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Andrei Chikatilo Tim Rainey.

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1 Andrei Chikatilo Tim Rainey

2 Serial Killers Cold blooded, calculating individuals who feel no remorse when direct harm is caused to another. He or she must then claim at least three victims to graduate to serial killer In their own minds they feed this unknown ego to compensate for a lack of emotional control or one’s distorted perception of their environment

3 Feeding of the Subconscious
In order to fill a void or patch some kind invisible wound, they need to relish in this “heat of the moment” power or control they have over their victims This power includes control over life and death, potential rape or torture Motives could be sexually oriented or a twisted goals for the greater good

4 Genesis In the relatively small village of Yablochnoye, a child is conceived inside a rambled shack on the 16th of October, At the heart of Russia’s social experiment the child will be thrust into a reality of cannibalism, famines, ridicule and the iron fist of Stalin’s oppressive rule. Through such hardships, an unseen manifestation of self pity and anger was able to sculpt a monument to all things morbid and enthralling as deemed by common society. The child, is Andrei Chikatilo, the monument itself is the “Butcher of Rostov”

5 Andrei Chikatilo While his father fought in the red army against the Nazis, the young Andrei slept in a single cot with his mother. He habitually wet himself causing his mother to severely beat him She also told him stories of his older brother, Stepan who was supposedly kidnapped and consumed by cannibals As a student he was shy and quiet. Social awkwardness plagues his interactions. These are all life scenarios that are completely alien to my viewpoint

6 Into his teenage years he learned of his sexual impotence
His first ejaculation occurred during a play fight between a play struggle with one of his little sisters friends. He was 15, she was 9 He was constantly struggling with bullies and criticism After attending the University of Rostov he received a teaching degree in Russian literature in 1971 and got a job at a secondary school His students paid him no respect The job was forfeit when he was caught molesting children (both sexes) in 1981

7 The Power of Euphoric Ecstasy
September 1978 – Yelena Zakotnova, a nine year old girl was lured by Chikatilo to a remote hunting shack, near the coal mining town of Shakhty, where he attempted to rape her. After she resisted he began to hack and slash with his knife experiencing an intense orgasm in the process. He then dumped the body in river within walking distance

8 Failed Defiance He will not kill again for three years until he can no longer resist his need for sadistic violence While in the woods near the Don River, he attempted consensual fortification with a 17 year old schoolgirl Larissa Tkachenko . When failing to become erect, he lashed out strangling and beating the girl. Because he had no knife, he mutilated the girl with his teeth and a stick One year later he snatches Lyubov Biryuk, age 13 off the street. Out in the forest he rapes and kills the young girl These victims are left to rot where they lay

9 Chasing the Bloody Dragon
After victim number three was deceased Chikatilo’s appetite for death seemed to grow tenfold. Between a six month gap in 1982 he will eliminate six more children (ages 9 to 19) four females and two males He devised a Venus fly trap like snare to lure young people with promises of candy, alcohol ect. These individuals were usually runaways, homeless and or vagrants at bus stop terminals An unquenchable sexual lust backed by an inability to perform sexually on command fueled this wolf in sheep’s clothing

10 Play Time Once the particular target was chosen and taken to the scheduled killing ground under false pretenses, rope would be produced. The bound victim would then severely beaten and stabbed so Chikatilo could attain his orgasm. The victims then began turning up with gouged out eyes and disemboweled stomachs. Males would be castrated, whiles females uteri would be opened from below the ribcage.

11 His brutal mutilations seem to suggest extreme anger or resentment to those who can willingly and quite easily conduct sexual activities He claims lives to make up for his perceived inferiority to others Also it’s his escape to a perfect world where he resides as judge, jury and executioner

12 A Public Enemy is Born As the bodies stack up pressure from the community begins to build on law enforcement forcing them to act fast. Local papers call for justice Investigators begin detaining homosexuals and mentally ill citizens (because of the nature of the crimes) Under intense interrogation techniques many actually confess and are convicted Bodies continue to surface…

13 Arrest After a three month sentence for petty theft of a former employee in 1984, Chikatilo returns to the streets and begins his ritual once again He however was observed approaching several young females at a Rostov bus station in He was arrested on sight Chikatilo confesses to 53 murders and is convicted of 52…there are possibly several others During trial he is disconnected and aloof

14 Execution On February 14, 1994 Mr. Chikatilo was brought to a sound proof room in the heart of Novocherkassk prison. A pistol is placed behind his right ear. The Butcher of Rostov was finally put to rest

15 What is Evil? By definition there are two types of “evil”
Moral – Created by man for some twisted incentive to better oneself or obtain physical material. They include rape, warfare or lack of empathy to a certain degree Natural – Forces of our environment that happen on a regional scale such as a tsunami, volcano or hurricane. These are almost always unavoidable

16 Introspection on Evil Moral – the only evil is always committed by man. Petty instances such as cutting in line, unpleasant interactions, even a fair fight for a real reason isn’t in the same ballpark, it’s not even the same sport. Unnecessary harm to one another such as letting a knife slide into another, listening to their screams as your smile grows wider. Your adrenaline pumping as their heart stops. That’s the face of evil. Sometimes a life must be ended but if any pleasure is taken then that is an action of pure evil

17 Natural – Thinking nature is evil in any way, shape or form is just arrogance. To think this world was fabricated for our amusement is terribly ignorant. Mother earth was here was before us and even when the dust is gone from our bones she’ll still stand to be a harbinger of life. Occurrences such as earthquakes happen for a specific reason. It’s all intertwined. We definitely would not be present if mass extinction didn’t occur through natural disaster

18 Andrei’s Legacy I’ve never met the man so it’s hard to say if he would gauge himself as being evil. I imagine he’d play it off as a classic case of doing what you have to do to survive. He was competent to receive a teaching degree. I feel like I could only really know through a one on one conversation. As far as my opinion, he’s one of the worst people I’ve ever read about. His complete disregard for peoples feelings is sickening and doesn’t give me much optimism about this world we live in. I also however cant pass judgment. If could feel like god would you not exploit it?

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