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KYTC District 6 “Great Eight” Incident Management Task Force January 14, 2014.

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1 KYTC District 6 “Great Eight” Incident Management Task Force January 14, 2014

2 Introductions

3 Approval of Minutes 10/8/13 Meeting

4 Incident Review KY 9 Head On Fatality @ MP 3.2 in Bracken County 11/14/13






10 Incident Review Winter Storms Cleon and Deon – Dec. 6 thru Dec. 8, 2013








18 Steel Coil Crashes Update Gallatin and Carroll Counties




22 The Many Hats of Highway Incident Management

23 Crash Statistics Quarterly Crash Statistics KSP CRASH Database Valerie Januski District 6 Safety Officer

24 Southeast Counties






30 Southwest Counties







37 Construction Update

38 Incident Management Training Available February 17, 2014 @ NKADD in Florence Kentucky Transportation Center

39 Incident Management Training (Video) ZU16dG55Tk

40 Other Business Information Sharing

41 Adjourn Next Meeting Tuesday April 8, 2014 1:00 PM

42 Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Report Master File #71358273 Crash Date: 7/26/13 Location: MP 64.203 Northbound Time Notified: 3:38 Time Arrived: 3:52 Roadway Opened: 7:00 Narrative: States: “The left lane was closed for 2 hours, and a lane closure company was needed to provide proper safety to the workers.” Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Report Master File #71335416 Crash Date: 7/26/13 Location: MP 59.319 Northbound Time Notified: 10:59 Time Arrived: 11:03 Roadway Opened: 12:39 Narrative: States: “The driver of Unit 1 stated he came up on stopped traffic due to another accident. Unit 1 was unable to stop safely without hitting other vehicles that were stopped. The driver of Unit 1 went off the right shoulder of the roadway and struck a earth embankment causing the truck to jackknife.” Telephone discussion with A&A Safety on 1/8/14 Crew was dispatched at 6:30 and returned at approximately 13:30. Lane was closed by approximately 8:00 and reopened by approximately 13:00. I-71 Median Barrier KYTC Project Files Project Pre-Construction Meeting 9/13/13 Construction Begin Date 9/16/13 KYTC Incident Management Coordinator – Field Incident Report 3.c I-71 NB @ MP 63.6 7/26/13 4:30 am?.....Tractor trailer overturned in median…. A tractor trailer ran off the road into the median and overturned. The driver said he reached down to pick up a cigarette he had dropped causing him to run off the road. He attempted to get back onto the

43 pavement but could not get the trailer to come out of the median. He eventually lost control of the tractor, reentered the median and rolled onto the driver side. The truck was carrying axels for tractor trailers from Henderson, Ky. to Chillicothe, Ohio. The axels were lying loose on the floor of the trailer so they began sliding around the trailer when the truck ran off the road. Some of the axels broke through the roof of the trailer when the truck rolled over. The driver was not injured. When I arrived on scene at around 9:30 am fire, rescue and police had temporarily left the scene. Bill’s towing was working with STI Towing to offload the material from the trailer to another truck before up righting the tractor and trailer. Bill’s towing had contacted A&A Safety to set up traffic control for the left lane closure that was in place. A&A was parked on the scene waiting to assist, if needed, with traffic control that might require closing both lanes northbound for a period of time while the tractor trailer was up righted and removed from the median. The traffic control met MUTCD standards. The towing companies were preparing to remove the tractor trailer as I was leaving the scene at 10:55 am. KSP and the Gallatin County Sheriff had returned to the scene to assist with the road closure. The towing operator asked if it wouldn’t be safer to erect some type of signage southbound also when crashes occur in the median. As I was leaving, I was notified that a secondary crash had occurred at the back of the queue at MP 59.3. I left the scene to respond to the secondary incident. All lanes were reopened at ???? I passed the scene as I was returning to the office at approximately 12:45. The scene had been cleared. The traffic control was still in place. 3.d. I-71 NB @ MP 59.3 7/26/13 11:00 am…..Tractor trailer ran into right side ditch…. A tractor trailer ran into the right side ditch as he attempted to avoid striking a vehicle in the rear when he came up on stopped/slowed traffic from an earlier accident at the 63.6 MP. State Police, Gallatin County Sheriff and Glencoe Fire and Rescue were on scene when I arrived at 11:20. The driver was not injured. Big Rig One Stop Towing was already on scene when I arrived. They had their equipment in route to perform the recovery. Fire and EMS were finishing their work. The Gallatin County Sheriff provided traffic control under short term emergency conditions while Big Rig removed the tractor trailer. The crash occurred in one of the three lane sections. Two lanes were open to traffic throughout the response and recovery. Big Rig had pulled the trailer out of the ditch and was preparing to hook up to haul it away when I left the scene at 12:15. All lanes were reopened at 12:39.

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