, he was very anxious 2 whether he could ________________________________ in the TV talent show. c)Many talented youngsters ______________________________, hoping to become a celebrity in a very short way. d)Samantha, who won the contest, had thought she was _____________________________ by joining the TV show because she felt the other contestants were much better than her. e)There was ______________________________ despite going through the eliminations. The producer turned her back 3 because she could have set a bad example to the young people who watched the show. 1.Luckily 2.Nervous or worried 1MAKE A FOOL 2AN OPPORTUNITY 3GO THROUGH 4TAKE PART 5A REJECTED TO THE NEXT ROUNDIN SHOWS OF YOURSELF CONTESTANT CAME ALONG 1 2 3 4 5 MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF OPPORTUNITY HAS COME ALONG GO THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND TAKE PART IN SHOWS MAKING A FOOL OF HERSELF A REJECTED CONTESTANT 3.To reject AN OPPORTUNITY CAME ALONG GO THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND TAKE PART IN SHOWS A REJECTED CONTESTANT

4 a)Did you know many celebrities had done odd jobs 1 before they ____________________________? We only met them as a star and don’t know what they have done before. b)Some people like Bill Gates who have achieved a ______________________________ can also be dubbed 2 as a celebrity. c)The audience was highly pleased with the performance of the vocal band who sang some beautiful polyphony 3 of traditional Celt songs. So each time they finished performing a polyphonic song, they __________________________. d)Yasemin Mori ______________________________ in Rock and Coke festival last night. You should have heard the thunder of the audience as they sang with her some parts of the songs. e)Because Gary hadn’t ______________________________ before, he felt his knees shake. 1.Small jobs of different types give something or someone a name that describes them in some way; to name; to label 1BRING 2PLAY 3RECEIVE 4PHENOMENAL 5ARRIVE IN TO A LARGE AUDIENCETHE PUBLIC ARENA SUCCESS THE HOUSE DOWN A LOUD APPLAUSE 1 2 3 4 5 BRING THE HOUSE DOWN ARRIVED IN THE PUBLIC ARENA PHENOMENAL SUCCESS RECEIVED A LOUD APPLAUSE BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN PLAYED TO A LARGE AUDIENCE 3.A type of music in which several different tunes or notes are sung or played together at the same time PLAY TO A LARGE AUDIENCE RECEIVE A LOUD APPLAUSE PHENOMENAL SUCCESS ARRIVE IN THE PUBLIC ARENA

5 a)In 1980s, some celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie organised live aid concerts to help people in Africa who had ______________________________ with hunger. b)Nancy will ______________________________ and visit some African countries this summer. c)The producer warned Amy that she could ______________________________ if she didn’t change her foolishly rebellious 1 attitude. d)When he was a star, he played to _______________________________, but hardly 2 anyone remembers him now. e)After winning the TV talent show, Bob signed ______________________________. 1.Deliberately not obeying people in authority or rules of behaviour 1AUDIENCES OF 10000 2GET 3A RECORDING 4HARD 5SET OUT TIMESNOWHERE ON A JOURNEY ON AVERAGE CONTRACT 1 2 3 4 5 AUDIENCES OF 10000 ON AVERAGE HARD TIMES SET OUT ON A JOURNEY GET NOWHERE AUDIENCES OF 10000 ON AVERAGE A RECORDING CONTRACT 2.Almost not GET NOWHERE A RECORDING CONTRACT HARD TIMES SET OUT ON A JOURNEY

6 a)Bayhan, who won the first Turkish TV talent show, ________________________________... He is our first national talent show flop. b)If a celebrity cannot renew himself, his fans may ______________________________. c)After Kelly Clarkson unexpectedly beat Tamyra Gray and won the TV talent show ‘American Idol’, there was a line of producers 1 who ______________________________. d)Most people are cynical 2 about talent show winners’ _______________________________.. They think such stars will soon be forgotten. e)Her fans lost interest in her some time after she had won the talent show, and she knew she was about to become another ______________________________. 1.Someone whose job is to control the preparation of a play, film, or broadcast, but who does not direct the actors 1 HASN’T BEEN HEARD OF 2A TALENT SHOW 3CHANCES OF 4LOSE 5OFFER CONTINUING SUCCESSINTEREST IN SINCE THEN STARDOM FLOP 1 2 3 4 5 HASN’T BEEN HEARD OF SINCE THEN LOSE INTEREST IN HIM OFFERED HER STARDOM CHANCES OF CONTINUING SUCCESS TALENT SHOW FLOP 2.Unwilling to believe that people have good, honest, or sincere reasons for doing something TALENT SHOW FLOP CHANCES OF CONTINUING SUCCESS LOSE INTEREST IN OFFER STARDOM

7 a)If a celebrity ______________________________, the best way for her to maintain 1 her popularity becomes getting involved in scandals. b)Now that the rock band has released their album, they will ___________________________. I can’t wait for the tickets to come out. c)It is hard for Jason to find a job because there is no ______________________________ in town as far as I know. d)Unlike the hit song that made its way to the top of the charts, the rest of the album was full of songs that were ______________________________. This, of course, disappointed the fans and caused the singer to be a flop. e)After her self titled ______________________________ was released in 1983, Luise Ciccone Ritchie was introduced to this world as Madonna. 1.To make something continue in the same way or at the same standard as before 1JOB 2GIVE A 3LACK 4A DEBUT 5MIDDLE VACANCYOF THE ROAD STAGE PERFORMANCE CHARACTER ALBUM 1 2 3 4 5 JOB VACANCY LACKS CHARACTER GIVE A STAGE PERFORMANCE JOB VACANCY MIDDLE OF THE ROAD DEBUT ALBUM GIVE A STAGE PERFORMANCE LACK CHARACTER A DEBUT ALBUM MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

8 a)Kayla had received some ______________________________ about her drug addiction 1, before she lost her contract with the producer. b)When Amber learnt she was the winner of the beauty contest, she did her best to ______________________________ of happiness and pride, yet they were flowing from her radiant 2 eyes down her cheeks, leaving sparkling 3 traces. c)My life changed so dramatically 4 after winning the contest that I still __________________________. d)When Alexa’s ex boyfriend became a star, she ______________________________ that it was a grave 5 mistake to leave him so early for such a foolish reason. e)Simon was eliminated in the second round of the TV talent show, and this ______________________________. 1.The state of being unable to stop taking illegal drugs 2.Very bright in an attractive way 3.Shining brightly with points of flashing light 1SHATTER 2FIGHT BACK 3SEVERE 4CAN’T 5CAN’T GET MY HEAD TEARSROUND IT HELP THINKING ’S DREAMS WARNINGS 1 2 3 4 5 SHATTER ’s DREAMS SEVERE WARNINGS FIGHT BACK TEARS CAN’T GET MY HEAD ROUND IT COULDN’T HELP THINKING SHATTERED HIS DREAMS 4.In a very noticable fashion 5.grave problems, situations, or worries are very great or bad FIGHT BACK TEARS SEVERE WARNINGS CAN’T HELP THINKING CAN’T GET MY HEAD ROUND IT

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