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Secondary Education Licensure Room 2 Education Bldg. 8 a.m. Sept 23, 2014.

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1 Secondary Education Licensure Room 2 Education Bldg. 8 a.m. Sept 23, 2014

2 Council on Teacher Education (CoTE) Jeff Buck Brenda Clevenger Evans Oversee all things related to licensure – Past – Things like Criminal Background Check and Bloodborne Pathogen training Here today to talk about actually getting licensed. Obtain license/endorsements as soon as you can!!!!-Regardless of other plans (grad school, Peace Corp, raise a family, etc). – Not protected at all against ISBE changes – Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois licensure first – New requirements may be imposed (ex: edTPA)

3 Applying for license Do NOT apply directly through ISBE – This will cause confusion and delays Log into student portal from our home page ( then click on your Student Application on left-side menu “Licensure Application” Click on this. Follow the directions/fill in all sections You should not submit an application until you have registered for student teaching.

4 – There is a narrative section where you can write information the form does not provide for. Example: “I am taking the Political Science test in May” – Certain endorsements may not be “available” to request if you haven’t filled in all required fields prior to that area. – Be sure to press “submit” when you are done. After you have submitted your application: CoTE will send an email early the next day to let you know your application has been received. If you feel you’ve done something in error or want to add something, contact us. You cannot go back online to revise. Don’t submit a second application.

5 I will complete an audit based on DARS report or grad audit completed earlier. – Problems? I’ll either contact you or records officer. If contacted, it’s important so respond. – You should also run a DARS audit to ensure it is “complete” – Do NOT ignore the C or better rule – No problems? Will put application in pending file waiting for remaining requirements to be completed.

6 All of you should receive an Endorsement email sent to the address you indicated on application. – On it should be at least one high school and one middle grade endorsement. Science candidates should have at least two middle grade endorsements listed. – Contact me if something is inaccurate or missing. Extremely important! Final Audit: Things we’ll be looking for: – Early Field Experience hours. (Should check Student Portal for accuracy) – Confirmed edTPA score NOTE: IF YOU have not claimed your license by Sept 2015, you will have to complete the edTPA scored by Pearson with a minimum passing score. No exceptions! – Approved Student Teaching Time Report Be accurate and fairly thorough. Only record we will have of your Student teaching.

7 – Required tests – Content test which correlates to your program/major – BEFORE student teaching (state law) You may not student teach if this test hasn’t been passed. We have had to pull students for this each semester. – Assessment of Professional Teaching (188 or an earlier APT which covers the grade range of your secondary ed endorsement – Teacher Education Safety Training – Departmental Recommendation Should come from Jay Mann – Grades – Degree – Be sure you apply for graduation – Your degree must appear on transcripts (ISBE requirement)

8 – If you are taking a summer teaching job, you should contact your LAS records officer and request your degree be posted on the first run. Recommending you to ISBE – Assuming everything is complete, should occur late May to middle June. – We will contact you at the email address you provided in your application – Our email will provide a link and instructions – (Have a VISA or MASTERCARD ready for payment) – After you claim your license ISBE will send you a separate email with a link for registering your license. BE SURE TO register your license. – If you do not register it, after 6 months it will become “lapsed.”

9 ISBE is no longer mailing out paper “licenses” so don’t expect one. They do not make exceptions. – You can either print a screen shot or the administrator can do a public search of your qualifications (in the ELIS/Educator Credentials screen)

10 What you will have: Professional Educator License (PEL) Endorsements will be added to that license

11 Other states – Likely will require licensure in Illinois first – Other states may have program verification form. Send to us (COTE) to fill out. – We have little information about licensure in other state so just contact the respective state. Contact information for other states is on our website under “Links” and then “United States Teacher Certification Offices” fm?category_cd=SEA fm?category_cd=SEA Information on other state certification (such as Reciprocity) under “Certification Map” certification/ certification/

12 Student Portal Must sign Student Teaching Agreement before registering for student teaching! Can see information about yourself – Early Field Experience (must have at least 80 hrs to be licensed) Detailed student profile: – Tests (contact us if you passed them but they aren’t showing on your Student Portal) – Verify that we’ve received your application Under “License/endorsements”

13 Highly Qualified (No Child left behind definition) – Will be “Highly Qualified” by virtue of passing test in your major. – Sciences- HQ in all the sciences – History-HQ in all the social science. – You will also be highly qualified by your major. – Should distinguish between “HQ” and endorsements- Can potentially be Highly qualified but not necessarily endorsed and vice versa. Goal would be BOTH – More information on Highly Qualified is under FAQ in CoTEwebsite

14 Adding endorsements later You may add endorsements any time during your teaching career. – Be sure you know what the requirements are. – If ALL the courses for an endorsement were completed at UIUC, contact us and we can recommend you. (ISBE will still charge (a) fee(s)). – If some of the courses are taken later at another school, you will need to apply through ISBE (at the same website where you claim your license) – Effective Feb 2018, you cannot add middle grade endorsements (without going through an approved middle grade program)

15 Summary – CoTE location: 505 E. Green Street, Suite 202 Upstairs from PNC bank and Cold Stone Creamery Email: (or) – Include UIN – Urgent matters? Don’t use email. Call! – No appointments by email. Call office. (217) 333-7195 – Write me or Brenda (pick one and stay with one)

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