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Words for Production 1. construct [ k1n`str^kt ] vt. to build 建造 The city plans to construct a bridge connecting the two islands. Would you like to.

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3 Words for Production 1. construct [ k1n`str^kt ] vt. to build 建造 The city plans to construct a bridge connecting the two islands. Would you like to know more...

4 construction [ k1n`str^kS1n ] n. [U] 建造 We cannot go that way; the road is still under construction.

5 Words for Production 2. premier [ `prImI2 ] adj. first in position or importance 首要的 Tiger Woods is one of the world’s premier golfers.

6 Words for Production 3. tourist [ `t5rIst ] n. [C] somebody traveling for pleasure 觀光 客 Grand Canyon National Park in America is a huge attraction for both tourists and adventurers. Would you like to know more...

7 tour [ t5r ] n. [C] 旅行,觀光 If I had money, I would go on a thirty-day tour of Egypt.

8 Words for Production 4. masterpiece [ `m8st2&pis ] n. [C] a piece of work which is the best of its type or the best a person has done 傑 作,名著 That sixty-square-foot tapestry on the wall is a real masterpiece of beauty.

9 Words for Production 5. soar [ sor ] vi. to rise quickly to a very high level 上 升 The moment Aladdin stepped onto the magic rug, it soared up into the air and brought him out of the tower.

10 Words for Production 6. structure [ ` str^ktS2 ] n. [C][U] something that consists of parts connected together in an ordered way; something that has been built; the way in which the parts of something are put together 結構物;建築物 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

11 Words for Production 6. structure [ ` str^ktS2 ] n. [C][U] The old church in the downtown area will be replaced by a modern structure. Experts have studied the changing structure of families in Taiwan.

12 Words for Production 7. exhibition [ &Eks1`bIS1n ] n. [C] a public show of artistic works or objects 展覽會 The science museum is going to hold a special exhibition on the amazing life cycle of butterflies. Would you like to know more...

13 exhibit [ IG`zIbIt ] vt. 陳列,展覽 The masterpieces of van Gogh, one of the greatest artists in the nineteenth century, have been exhibited in the best galleries in America, Europe, and Asia.

14 Words for Production 8. seemingly [ `simI9lI ] adv. as far as one can tell 表面上看起來 … To everyone’s horror, this seemingly innocent young boy turned out to be a murderer.

15 Words for Production 9. functionless [ `f^9kS1n&lIs ] adj. without purposes 缺乏功能的,沒作 用的 This old train station is now empty but not functionless. It has become the perfect place for this town’s community activities. Would you like to know more...

16 function [ `f^9kS1n ] n. [C] 功能 The premier function of language is communication.

17 function [ `f^9kS1n ] vi. ( 機器 ) 運轉 The machine won’t function properly if you don’t oil it.

18 Words for Production 10. beat [ bit ] vt. to defeat 擊敗 Last week, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Chicago Bulls by just two points, making it a very close match.

19 Words for Production 11. proposal [ pr1`pozL ] n. [C] a plan or suggestion 計畫,提案 His proposal to expand the customer service operation was not accepted by the manager. Would you like to know more...

20 propose [ pr1`poz ] vt. 提議,建議 Since there are many members absent today, I propose we cancel the meeting.

21 Words for Production 12. initially [ I`nIS1lI ] adv. at first; at the beginning 起初 Initially, she opposed the plan, but later she changed her mind. Would you like to know more...

22 initial [ I`nIS1l ] adj. 最初的,初期的 If not treated in its initial stage, cancer can easily lead to death.

23 Words for Production 13. summit [ `s^mIt ] n. [C] the top; the highest point 頂端 No one was able to reach the summit of Mt. Everest until 1953.

24 Words for Production 14. critic [ `krItIk ] n. [C] a person who judges harshly 批評者 The government’s new construction project, once heavily attacked by critics, is now put on hold. Would you like to know more...

25 criticize [ `krIt1&saIz ] vt. 批評 Harold’s friends found it hard to get along with him, since he always criticized people around him.

26 Words for Production 15. scrap [ skr8p ] n. [U] material which cannot be used for its original purpose but may still have some value 廢料,廢物 She respects her father very much even though he is just an old man collecting scrap in the neighborhood.

27 Words for Production 16. resident [ `rEz1d1nt ] n. [C] a person living in a place 居民 Most of the residents on Lan Yu Island make their living by fishing. Would you like to know more...

28 reside [ rI`zaId ] vi. 住,居住 Mr. Wang came back to Taichung and has resided there ever since.

29 residence [ `rEz1d1ns ] n. [C][U] 住所;居住 The American president’s official residence is the White House. After Mr. and Mrs. Lin retired, they took up their residence in a small country town.

30 residential [ &rEz1`dEnS1l ] adj. 居住的,住家的 There should not be any factories in residential areas.

31 Words for Production 17. overwhelming [ &ov2`hwElmI9 ] adj. very large in size or amount 龐大 的,佔壓倒性優勢的 The advertisement for this new type of soft drink has received an overwhelming response from the general public. Would you like to know more...

32 overwhelm [ &ov2`hwElm ] vt. ( 情感上 ) 使不由自主,使身不由己,使折 服 The prince, as well as all the guests at the ball, was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Cinderella.

33 Words for Production 18. district [ `dIstrIkt ] n. [C] an area of a city or country 地區 For the safety of children, all cars passing through the school district should slow down.

34 Words for Production 19. spot [ spAt ] n. [C] a particular place or area 地點 Do you see the big tree over there? That was the very spot where my parents first met twenty years ago. Would you like to know more...

35 spot [ spAt ] vt. 看見,發現 Sharon is quite tall, so you can easily spot her in a crowd.

36 Words for Production 20. prominent [ `prAm1n1nt ] adj. important; distinguished 重要的,著 名的 Albert Einstein is widely recognized as the most prominent scientist of the twentieth century.

37 Words for Production 21. erection [ I`rEkS1n ] n. [U] the act of building something 建造, 設立 In 1989, the Berlin Wall separating West and East Germany was opened to free travel for the first time since its erection in 1961. Would you like to know more...

38 erect [ I`rEkt ] vt. 設立;樹立 This statue was erected by a loving husband in memory of his wife who died young at the age of 25.

39 Words for Production 22. bald [ bOld ] adj. without a normal covering 光禿禿 的;禿頭的 We all think that John, like his father, will get bald before he is forty.

40 Words for Production 23. condemn [ k1n`dEm ] vt. to express strong disagreement of (someone or some action) 譴責,指責 The plastic factory was condemned for dumping chemical wastes into the river.

41 Words for Production 24. crime [ kraIm ] n. [C] a serious mistake; an illegal action or activity for which a person can be punished by law 過錯;罪行 It’s a crime that so much time and money have been wasted. Murder is a crime against humanity that can and must be prevented. Would you like to know more...

42 criminal [ `krIm1nL ] n. [C] 罪犯 Two criminals successfully broke into a bank and got away with a large amount of cash.

43 Words for Production 25. salvation [ s8l`veS1n ] n. [U] something that helps to avoid loss or disaster 救星,救助者 After so much dry weather, this rain has been the farmers’ salvation.

44 Words for Production 26. bulletin [ `b5l1tN ] n. [C] a brief news report on the radio or television 新聞快報 Our next news bulletin will be at six o’clock. Stay tuned.

45 Words for Production 27. broadcast [ `brOd&k8st ] vt. to send out a program by radio waves, so that it can be heard on the radio or seen on television 播放 The outdoor concert of Yo-Yo Ma will be broadcast live on TV tonight.

46 Words for Production 28. measure [ `mEZ2 ] vt. to find out the size, length, or amount of something 測量 The love of parents for their children is something that cannot be measured. Would you like to know more...

47 measure [ `mEZ2 ] n. [C] 措施,方法 Measures should be taken to prevent the crime rate from soaring.

48 measurement [ `mEZ2m1nt ] n. [U] 測量 The invention of timepieces makes the measurement of time quicker and easier.

49 Words for Production 29. atmospheric [ &8tm1s`fErIk ] adj. of or relating to the mixture of gases that surrounds any heavenly body, especially the earth 大氣的 Having worked in atmospheric research for years, the scientist came up with a new theory about the greenhouse effect. Would you like to know more...

50 atmosphere [ `8tm1s&fIr ] n. [C] 大氣層;氣氛 Yesterday morning, when re-entering the atmosphere, the unmanned space shuttle started to burn and then broke into pieces. The atmosphere changed suddenly when the teacher walked into the classroom.

51 Words for Production 30. occupier [ `Akj1&paI2 ] n. [C] a member of a group of people who take possession of a place, especially by force 占領者 Some homeless people occupied the empty house. With the help of the police, the owner of the house could possibly drive away those illegal occupiers. Would you like to know more...

52 occupy [ `Akj1&paI ] vt. 占據 Some homeless people occupied the empty house. With the help of the police, the owner of the house could possibly drive away those illegal occupiers.

53 Words for Production 31. decode [ di`kod ] vt. to discover the meaning of a secret or complicated message 破解 ( 密碼 ) This new computer can decode complex instructions, store and analyze a great deal of information, and control another machine. Would you like to know more...

54 code [ kod ] n. [C] 密碼 To the rescue team’s surprise, the Morse code turned out to be the salvation of the miners trapped underground.

55 Words for Production 32. minimum [ `mIn1m1m ] adj. the lowest, smallest or least 最少的; 最低極限的 Come to our store this week and get the best quality furniture at minimum cost. Would you like to know more...

56 minimum [ `mIn1m1m ] n. [C] 最少量,最低限度 This job is not an easy one. It will take a minimum of ten days.

57 minimize [ `mIn1&maIz ] vt. 使減到最低 We can minimize the dangers of driving if everybody obeys all the rules of the road.

58 Words for Production 33. pilot [ `paIl1t ] n. [C] a person who flies an airplane 飛行員 According to the report, the terrible air crash was caused by pilot error.

59 Words for Production 34. license [ `laIsNs ] n. [C] an official paper that shows permission to do something 執照 Drunken driving may lead to the loss of one’s driver’s license.

60 Words for Production 35. inauguration [ In&OGj1`reS1n ] n. [U] public opening of a new building; special ceremony held to introduce someone important into a new place or job 落成典禮;就職典禮 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

61 Words for Production 35. inauguration Since its inauguration in 1886, the Statue of Liberty in New York City has become the world’s best known symbol of freedom and democracy. George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States at his inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2001.

62 1. Gustave Eiffel [ G^s`tev `aIfL ] n. the name of a French architect and engineer 艾菲爾 Words for Recognition

63 2. eyesore [ `aI&sor ] n. [C] something ugly or unpleasant to look at 礙眼的東西,難看的東西 Words for Recognition

64 3. Hitler [ `hItl2 ] n. the name of the notorious Nazi leader during World War II 希特勒 Words for Recognition

65 4. centerpiece [ `sEnt2&pis ] n. [C] the most important or noticeable part of something ( 整體中 ) 最重要而且醒目 的部分 Words for Recognition

66 5. Centennial Exhibition [ sEn`tEnI1l &Eks1`bIS1n ] n. (the ~) the 1889 Universal Exhibition and Centennial of the French Revolution 萬國博覽會暨法國大革命百年紀念 Words for Recognition

67 6. Chrysler Building [ `kraIsl2 `bIldI9 ] n. the name of a skyscraper built in 1930, located in Manhattan, New York 克萊 斯勒大樓 Words for Recognition

68 7. Maupassant [ `mop1&sAnt ] n. the name of a famous French author in the 19th century (1850-1893) 莫泊桑 Words for Recognition

69 1. at a rate of at a speed of 以 … 的速率 My secretary is really amazing; she can type at a rate of ninety words per minute. Idioms and Phrases

70 2. speed up to move or happen faster 加速 This technology can speed up your Internet connection easily and, most importantly, it’s inexpensive. Idioms and Phrases

71 3. go up to be built 被建造起來 This small town has developed rapidly these years. Many tall modern buildings have gone up, replacing the old ones. Idioms and Phrases

72 4. together with along with 連同 … He sent his girlfriend some red roses, together with a nice letter. Idioms and Phrases

73 5. protest against to express strong disagreement against 抗議 Last month, hundreds of workers marched through the city to protest against pay cuts. Idioms and Phrases

74 6. as a token of as a sign or symbol of 作為 … 的表示 He gave his sweetheart a beautiful golden ring as a token of his love. Idioms and Phrases

75 7. needless to say as everyone already knows or would expect 不用說 When we hurried to the airport, Tom found that he had left our passports behind at home. Needless to say, our trip was over before it started. Idioms and Phrases

76 8. as a consequence as a result 結果 After that terrible accident, Jennifer became a selfish person who cared about nobody but herself. As a consequence, she lost all her friends. Idioms and Phrases

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