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Nutran International Co.,Limited Micro-irrigation new technologies Applications Run.

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1 Nutran International Co.,Limited Micro-irrigation new technologies Applications Run

2 Schematic diagram of Moistube

3 Schematic diagram of Micro Reservoir

4 Degraded grassland, Chifeng, China The pictures illustrate that this is the grassland that degraded to desert, which features the appearance of desert, and carries only sparse grasses. Ditches can be dug by tractors to lay tubes.

5 Laying Moistube In April, Moistube have been laid in the ditch, and are mutually connected to form an irrigation system.

6 Contrasting (Front no irrigation) Planting by rows is the pasture “Jumbo” that introduced from the USA. In early June, in the rear section where the irrigation area has adopted Moistube Irrigation, the grass is as high as the waist and has favorable growth vigor, while in the front part where without irrigation, although the grass grows well, it is sparsely distributed

7 Grassland restoration The grassland has recovered its landscape that hasn’t seen for a long time. What needs to be specially attended is that in the place between rows, original grasses are very prosperous, it can be inferred that as long as there is water, the grassland can recover even without introducing grass seedlings.

8 Shoulder-high grass in Autumn September, irrigated by Moistube. Run average grass high 150cm, diameter 12mm, yields 800Kg, right in front of useless micro-irrigation pipe run, the average grass high 30cm, diameter of 2mm, yields 70Kg

9 Sand, Ganshu,China Desert Control Project, Sand at the edge of reservoir Minqin County, Gansu Province

10 Laying pipe before Plant Moistube Laying

11 Wet soil conditions Wetted body formed by Moistube’s membrane (without protective layer) Note: the wet zone radiation either side of Moisbube

12 Planting survival Small trees is fully irrigated, grow taller

13 Lawn experiment,UAE Moistube garden irrigation in Chinese Consulate General,Dubai lawn surrounded, with only sparse grass on sand

14 Newly planted flowers nearby lawn Transplanted flowers, Listless by strong sunlight just transplanting

15 Plants survived Run Moistube-irrigation, normal growth and flowers

16 Blossoms Two weeks later, began bloom

17 Garden Lawn, UAE Moistube used in garden irrigation Rose Garden Hotel,UAE

18 Garden flowers Transplanting of the chrysanthemum, is fully irrigated, bright flowers!

19 Private farms in Saudi Arabia Moistube used in sand vegetable run Set up water tank

20 Ditch Laying preparation for Moisbute - Trenching

21 Laying Moistube Laying

22 For comparison, the left Land without Moistube, no emergence Land use Moistube, run by full irrigation, emergence!

23 Wetting of the soil Surface soil is dry, the lower the soil is moist

24 Still no affect left Seedlings on land irrigated with water directly just unearthed Vegetables have grown up which used Moisbube

25 Vineyards, Stellenbosch, South Africa Using Moisbute seedlings grown grapes

26 Zhangye city, China Irrigation Test Center Preparation for Moisbute pipe laying. Moisbute pipe irrgation impact growth test betewen Seed corn and Cotton.

27 Seed corn drip deficit irrigation test

28 Moisbute micro-irrigation test

29 Moistube simple installation

30 Moistube pipe used in micro-irrigation landscaping

31 Micro Reservoir used in Apple plant Laying Micro Reservoir (MR)

32 Apple orchard in Yan'an, Shaanxi, China

33 Micro Reservoir used in Citrus plant

34 Preliminary work laid - Digging

35 Micro Reservoir used in Citrus plant Citrus demonstration base in Yichang City, Hubei Province,China

36 Seedling cultivation base in Inner Mongolia, China Micro-run Moistube pipe laying

37 Seedling cultivation base in Inner Mongolia, China Installation of water level controller Laying of water pipes

38 Seedling cultivation base in Inner Mongolia, China



41 Fair Picture



44 Nutran International Co., Limited Office : 8/F, Zhenye Bldg, Road Bao’an Nan, Louhu District, Shenzhen, China Tel : 86-755-25862496 Fax : 86-755-61624067 Email :

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