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PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans: Achieving PHAB Standards 1.

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1 PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans: Achieving PHAB Standards 1

2 Participants will have: An increased understanding of PHAB requirements for CHA/CHIP Methods and guidance for helping clients and partners understand what a high quality CHA/CHIP process involves A framework for aligning CHAs, CHIPs, Strategic Plans, and Quality Improvement Plans Awareness of tools, methods, and processes for aligning CHIPs with other national/state/community plans Learning Objectives 2

3 3 An Old Idea… Suped-up

4 Assessment & Planning Models Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEX – PH) Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) Association for Community Health Improvement Model Planned Approach to Community Health (PATCH) Home Town Health Community Change Model Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation (CHANGE) The Community Toolbox Moving from Vision to Action Asset-Based Community Development Theory of Change PRECEDE/PROCEED County Health Rankings & Roadmaps to Health ‘Take Action’ Cycle PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans 4

5 5 FUNDING CUTS HAVE BEEN DEEP AND CONSISTENT From FY 2008 to FY 2012, the median per capita state spending on PH decreased from $33.71 to $27.40 OBESITY RATES ARE STAGGERING Adult obesity rates have doubled since 1980, from 15 to 30 percent & childhood obesity rates have more than tripled HEALTH DISPARITIES ARE SHOCKING AND UNJUST African American babies die at twice the rate of white babies HEALTH CARE COSTS HAVE BEEN ON THE RISE Health expenditures in the United States neared $2.6 trillion in 2010, over ten times the $256 billion spent in 1980 PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans

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9 9 How is this any different from what we’ve done forever (which hasn’t helped much)? Emphasis on process, not product Based on a broad definition of health and an inclusive definition of community Expectation that meaningful community engagement should be part of the process Expectation that collaboration will be at the heart of the assessment, planning, and implementation processes Expectation on using and applying evidence-based approaches Connection between community vision, objectives, and strategies, and agency strategic plans and performance management systems Emphasis on quality improvement over time with each iterative cycle of assessment, planning, and implementation

10 10 PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans Roles for Public Health Institutes Education Consultation Training & Technical Assistance Facilitation Data Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation Documentation Implementation Evaluation Roles for our Network of Public Health Institutes What can we achieve collectively???

11 11 PHABulous Health Assessments & Improvement Plans From Silos To Systems

12 The Foundation for Accreditation: CHA & CHIP David Stone Education Services Public Health Accreditation Board

13 Objectives What are the Pre-requisites? Why Pre-requisites? Documentation Requirements

14 Pre-requisites What are they? Community Health Assessment –Standard 1.1 Community Health Improvement Plan –Standard 5.2 Strategic Plan Quality Improvement Plan Image Source: Mapichai,

15 Why Pre-requisites? Why these three? Connection to the Standards Submit with application Updating the pre-requisites Image Source:

16 PHAB Requirements Format Number of documents Current & in use Within the past 5 years Image Source: jscreationzs,

17 CHA – What is it? 1 & 3 8A8 2 4A 4 7 5 6 &

18 Community Health Assessment

19 1.1.2 S

20 CHIP – What is it? Image courtesy of

21 Comm Health Improvement Plan

22 5.2.2 S

23 Challenges and Gaps Past Documentation Community Engagement Defining the Process Showing Implementation Building on the Foundation Image Source: jscreationzs,

24 ??????????????

25 Contact David Stone Education Specialist Public Health Accreditation Board 1600 Duke Street, Suite 440 Alexandria, VA 22314 703-778-4549 x105 703-778-4556 fax 703-203-5061 mobile

26 Panel Discussion 26

27 For More Information ASTHO’s Accreditation and Performance Improvement Resources Using the MAPP Model at the State and Community Levels National Public Health Performance Standards Program Mobilizing for Action Through Planning & Partnerships (MAPP) & MAPP Network CHA/CHIP Resource Center Improving Health in the Community: A Role for Performance Monitoring Resources 27

28 28 Julia Heany Michigan Public Health Institute 517-324-7349 David Stone Public Health Accreditation Board 703-778-4549 x105 Denise M. Pavletic ASTHO 571-522-2317 Reena Chudgar NACCHO 202-507-4220 28 Contact Information

29 3 Core functions 10 EPHS Healthy People 2020 United Health Foundation and Commonwealth Fund Reports Strategic Plan TOOL: Strategic Map Strategic Targeted Action Teams/ Plans TOOL: Step up Core PH priorities document TOOL: Business Plan Community Health Improvement Plans TOOLS: MAPP, Turning Point, Step Up Accreditation Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan TOOL: State of the State’s Health Report Individual Contribution TOOLS:– Agency Individual Performance Management Process (PMP) Evaluations Service Area/CHD strategic plans TOOL: Step up OSDH Performance Management Model NATIONAL STATE Individual Employee Service Area and County Health Dept. AGENCY QUALITY IMPROVEMENT Community

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