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2007-08 SFCB Mentor/Mentee Kickoff Meeting Sunday, October 14 2-4pm.

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1 2007-08 SFCB Mentor/Mentee Kickoff Meeting Sunday, October 14 2-4pm

2 Agenda Welcome/Overview (Bob) Background, structure, lessons, ideas Mentor/Mentee Pairings (Sandy) Pairings announced; exchange of information – setting expectations Q & A Session (Sandy) Regroup for open Q/A Closing (Amy) Where do we go from here?

3 Welcome/Overview SFCB Background Board members LN lessons learned SFCB’s process thus far Pilot program Sandy & you: our gateway to success

4 Welcome/Overview Mentor/Mentee Roles What they are What they are not Student Membership & Mentor/Mentee relationships provide: Students with opportunities to learn from professionals Facilitates the building of connections with the HR community which assists in building successful careers Forms stronger links between SFCB, SFCB members, Universities training Comp/Benefits/HR professionals and those they are training Mentors typically meet with students monthly throughout the 8-month program All participants have the SFCB quarterly meetings in place to help facilitate meeting Lessons learned from successful programs & extensive research on primary roles Mentee drives the relationship Mentors are available

5 Welcome/Overview How to create a successful mentoring relationship Mentor/Mentee Kickoff Meeting attendance (TODAY!!) Get acquainted and review goals/concerns Schedule another meeting (phone, in person after SFCB event) to further define goals/concerns Clarify expectations, set reasonable goals for the next +7mths Meet/talk at least once a month Mentees drive the relationship! (mentor should step in if nothing happens) Ideas of things to do with mentees Mentor/Mentee exchange resumes Generate a list of questions to ask your mentor What advice would you give me at my current career stage? What is the greatest lesson you have learned? Shadow your mentor Discuss in detail a current work project the mentor is working on

6 Mentor/Mentee Pairings MentorMentee Julie BilesEllorine Jershun Jenny ArmwoodLourdes Vargas Maria Franco-MaraistAna Cecilia Avila Marilyn DurantKiomara Hidalgo Kim GreenfestChristine Vidales

7 Q & A Session Open Forum – let’s discuss Examples What happens if either pair loses interest? What do I do if my mentee hasn’t contacted me (re. it’s now January and I’ve heard nothing since late October)? Will Sandy contact me or should I contact her?

8 Closing Where do we go from here? You’ve had a chance to discuss/exchange and set objectives… build on that Involve Sandy as needed, she’ll also be in contact with you per progress, updates, feedback, etc. Door prizes THANK YOU… tHaNk YoU… thank you!!

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