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The Scarlet Letter Discussion notes.

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1 The Scarlet Letter Discussion notes

2 Has Hester repented of her sin?
NO Letter had not done office… Linda S Sin is not adultery but concealing Roger’s identity… she hasn’t repented of that concealing Eddo Doesn’t have sunshine & only darkened house can contain her. Ellim Jamie – thinks of murdering Pearl and committing suicide Theresa “in Puritan terms” must conform to Puritan ideals, wonders whether Pearl should have been born & doubts role of women Ben – “put it behind her” but didn’t repent; acted as if she never did it. Sharon – no friends in town and talks about Pearl as if she’s unnatural Gail – denies Pearl as salvation & hope & Hester denies this Alex – altho town has changed perception, she stayed in town to purge soul, but her soul isn’t purged Ellim – she points to A out of pride (class asked for evidence) isolation from town, Linda S she has doubts and not repented Keeley – if she had truly repented, then she should have cut off relationships. YES Society admires her…? Bobby Most definitely… Nicholas Nicholas – town thinks she has and offers to remove letter She tries to punish self – Audrey. Hester points to A. Hester is trying to tell bout Roger now. Ben Hester doesn’t think she has special powers. Audrey – town respects her.

3 Has Hester repented of her sin. What is repentance. What is her SIN
Has Hester repented of her sin? What is repentance?? What is her SIN? Has Dimmesdale repented by only accepting God’s judgment? (Keeley) YES What is repentance?? Bobby – she may not have revealed Roger’s identity to protect Authur, but can still have repented Audrey – error is hiding Roger NO Repentance must be personal Miki – she also says she needs to “redeem her error” Susan – she is surrounded by blackness Gail – she feels pange of A still Eden – she hasn’t forgiven herself, even tho society has forgiven her. Ellim – she stays with lover so she hasn’t repented Gail – she feels she should be punished by Roger Asks Roger why he’s getting revenge on Arthur not her Linda S – If a person has repented, should be at peace & out of grasp of Devil… ex, Roger & Dimmesdale –by extension, Hester? Gail – symbolism of light/dark to establish Hester’s unrepentence, Pearl is in light… Alexander – “the Dark Q” of whether to kill Pearl; she thinks of unfairness of society’s judgment. Eddo – Altho society accepts her, she hasn’t sought salvation. To kill Pearl is avoiding Salvation. Theresa- she will repent of her own definition, but hasn’t done so yet. She’s trying to repent by saviing Dimme… Jamie – “she had climbed higher” “Roger is below her level” Hester is going up and Roger down and neither is where they need to be…

4 Has Hester repented of her sin. What does she need to do to get there
Has Hester repented of her sin? What does she need to do to get there? Linda L- does Rep. mean making up for wrong or just recognition of her sin? Answers – accepting herself and recognizing sin Theresa: Are there different views of repentence? Joseph questions this. NO Sharon – Pearl is signal of her sin; she must deal with Pearl. Keeley – She believes that she is stuck in situation. Eden – Agrees. Hester Obliged Linda S – adultery is not only sin Miki – revealing Roger will lead to repentance Ben – she’s second guessing herself and will reveal Roger but she hasn’t repented of her sin of adultery Eden – she used to be attractive, but now is NOT. No sunshine. Small things show she’s hidden in darkness Joseph – town remembers sin. YES Audrey – agrees that Hester is climbing, but Hester is above the Puritans. Hester might have gone hand in hand with Anne Hutchinson, chpt 1. Alexander – ministers aren’t pure, so Hester’s climbing doesn’t mean she hasn’t repented. Bobby – the climbing means she has repented. “climbed way out of shame” She doesn’t feel anything about A. Does shame equate with social status? Audrey – no love in her life- she’s repented Theresa – town has different perception Keeley – Town has looked past the sin…

5 Has Dimmesdale repented of sin?
NO NO – class consensus? YES Has Roger repented of sin? He is going down.

6 What is the meaning of TRUE repentance?
ACTION needed – change in behavior Won’t do sin again She’s not committing adultery “feel bad” about sin People choose for themselves what is wrong.

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