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ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning System Training. Implementation Week 1 Set a start date Week One - Engage and inform your workers Why ProTeam? Explain.

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1 ProTeam’s Residential Cleaning System Training

2 Implementation Week 1 Set a start date Week One - Engage and inform your workers Why ProTeam? Explain why it is better for the worker –Benefits for the Residential Cleaning Professional –Backpack vs. Upright Quest Report Explain home owner benefits –Filtration Sales Sheet –American Lung Association Partnership –Customer Tent Card

3 Implementation Week 2 Week Two - Training Explain the parts and functions of the equipment –Review the Owner’s Manual Watch ProTeam How To Videos to understand: –How to Wear and Adjust the Vacuum –Prepare for Vacuum Operation –Power Head System –Use of Accessory Tools Videos are on ProTeam’s website or YouTube at the following links: Explain the cleaning process and demonstrate use of tools Review how to remove clogs and importance of frequent filter bag changes Familiarize yourself with the vacuum: have workers use the vacuum around the office (use at home) Vacuum underneath tables, around chairs & furniture Assure proper fit of the vacuum Change from using the power head to various tools Step in and back out of doorways wearing the vacuum

4 Implementation Week 3 & 4 Week Three - Implementation in the Field For one team at a time - use the newest or least experienced team; Remove other options with each new team implemented For all teams at once – remove all other options Week Four – Regular Maintenance Maintenance Checklist –Best Practices –Troubleshooting

5 Troubleshooting Vacuum will not operate, check the following Power supply cord at the wall Power supply cord at the vacuum Switch is in the on position Loss of Suction, check the following Debris is not clogging the hose, wand, or floor tool Both Intercept Micro and Micro Cloth filters Hose cuff fittings are tight and not cracked Cap is attached to the body Dome filter hasn’t shifted out of place The power cord is getting warm Cord should not exceed 50ft at 16 gauge or 100ft at 14 gauge. Exhaust is warm Check and clean all four filters

6 Best Practices ProTeam vacuums are for DRY PICKUP ONLY. Do not vacuum up liquids or allow damp materials to sit in the vacuum filters for long periods. This will cause damage to the motor and void the vacuum warranty. Manage the cord by leaving it coiled at the plug in location and using the cord holder located on the vacuum belt. While in use, hold the cord away from your body. Be careful not to walk on or vacuum over cord. Always detach the cord at the plug in/out point. Do not pull on cords to remove form an outlet or when separating a plug. Using the power nozzle: Push on/off button on gas pump handle/hose to turn the power nozzle on. Push the power nozzle release pedal to release handle from locked position into vacuuming position. The power nozzle can be used in the off position to allow for straight suction. Using the electrified hose: Verify that the stub tube button is fully depressed before disconnecting the gas pump handle and wand. Using with non-electrified tools: Verify the power nozzle and vacuum are in off position. Unplug the power nozzle cord from electrified hose cord and disconnect the wand from the power nozzle. Set power nozzle aside. Place non-electrified tool onto the end of the metal wand or hose.

7 Best Practices by Surface Low to medium pile carpeting: Slowly pass the power nozzle forward then back over the area to be cleaned. High pile carpeting: If carpet fibers are catching on brush roll, turn off the power nozzle to prevent fraying, pulling, or damaging. Continue to use power nozzle in off position for straight suction or use a non- electrified floor tool appropriate for the flooring type. Hard surfaces: Use the power nozzle in off position for straight suction or use a non-electrified floor tool appropriate for the flooring type. Delicate surfaces: To prevent scratching or other damage, ONLY use non electrified tools appropriate for the flooring type. Hard to reach areas: Plastic wands can be added to the metal wand for high surfaces such as door frames, household trim, and other areas. Vacuuming under furniture: After depressing release pedal, gently turn the power nozzle wand and drop to desired level. The power nozzle will pivot while in motion to reach areas around footings.

8 Vacuum Maintenance Identifying Parts Schematics will assist in identifying the correct item number with the part required for repair/replacement Schematics are available in ProTeam catalogs, owner manuals or by email when requested from a ProTeam Representative Preventative Maintenance Check & replace the filters frequently – Dirty filters restrict airflow, resulting in reduced suction Use only Genuine ProTeam filters Clean the hose and tools Wipe out the inside of your vacuum Check the cord Replace broken and worn parts regularly Observe the schedule to change carbon brushes

9 Power Nozzle Maintenance Inspect the brush roll, base, power head, gas pump handle, cuffs and hose ends for wear on brushes, cracking, or loose/missing pieces Remove any hair, string or lint that may have become wrapped around the brush roll Function of the light indicators; Green = normal, Red = brush roll restricted Inspect wands for build up of dirt or rust, clean with long soft bristled brush Open power nozzle and remove any debris Remove any debris that may have collected inside the hose or handle Store indoors in a dry location Inspect all cords for any damage

10 Warranty ProTeam, Inc. warranties all commercial backpack and canister vacuum cleaners to be free from defects in materials and workmanship arising under normal usage and care This warranty does not apply to: Normal wear and tear including, but not limited to: hoses, filters, switches, carbon motor brushes and attachments Ordinary wear and tear and blockages which occur during use Damage due to unauthorized or improper use, modification, alteration, service or repair All vacuum motors with replaceable carbon brushes are guaranteed for their respective time frames only if the following carbon brush maintenance schedule See owners manual for additional details.

11 ProTeam Customer Service 866.888.2168

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