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January 8, 2015. 2 Recognized by the City Council as a conduit for neighborhood concerns and representation. Provide an avenue of representation for the.

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1 January 8, 2015

2 2 Recognized by the City Council as a conduit for neighborhood concerns and representation. Provide an avenue of representation for the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood to the City. Participate in the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods and City Council’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee. Sponsor events for the Neighborhood residents. Provide a forum for information on preservation, planning, traffic calming, crime alerts and City of Asheville announcements that impact the Neighborhood. About The GPSMNA

3 3 Metro Wine Social (May 22 nd ) Neighborhood Yard Sale (July 19 th ) 2 nd year of Memorandum of Agreement with Parks/Recreation Department Designated a non-profit 501(c)3 Home Tour (Sept. 7 th ) Picnic in the Park (Oct. 5 th ) 2014 Activities Review

4 4 2014 Highlights  218 member households  Gained 501(c)(3) status  Concluded agreement with Mountain Voices Alliance  Third successful Tour of Homes  Continuing investment in Neighborhood parks and traffic-calming devices  Year ended with $32,596 available to the GPSMNA to meet on-going commitments and for new initiatives Treasurer’s Report

5 5 GPSMNA Beginning Balance$10,249. 2014 Revenue$23,462. Home Tour19,772. Memberships 3,420. Contributions 90. Yard Sale 110. Candy sale at Picnic 70. 2014 Expenses$11,979. Home Tour (+$400 paid in ‘13) 4,604. E.W. Grove Park 4,735. Griffing Rose Garden 1,068. Neighborhood Picnic 337. Neighborhood Yard Sale 146. general operations 1,089. 2014 Net Revenue$11,483. GPSMNA Ending Balance$21,732. Balance with Asheville GreenWorks$ 557. Grove Park Greening Project balance$10,307. Total Resources, as of 12/31/14$32,596.

6 6 218 member households in 2014, up from 120 in 2013, and 53 in 2012. We have strength in our numbers! Please renew or join the GPSMNA. Complete form and make check out to “GPSMNA”. It’s only $15 per household. Please include your e-mail address(es) and phone number(s). Membership

7 7 GPSMNA 3 YEAR Agreement with the City Department of Parks and Recreation Neighborhood Parks  E.W. Grove Park  Griffing Boulevard Rose Garden  Sunset Parkway (median/boulevard) Traffic Islands Beautification Committee / Liz McKenna

8 8 Possible E. W. Grove Park Fountain Restoration (circa 1930s)

9 9 E. W. Grove Park Fountain Restoration??

10 10 Review of Tours 2012 vs. 2013 vs. 2014: Profits of $11,048/$11,892/$14,768 Paid Ticket Sales of 536/630/630 (Estimated 2014 additional 100 attendance with complimentary tickets/volunteers) Expenses of $2,925/$4,176/$5,004 Sponsorships/Ads $4,800/$5,800/$7,960 Observations: –Advance Ticket sales up again in 2014 –Shift to more outlets for advance sales –Easier parking at main ticket location –Quicker spread of attendees around to homes –Good balance of # of trolleys vs. stops/route 2014 Home Tour/Suzanne Escovitz

11 11 2015 Tour Chair is Paul Rogers Formation of a Standing Committee and planning process as started First round of home nomination letters have been sent. What we’ll do the same or differently in 2015: –Increase ticket prices: $20 in advance and $25 day-of –More advance ticket outlets (5 in past years) –More sponsorships levels without necessarily increasing size of the program –Continue to upgrade the program –Continue having a Pre-Tour Event Saturday night, assuming a suitable location found Profits from Pre-Tour = great weather insulator –Different use of GPI while maintaining access to restrooms, etc. –More training for house captains and volunteers –Expand marketing efforts 2015 Home Tour-Sunday, September 13

12 12 –Maximize the potential of now being a 501(c)(3) –Maintain number of transportation vehicles –Continue to build more organizational memory with past volunteers rotating roles, etc. –Have better event photography that can be used for future publicity –Program=Ticket???? –Questions/Comments/Feedback Same or Different 2015 (continued)

13 13 Nextdoor is a free and private social networking website (must visit the website to join) Supports neighborhood connectivity:  Resource for crime alerts  Offers suggestions for local services and resources  Lost/found postings  Classified adds for items for sale Nextdoor

14 14 Collaborative Traffic Safety/Speed Reduction Campaign Pilot Goal: Promote safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists/increase neighborhood livability and involvement Charlotte St., Kimberly, Edwin Pl. and Macon Ave City Transportation Department –Measure speed, volume and time of day Asheville Police Department –Increased enforcement and use of radar Proposed neighborhood actions –Targeted signage –Neighborhood “pace car” program

15 15 Year in Review Q/A APD Baker Dist./Lt. Geoff Rollins Community Resource Officer Todd Brigman Crime Prevention Officer Keith McCulloch

16 16 Rose Dennehy Charles O'Cain Alan Escovitz Debbie Woods Gar Ragland Buzz Barry Liz McKenna GPSMNA Board Candidates Tom Gurley Stuart Cotterill Mark DeVerges Leslie Casse Carol Mills Carol Lentz Angela Taylor Continuing Board MembersNew Board Members

17 17 President Buzz Barry V. President Gar Ragland Treasurer Angela Taylor Secretary Debbie Wood GPSMNA Officer Candidates

18 18 Lives: Edwin Place Resident: Two years Goals: Expand Neighborhood Assoc. membership Expand interaction with neighborhood families Meet the New Board Candidates Stuart Cotterill Angela Taylor Lives: Griffing Resident: Fourteen Years Goals: Support work on neighborhood parks Enhance safety in neighborhood

19 19 Lives: Macon Ave. Resident: Two years Goals: Maintain and nurture good working relationships with the City GPI, to ensure the character of the neighborhood. Continue neighborhood beautification efforts, restoration of the fountain in E.W. Grove Park. Reach out to the community to Increase membership and participation in neighborhood activities. Meet the New Board Candidates Mark DeVerges Tom Gurley Lives: Sunset Drive Resident: Two years Goals: Continue to promote neighborhood and neighborhood events, with neighborhood businesses Ensure progress is made with the Charlotte Street corridor in advancing smart development. Support City's plan of smart in-fill - and ensure they are fitting to the neighborhood. Ensure progress is made with the Charlotte Street corridor in advancing transit, and especially safe multi-modal options (walking, bicycling, etc).

20 20 Lives: Kimberly Resident: Eight years Goals: More on-going social gatherings Continues support of current Meet the New Board Candidates Carol MillsLeslie Casse Lives: Woodland Resident: Forty-four years Goals: Develop Mission statement Develop five year plan Develop participatory process for submitting, approving, and funding proposed projects Erect Neighborhood entrance sign denoting historic district

21 21 Lives: Griffing Blvd Resident: Eight years Goals: Continue progress on green areas Improve safety in neighborhood Meet the New Board Candidates Carole Lentz

22 22 Open Discussion  Other items  Q/A

23 23 Thank you Grove Park/Sunset Mountain Neighbors For Your Ongoing Support

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