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Building partnerships with UKPN and Network Rail.

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1 Building partnerships with UKPN and Network Rail


3 * Inclusion * Eco awareness * Equality & Diversity * International links * Arts-focused curriculum

4 * Recognised centre of excellence for Inclusion. * Large proportion of pupils with Special Needs. * Pupils with a range of needs make good progress and are fully integrated into the life of the school. * We are a National Autistic Society locality base and a popular choice for parents of children with autism. * We support other schools to help them develop Inclusive practice. * We train teachers and governors on Inclusion.

5 * Eco-Schools prestigious Green Flag award 2012. * Organic produce grown in the school vegetable garden. * 60 solar panels reduce our carbon footprint. * We are a forest school and make good use of our outside spaces.

6 * We were identified as a Stonewall Education Champion in recognition of our work on homophobic bullying. * We provide regular training in equality issues for education professionals and governors nationally. * Southwark Council awarded us a Good Practice Award in 2013 for our work in this area. * We are working towards recognition by UNICEF as a Rights Respecting School

7 * In 2012 we were awarded The International Schools Award by The British Council. * We have links with schools globally including Malawi, Philippines, Sweden, France & India * The headteacher provides regular strategic support to International schools across South East Asia. * Pupils at Alfred Salter raise money to feed nearly 200 malnourished pupils every day at our partner school in The Philippines.

8 * The Arts and Music are at the centre of the curriculum at Alfred Salter. * The Arts Council have awarded us four consecutive Artsmark GOLD awards since 2001. * Pupils have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments including strings, brass, keyboards, guitar, percussion and steel pans. Children are provided with their own instrument and all tuition is free. * We are a satellite school for The Central school of Ballet.

9 “Alfred Salter school provides a good standard of education and care for its pupils. A significant strength of the school is its commitment to equalities. This is demonstrated through ensuring that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities have specialist resources and provision to achieve as well as their peers and through its work on anti-bullying particularly in relation to tackling homophobia.”

10 * We are constantly looking at ways of improving the learning environment for our pupils * We hope that a partnership with UKPN, Network Rail will help us to: - improve access to our pond and garden, - improve our astroturf and sports area to provide new seating and a covered area for wheelchair users.

11 * We want to increase accessibility to the pond for wheelchair users so that they can participate in pond dipping and access more of the garden areas which can become waterlogged. * We want to make better use of this space as an environmental resource where pupils learn about conservation.

12 * We want to replace the rotten seating around this wonderful space and make it more useful for pupils at Alfred Salter and the local community. * We want to erect a canopy to provide shade for wheelchair users and those pupils with special medical needs that require them to stay out of the sun.

13 * We hope to build partnerships with organisations that share our ethos and our values. We hope these partnerships will be strong and of benefit to all parties. * A partnership with UKPN and Network Rail will be of benefit to pupils and the local community. THANK YOU

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