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2. will + be + V-ing 1. find + O + OC (V-ing/V-en)

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2 2. will + be + V-ing 1. find + O + OC (V-ing/V-en)

3 Example: 1. I find my mind wandering to the mosquito bites on my leg. 2. I find myself trapped by unfinished business from the past. 1. find + O + OC (V-ing/V-en)

4 Exercise A Complete the sentences by using the words given and the pattern above. 1.they/find/giant/poster/erect ( 豎立 )/field /near/highway They found a giant poster erected in the field near the highway. 

5 2. rescuer/find/lost child/hide/cave The rescuers found the lost child hiding in the/a cave.  3. nurse/find/man/injure/head The nurse found the man injured in the head. 

6 4. police/find/man/die The police found the man dying.  5. police/find/boy/lock/in/deserted/house The police found the boy locked in a deserted house. 

7 Exercise B Eric, a typical procrastinator, has to hand in a music report tomorrow morning. It is now 11:30 p.m. He is supposed to finish the report as soon as possible. Find out what he is doing now by matching the items in the box on the left with those in the box on the right and make sentences using the above pattern.

8 1. He _____________________________. found his jeans stained by ink 1. his jeans 2. the alarm clock on his desk 3. a mosquito 4. a fly 5. the time ˙ tick noisily ˙ fly around his legs ˙ stain by ink ˙ run out ˙ catch in a spider ’ s web

9 2. He ______________________________ __________________________. found the alarm clock on his desk ticking noisily 3. He ______________________________ ________________________________. found a mosquito flying around his legs/caught in a spider ’ s web 4. He ______________________________ ________________________________. found a fly flying around his legs/caught in a spider ’ s web

10 5. He ______________________________. found the time running out

11 Example: Suddenly, I am pulled back to reality as I realize that in a matter of hours I will be sitting in English class.... 2. will + be + V-ing

12 Complete each of the following sentences according to the statement given. Use the pattern above. Exercise A: 1. Tom will visit his grandmother who lives in Japan next month. → Tom ______________ his grandmother when his parents return to Taiwan next month. will be visiting

13 2. Mary will clean her room next Saturday morning. → Mary _______________ her room when you call her next Saturday morning. 3. My brother will attend elementary school this summer. → My brother ________________ elementary school when you come to see us this summer. will be cleaning will be attending

14 4. Michael will help his father on the farm after he graduates from high school. → Michael ______________ his father on the farm while his classmates attend college. 5. We’ll have dinner between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. → Don’t phone me between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. We ____________________ by then. will be helping will be having dinner

15 Nowadays, it seems that everyone is either on a diet or thinking about it. All my classmates are talking about staying fit. Their words always remind me that I will 1 ______ better if I weigh less. That’s why I decided to go jogging every Sunday morning. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the given words in the box. Make some changes if necessary. Exercise B prepare jog look have leave look

16 Back My sister, Jane, just called and said that she would come to my house this Sunday morning. I am pretty sure I 2 _________________ when she comes. Therefore, I have to call her tonight and tell her that I will 3 ______ the key under the doormat. Jane is a good cook. She is kind to me. I am sure when I am exercising in the park, she will 4 ______________ brunch for me. After jogging, I will 5 ____________ a nice meal with my dear sister at 10:00 a.m. It will be a wonderful Sunday morning. will be jogging leave be preparing be having

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